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Vince Russo loses his rag about Death Of WCW book

Vince Russo still isn't a fan of Bryan Alvarez or his Death of WCW book. Shocking I know...

Report: Wyatt family six-man set for SummerSlam

According to a report, the recently debuted Wyatt family will be involved in a six-man tag team match at "SummerSlam" this year in Los Angeles, and it's now looking more likely that Undertaker will...

WWE's annual shareholders meeting: a nightmare

WWE's annual shareholders meeting was held on Friday April 26th, 2013 and proved to be a nightmare for investors who were already skeptical about the company's optimism about their long planned WWE...

Charlie Haas's retirement sped up by ROH fight

Though Charlie Haas was planning to retire after this weekend's ROH shows in New York, it was sped up when he got into a backstage fight with jobber Grizzly Redwood and ROH management decided on...

Glenn Beck burial expected on WWE Monday Night Raw

Bryan Alvarez of f4wonline.com has reported that Glenn Beck's public dissing of Jack Swagger's anti-immigration heel character likely saved his push and that WWE is expected to bury Beck hard on...

Ric Flair's WWE return a one time only appearance


According to WWE officials, Ric Flair is not under contract to WWE and his appearance on last night's edition of Raw was a one-off deal. This was done to force TNA to "shit or get off the pot"...

Backstage reaction and booking notes from 'TLC'

Find out Vince McMahon and Triple H's reactions to one of their best PPVs of the year, the plans for Sheamus after he surprisingly failed to regain the World Heavyweight Championship at "TLC", and...

Will Mick Foley vs CM Punk headline WWE's TLC PPV?

The answer to that troubling question seems to be yes, based on recent WWE storylines and backstage talks, despite the fact that Foley should never step foot in the ring again due to the permanent...

Listen to Josh Nason on Wrestling Observer Live


Bloody Elbow's Josh Nason co-hosted Wrestling Observer Live with Bryan Alvarez Sunday night, talking the latest MMA news including Saturday's World Series of Fighting event.

Brian Gerwirtz: downfall due to working at home

The downfall of Brian Gerwirtz has more to do with working from home for a year, opening himself up to being buried by his rivals, than Raw's ratings falling to a 15-year low, which was just the...

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