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Metamoris II Results and GIFs: Gracie Submits Aoki


It wasn't the smash hit the first event was, but there were certainly highlights. The best of which came during the main event when Kron Gracie choked Shinya Aoki.

Anthony Johnson, Braulio Estima Scheduled For TitanFC 24


Former UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson will make his 205 debut at Titan FC 24 in August, against Esteves Jones. Braulio Estima, the world-renowned ADCC World Championship gold medalist and BJJ...

Braulio Estima Responds To Cesar Gracie's Statement In A Big Way


As perhaps the closing shot in this strange Brazilian jiu jitsu tragicomedy, Braulio Estima responded to Cesar Gracie's account of what went on in the World Jiu Jitsu Expo last Friday and Saturday.

Cesar Gracie Provides Statement On Nick Diaz No Show For Braulio Estima Match


A look at Cesar Gracie's statement regarding the backstory of Nick Diaz's famous no show for a grappling match against Braulio Estima. It is compelling, but perhaps not 100% accurate.

How The Nick Diaz-Braulio Estima Situation Spiraled Out Of Control


Following Nick Diaz no-showing a jiu-jitsu superfight with Braulio Estima, a combination of factors allowed the situation to quickly spiral out of control.

Bloody Elbow Roundtable: Should MMA & Grappling Promoters Blacklist Nick Diaz?


With Nick Diaz no showing for his no gi superfight with BJJ ace Braulio Estima at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo in Long Beach, California last night, the Bloody Elbow staff debate if this latest case of...

Tweet Of The Day: Braulio Estima Reacts To Nick Diaz Not Showing Up For BJJ Super-Fight


Nick Diaz made Braulio Estima angry for not showing up to their fight.

Gods of War: Braulio Estima


T.P. Grant kicks off a new Bloody Elbow Series "Gods of War" featuring a profile of Braulio Estima, the legendary Brazilian jiu jitsu grappler, who is set to take on Nick Diaz in a grappling...

How to Watch ADCC World Submission Fighting Championship 2011


Find out how to watch the world's most prestigious nogi submission grappling tournament the ADCCs this weekend, Online and in High Definition.

ADCC 2011 Submission Grappling Championship Preview


Ben Thapa previews this weekend's ADCC 2011 Submission Grappling tournament taking place in Nottingham, England, the biggest event in nogi submission grappling competition.

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