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UFC's $10 million bonus pot big jump forward


Dana White's claim of a near $10 million pot for performance bonuses in 2014 is a big step up in bonus pay from 2013. KJ Gould compares the numbers and looks at what UFC needs to do to award every...


Luke Thomas responds to BE on McDaniel's pay

In the wake of "The Menace" publishing his income from 2013, Luke addresses those who would defend his income for the year.

Best MMA Writing of 2013: On UFC fighter contracts


The Best MMA Writing of 2013 puts the spotlight on Jonathan Snowden over at Bleacher Report who was able to talk to the UFC brass and Lorenzo Fertitta about UFC fighter contracts and the pay...

Opinion: Werdum should wait for title shot


KJ Gould argues why it makes good business sense for number #1 contenders like Fabricio Werdum to wait for UFC title shots, instead of fighting in the interim.


Dana rips Riddle over fighter pay, pot smoking

Dana White made an appearance on Fox Sports 1's "UFC Tonight" and went off on ex-UFC fighter Matt Riddle, disparaging his complaints about fighter pay and chiding him for the marijuana smoking that...


The UFC's Profitability and How to Fix Fighter Pay

I want to start by breaking down how much the UFC currently pay fighters, how much they make, and how much profit is paid out in dividends to Dana White, Lorenzo & Frank Fertitta, and Flash...

White: We'll pay more, but 'no more f-ing bonuses'


With fighter pay becoming a hot topic recently, the UFC president responded to criticism Monday afternoon. As a solution, White said that he could raise the base pay for lower-level guys, but he'd...

Nate Quarry: UFC should offer no cut contracts


The former UFC title challenger opens up about the business side of MMA and why fighters are feeling depressed and frustrated about pay levels.


Is Jon Fitch the start of an MMA fighter revolt?

Host Eugene S. Robinson goes Zapruder on WERDUM v. BIG NOG and Oliver Stone on JON FITCH'S steam-building dudgeon regarding his UFC ouster + CASH. But mostly cash.


UFC Revenue & Fighter Pay Study

Aims After interviewing John Cholish I found myself wondering exactly how much of the UFC's revenue actually goes to the fighters. As far as I could see, there was no definitive information out...

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