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New data suggests combat sports interest is rising

UFC numbers are down across the board in 2012, but new data from key demographics such as young males and females of all ages suggest the interest in the UFC (and MMA in general) is rising, the gap between MMA and boxing is closing.

UFC 152 Video: Behind The Scenes At ESPN With Jon Jones

A behind the scenes look at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones' media day at ESPN.

MMA Live Announcer Suspended For Lin Remarks, Meanwhile Don King Rambles Insensitively On

ESPN announcer Max Bezos received a 30 day suspension for using the term "chink in the armor" regarding Jeremy Lin while boxing promoter Don King is free to talk about "wet backs" ad nauseam.

Where Is Lorenzo Fertitta's $275 Man?

A look at the Friday Night Fight payouts for the show where Lorenzo Fertitta claimed a fighter was paid $275 to fight.

ESPN's John Barr Responds To UFC's Criticism Of Outside The Lines Piece

ESPN's John Barr talked about the criticism of the Outside the Lines story about low fighter wages in a recent podcast appearance.

UFC Releases Lorenzo Fertitta ESPN Interview Clip, Slams Network's Pay To Boxers

The UFC fired a counterattack to ESPN after the network aired a piece on fighter pay, releasing an unaired clip that was critical of ESPN's pay to boxers.

VIDEO: ESPN's UFC Fighter Pay Story Interesting, Informative, Not Damning

The ESPN Outside The Lines segment that had many buzzing about UFC fighter pay has come and gone, but Bloody Elbow has the video and analysis.

UFC Pay: A Closer Look At ESPN's Story

ESPN released an unsubstantiated story about UFC fighter pay. Find out the real truth behind the UFC's payment of it's competitors.

ESPN's Outside The Lines Tackles UFC Fighter Pay and Monopoly Concerns

ESPN E:60 will be running a feature on UFC fighter pay and concerns that the promotion is a monopoly in the near future.

VIDEO: Jon Jones Calls Out The Rock, Spin Kicks An iPad

UFC 205-pound champion Jon Jones calls out The Rock and spin kicks an iPad and we have the video.

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