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Free Fight: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping


To relive everyone's favorite right hand and to pump you up for UFC 139, the UFC is letting us watch Michael "The Count" Bisping get obliterated in real time.

Is Silva versus Henderson better at 205?

"Why would the UFC give its middleweight champion a fight against a guy who doesn’t want to fight at middleweight? Instead -- if Silva beats Sonnen/Stann and Hendo beats Rua -- doesn’t it make more sense to entice "The Spider" into a fight at light heavyweight, where Henderson will be most dangerous and where Silva has looked like an absolute wrecking machine in two previous appearances? That way, in the somewhat unlikely event that Silva were to lose, he’d still be marketable as the UFC middleweight champion. If he won, well, that would only make the possibility of a fight against Jones seem all the more real." Gotta say, it makes sense.

Fedor vs. Henderson Not About Weight, UFC Owner Lorenzo Fertitta Enters Negotiations


Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson are still negotiating a deal that would see the pair face off in Strikeforce on a July fight card, but the snags have nothing to do with weight. Several sources have indicated when speaking to MMAWeekly.com, that both Emelianenko and Henderson have agreed to meet at any weight Strikeforce feels comfortable. Originally, rumors surfaced that Henderson was asking for a heavyweight fight, while Fedor’s side was looking for a catchweight fight at 220 pounds. It now appears that both fighters are on board for a bout at any weight, but other issues still exist. Those issues revolve around money and where the show will take place. It appears that both sides are trying to come to a final number for pay for the fighters, as well as whether the fight would appear on Showtime or a pay-per-view broadcast. Strikeforce has been feeling out the process to put together a pay-per-view in July, but nothing has been set in stone. At this point, UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta has entered the fray to hopefully help make Fedor vs. Henderson a reality instead of just a rumor. UFC president Dana White confirmed Fertitta’s involvement, while also stating he would not be getting personally involved. "Lorenzo’s in it; Lorenzo’s in it right now," White told MMAWeekly.com. "He’s working on it. Me getting anywhere near that thing, you’ll never see that fight. "The great thing about this company and the way we do things, there’s a lot of people I butt heads with or whatever, Lorenzo can handle it, I can handle stuff, Joe Silva handles stuff, there’s a lot of people. We don’t have to be friends for you to fight in the UFC. We don’t have to get along. It’s business." Sources close to Emelianenko’s camp have indicated that he has to take the fight, and is ready to step back in the cage in July, but until a few of the details are resolved, the fight remains a fantasy and not yet a reality.

Coker Not Keen on Emelianenko-Henderson Clash


MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko is unlikely to fight current Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Dan Henderson, according to CEO Scott Coker. Henderson got his hands on the light-heavyweight belt after knocking out Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante. He has made repeated calls to take on Emelianenko, but Strikeforce chief Coker feels Henderson might be "a little bit small" to face the heavyweight. Emelianenko weighed in at 230 pounds for his last fight against Antonio Silva, while Henderson cuts hardly any weight to make his 205-pound divisional limit. "I'm thinking the weight difference might be too much," Coker told MMA Fighting. "Can that gap be bridged? I'm not sure. But I know Dan will fight anybody. He'll fight anybody in a fight booth. It doesn't matter to him." Emelianenko will return in the summer, when he will attempt to bounce back from two straight defeats. Coker said: "Fedor will fight in July or August at some point. They'll get everything that's promised to them. Nothing's really changed. Those promotions will happen. Fedor will fight."

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