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Responding to Dana's 10 fighter testing challenge


Yesterday at a dramatic media luncheon, the UFC president challenged reporters to name 10 fighters they think should be immediately drug tested. Brent responds.

Rogan rips the 10 point must system


The UFC's commentator tore into the way MMA fights are scored and the commissions who oversee the sport on a recent Fox Sports podcast.

Gifathon: When refs fail to protect the fighters


Zombie Prophet has compiled a gif fest featuring fights where the referee failed to protect the fighters.

UFC's Dana White Says Random Testing Is 'Impossible'


UFC president Dana White rejects the notion that the promotion should conduct random drug testing of athletes.

UFC 127 Drug Test Results: UFC Tests Six Fighters Themselves, Finds Nothing


The UFC tested B.J. Penn, Jon Fitch and four other randomly selected fighters for drugs at UFC 127. All were cleared by the tests.

Can Scott Coker Leapfrog the UFC With Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament?


A look at how Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker plans to leap the biggest hurdles in the way of his heavyweight tournament.

How MMA Judging Distorts the Fights We See


MMA fighters are changing their games in response to the poor judging of fights.

Are Athletic Commissions Failing to Protect Fighters?


Athletic commissions could be deemed the unsung heroes of combat sports in that their sole purpose is to oversee combat sports and the safety of its fighters. It's their job to provide pre-fight...

Matt Pitt Explores Dementia Pugilistica and Its Relationship to Mixed Martial Arts


A board-certified physician, Dr. Matt Pitt of Sherdog.com explores traumatic brain injury in sports while taking a look at the sport of mixed martial arts to see how this injury will affect this...

Quote of the Day: Dr Johnny Benjamin on Marijuana in MMA


Dr Johnny Benjamin writes that there is no scientific reason for athletic commissions to test fighters for marijuana.

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