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World Cup Water Breaks Put Focus On Player Safety


While concussions are the primary player safety concern in the media, dehydration and heat stroke are now getting some much needed attention thanks to the much talked about water breaks during...


Crazy Solution to Concussions in the NFL

This was originally posted on my blog at tylerlamy.com Every time the topic of concussions gets brought up, i get the same crazy idea every time. What if there were a limit on years of...

The Real Fight Pass: Legalizing Steroids in MMA


The issue of testosterone replacement therapy has come to an end in MMA, but the issue of steroids in general has not. However, having a discussion about the UFC's policy on PED's should first...

Unpacking GSP's Post Fight Speech at UFC 167


Georges St-Pierre had some interesting choice words for Joe Rogan in his post-fight speech at UFC 167. Just what exactly did GSP mean in saying he wanted to "go away for a little bit"?

Thinking critically about the MMA concussion issue


The issue of concussions in sports, and MMA specifically, continues to dominate public debate, but what questions should we be asking, and what solutions could benefit Dana White and Zuffa...


Player Safety and College Football Rules

Player Safety, College Football Rules, and an Idea Whose Time Has Passed


League of Denial - The NHL's own concussion problem

Last week, a stunning piece of journalism was aired on Frontline. "League of Denial," based on the book of the same name, delves into the problem of Chronic Traumatic Encepalopathy (CTE) in pro...

A Few More Words with David Epstein


Further discussion with Sports Illustrated's David Epstein, author of 'The Sports Gene', on everything from gene doping, to the ethics of genetics itself, to Martin McDonagh.


Give Your Head A Shake. Or... Why The Leaf Possession Game Will Rise - Reason Le Deux.

POP QUIZ, FUCKERS! Ha. Never expected a quiz, didja? Ok. This is the Professional Hockey Player Evaluation Test (TM), which you must pass in order to read any further. Its purpose is to see if...

The 10 Minute Concussion Test - Husker Brain Power


The University of Nebraska is developing a way to scientifically diagnose a concussion in ten minutes on the sideline. This is just the start of what will be happening in the new East Stadium...

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