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Do it yourself. You don't need a manager


Heads up fans & Fighters. If you personally know an up and coming fighter then you should forward this link to them. 15-year veteran Aaron Riley discuss the pros & cons (mainly the cons) of his experiences with managers in MMA.

Brock Lesnar Signs New Deal with WWE


My favorite MMA website, TMZ, is reporting that Brock Lesnar has signed a deal to be part of a new video game, "WWE: 12" that will use his name and likeness. Dana White approved of it so the deal is a go. The first commercial for the new game should be out on Tuesday.

Marloes Coenen Discusses Post-Strikeforce Plans, Future | MMARising.com


'Fans and insiders alike, feeling that Coenen may be the one to lead a charge for female fights in a new promotion, are awaiting a decision on where she may end up next. It is not something that Coenen takes lightly. "Several people have reached out with offers, but we are going to wait and see first how everything will develop and continue from now," she tells MMARising.com. "I have a break now and want to do some thinking. After I’m done and back in the Netherlands, I’ll be training again and I’ll be ready to fight soon. I want to be with a promotion that really appreciates female fighters. I think that that is most important. I think that the next promotion that I end up with might be the next big platform for women [in MMA], so I am going to really think about what I’m going to do because I think that it is a very important next step." As Coenen notes, she is not new to MMA and understands how the sport works. First making her pro debut nearly 11 years ago as a 19-year-old, Coenen (now 19-5-0) understands that there will be a new generation of female fighters that comes after her and she knows that women are looking to her to potentially lead the way. She also believes that a key to the growth of female fights in MMA comes in improving the sport’s marketability and better relating to women who are watching at home. "I understand that, after me, there will be a new generation," she says. "I want that next generation to be good. I want women to look at fighters like Gina, Cyborg, Liz Carmouche, Sarah Kaufman and me, and see that we are just normal girls. I want them to see that they have power in themselves and can relate to us. If we can do this, so can they. I think that we’re beginning the next [chapter] in women’s fighting, and my goal is that MMA will be accepted as a mainstream sport. "I think that a lot of people view MMA as really aggressive and not really a family sport," Coenen adds. "If you see a man [fighting] and it’s really tough and aggressive, it’s not really a family thing. If even women can do the sport, it takes some of the aggression out of the image of MMA, and if that happens, all of a sudden it becomes more of a family event to watch. I really do think that it will also become mainstream that way. "I think that there are good organisations out there and there is room for even more. Spike TV really increased the popularity of the UFC, and I think that it is really important to have that platform on television. Once you have that, people will get to know the fighters better. Just like with The Ultimate Fighter shows, and how Zuffa creates a lot of buzz for their fighters. Women need to have a good platform and be [marketed] as humans that people who are watching can relate to." Coenen had hoped that Zuffa management would take note of this following the recent acquisition of Strikeforce, a leading promoter of female fights on television. However, following her release, Coenen believes that an opportunity to promote and develop women’s divisions under the Zuffa banner may have passed by for now. "Zuffa are really intelligent businessmen, and I had hoped that they would see this opportunity and take it. Cutting me shows how they look at [women] fighting and it seems like a missed opportunity for them."' Click the link to read more

Former The Ultimate Fighter winner Efrain Escudero surprisingly cut by UFC


According to Dave Meltzer on his September 21st Wrestling Observer Radio show, Efrain Escudero was cut by Dana White to send a message to fighters that you can't have boring fights and they can't miss weight.

Paul Daley UFC Petition

Gray Maynard retweeted someone who sent him a petition to bring Paul Daley back to the UFC. Clicking the link takes you to the page where you can give your signature. Here is how it reads: Show your support for Paul "Semtex" Daley, to see him return to the UFC. "This petition calls for the return of Paul Daley in the UFC. Over four months have passed since the incident which led to Paul Daley being released from the UFC. We [the undersigned], like to see Paul Daley compete in the UFC on the grounds that he is a talented exciting fighter, who aims to finish fights. We believe Paul "Semtex" Daley's return to the UFC would result in a significant increase of interest in the UFC from world wide fighting fans and in particular the British audience." Karo Parisyan was recently let back into the organization after Dana White said that he would never fight there again. Can Daley make his way back too?

Dana White to speak at Oxford University


The Oxford University debate club has invited Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White to speak to its members

Shane Carwin has a few tweets to say:


He doesn't necessarily say anything about steroids but he does say this: "@danawhite thanks for the call and your support it means the world to my family and I." Looks like they are formulating a strategy as to what they want to say. Can't wait to hear what will be coming out of everyone's mouth. He also made a comment about Roy Nelson and the shit he was talking about Carwin: "I love Roy Nelson trying to elevate his status by talking smacks. Hopefully he is doing so on a treadmil. Some have rolls he has a bakery." I love it. Any more news becomes available and we'll be posting it.

The NFL and NBA would've fined or suspended Nate Diaz


I had a Twitter conversation with Steve Cofield about the correlation between Nate Diaz and other professional athletes. He decided to write an interesting article about it, worth checking out.

Dana White is Abu Dhabi


For some reason Dana White is in Abu Dhabi...speculate away!

You Mean There Are Talented Fighters Outside the UFC?


Last night's Ultimate Fighter Finale included reference to Shinya Aoki, Bas Rutten and Kevin Randleman from Joe Rogan, while Dana White admitted to targeting Vitor Belfort as a challenger for Anderson Silva. After years of pretending no one else existed in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, is the UFC finally starting to recognize the talent operating outside of their own walls?

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