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Interested in being in a Documentary about Cubs Fans?

Hello, my name is Will Barboza. I'm a film student doing a short narrative documentary about the Chicago Cubs and their loyal fans. Simply put, we need fans to interview. We are looking for older...


Trailer: 'Manny' film narrated by Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson will narrate a feature-length documentary on Manny Pacquiao, coming this spring.

DiBiase Documentary: Million Dollar Mistake?

Longtime WWE legend Ted DiBiase has a documentary coming out titled "The Price of Fame" about his life as a professional wrestler and how it caused him a great deal of hardship in his personal...

Afghan Cycles Trailer

Afghan Cycles Trailer from LET MEDIA on Vimeo.

Trailer for the upcoming film on the Afghan women's national cycling team - click through to the Vimeo page to read the full blurb.

Julius Erving And The Loss Of Innocence


NBA TV aired its its incredible documentary on 76ers legend Julius Erving, "The Doctor", last night. The details that were left out of the documentary, however, was what caused a young basketball...

Showcasing the pitfalls of women's pro cycling


Pro cyclist and author Kathryn Bertine is releasing a documentary that explores cycling's gross inequalities

Gay runner to be featured in documentary


Brenner Green being filmed for "Out for the Long Run." Brenner Green, a freshman cross-country runner from Connecticut College, is among...

Yungo Gigante


My wife and I went to the special screening of a rough cut Gigante last night. You may remember that this is a documentary on Andres Torres and his struggles and triumphs as he has dealt with his condición, ADHD. The film itself is super touching, with interviews of family and friends and re-enactments of Torres's early life to begin the film and then interviews with Torres, teammates and coaches in the second half. All cut with interviews with docs and experts on ADHD and the brain, so I feel I left with an education as well. The young boy that portrays young Torres that the director pulled off the street where Andres grew up does great, and those scenes are quite fun. Likewise, the majority of the filming took place after the Giants World Series win, so you see SF, Torres and fam triumphant! The interviews with Torres are really affecting as you see his struggles on the field last year shake him to the core as he ramps his workouts to 20 hours a day. Of course, on the day that is an emotional roller coaster - this past Monday May 28th his wife gives birth, he vents to the director, and sits 8 innings - he ends up with a PH double. Torres remains a awesome professional despite other turmoil. The special screening was hosted by the NYU School of Medicine's Adult ADHD Program. Torres, the director (Chusy), and the ADHD program director all took questions after the screening. The audience was full of fans, students, and people with ADHD - with plenty of overlap between those groups. Torres's fam (and newborn! so cute!) and the kid that played him in the film were there. That was cool. It was an awesome time, insightful and moving. If any other McCoven were there and took photos, it would be great to share them. Unfortunately, I'm not one to snap pics myself. http://www.yungogigante.com/y/home.html

Video: Eddie Alvarez Documentary "No Plan B" Trailer HT: BE Reader BSmith717

Video: Eddie Alvarez Documentary "No Plan B" Trailer HT: BE Reader BSmith717

Bruce Lee Spike Documentary Raises Question: Who Is The Father Of MMA?


The Bruce Lee documentary "I Am Bruce Lee" was a fascinating look at a cultural icon, highlighted by a debate about whether the martial artist was the father of MMA.

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