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UFC's $10 million bonus pot big jump forward


Dana White's claim of a near $10 million pot for performance bonuses in 2014 is a big step up in bonus pay from 2013. KJ Gould compares the numbers and looks at what UFC needs to do to award every...

Best MMA Writing of 2013: On UFC fighter contracts


The Best MMA Writing of 2013 puts the spotlight on Jonathan Snowden over at Bleacher Report who was able to talk to the UFC brass and Lorenzo Fertitta about UFC fighter contracts and the pay...

Opinion: Werdum should wait for title shot


KJ Gould argues why it makes good business sense for number #1 contenders like Fabricio Werdum to wait for UFC title shots, instead of fighting in the interim.

White: We'll pay more, but 'no more f-ing bonuses'


With fighter pay becoming a hot topic recently, the UFC president responded to criticism Monday afternoon. As a solution, White said that he could raise the base pay for lower-level guys, but he'd...

Nate Quarry: UFC should offer no cut contracts


The former UFC title challenger opens up about the business side of MMA and why fighters are feeling depressed and frustrated about pay levels.

How much does GSP really make?


UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre appeared on Radio-Canada and did not disagree when the host claimed that GSP makes more than $15 million a year in addition to his UFC fight purses....

Dana White Skewers Roy Nelson


Fox 11's James Koh and UFC President Dana White sat down for an interview on topics ranging from White's opinion on The Ultimate Fighter Fridays coach Roy Nelson, and the issue of Fighter Pay being...

Ultimate Statistics: UFC Knock Out And Fight Of The Night Bonuses Predominantly Awarded To Main Eventers


The opportunity for UFC fight night bonuses isn't as equal as it seems, as recent statistics of the top UFC bonus earners shows. Read more at Bloody Elbow.

Dong Hyun Kim Speaks Out On UFC Fighter Pay And Asian Fighter Treatment


UFC fighter Dong Hyun Kim, and his manager and translator Brian Rhee, comment on UFC fighter pay and the treatment of Asian fighters by the promotion.

Ken Shamrock Discusses UFC's 'Bogus Lawsuit' And Building The Promotion


Ken Shamrock got on the radio to talk about a host of issues on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

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