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A Detailed Look at Olympic Wrestling's New Rules


This weeks FILA announced its new rules for Olympic wrestling. Bloody Elbow's wrestling specialist Mike Riordan takes a look at the implications of each rule change.

2013 Wrestling World Championships Guide Part 1


This Monday signals the start of the 2013 FILA Wrestling World Championships. Bloody Elbow is here with a two part guide.

Amateur wrestling reinstated for the 2020 Olympics

Seven months after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) shockingly decided to drop amateur wrestling from the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, they've embarrassingly decided today to reinstate it.

IOC recommends wrestling for 2020 Olympic Games


Wrestling, baseball and softball, and squash were recommended for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee's Executive Board. Still, only one sport will make the...

Olympic Wrestling Lives On


The IOC has announced that wrestling has made the most recent cut for inclusion in the 2020 games.

Dana aks Viacom to help save Olympic wrestling


UFC president Dana White announced the organization's strong support for efforts to keep wrestling in the Olympics on yesterday's UFC on Fox 7 conference call for media and challenged Viacom, the...


Olympic wrestling, don't count it out - Coach Mike

Mike Riordan and Kid Nate discuss the IOC vote that booted wrestling from the 2020 Olympics, what may happen and how FILA got their sport into this terrible position.

Mat 0: The Story of How the Olympics Passed Jiu-Jitsu By


From July to August of 2012, one question permeated the mixed martial arts community nearly above all others: should and if so, when will MMA become an Olympic sport? The logic goes something like...

Knicks offer Hill one-year deal

Editor's Note: Thanks to Mase for snaggling the story while I'm at work. One year and half the mid-level (around $3 mill) seems perfectly reasonable to me. via Celtics Blog via Sporting News via New York Post. No specifics on the deal, it only says "a portion" of the team's MLE. The Celtics could only muster $1.9 million, which wasn't good enough. Update: "Contrary to a published report, the Knicks have not made a formal offer to Hill, but, according to a source, Hill's agent, Lon Babby, did discuss parameters of a potential deal with Knicks president Donnie Walsh." - Seth
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