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Welterweight Scouting Report: #1- Andrey Koreshkov


You may not know the name, but RusFighters Sport Club has emerged as the premier professional mixed martial arts team in Russia. Their flagship fighter, Alexander Shlemenko, has won two Bellator...

Welterweight Scouting Report: #2 – Dhiego Lima


Following in Douglas's footsteps, 21-year-old younger brother Dhiego Lima (6-0), fighting under the Maximum Fighting Championships' banner, is eying gold, and he's on the verge of getting the...

Welterweight Scouting Report: #3 – Brandon Thatch


At age 5, Brandon Thatch (6-1) had a life-altering moment that brought him to where he is today in the sport of mixed martial arts. He was adopted by Clarence Thatch, a seven-time Sabaki champion...

Welterweight Scouting Report: #4 – Nordine Taleb


Breaking into our top five on the 2012 World MMA Welterweight Scouting Report, Quebec's Nordine Taleb (6-1) is the first to grace the upper-tier of our countdown.

Welterweight Scouting Report: #5- Hernani Perpetuo


Nova Uniao's Hernani Perpetuo (12-3) has emerged from a proverbial bee's nest as one the most promising talents of them all.

Welterweight Scouting Report: #6 – Brock Jardine


In retrospect, Brock Jardine (8-1) might have some words for the people responsible for casting the thirteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Welterweight Scouting Report: #7 - Alan Jouban


Chiming in at the top of the 2012 World MMA Scouting Report age limit, 30-year-old Alan Jouban (3-1) hopes to add evidence to the theory that 30 is the new 20. The Legends MMA team member is...

Welterweight Scouting Report: #8 - Mohsen Bahari


The former Pride fighter heads up his own fight team, based out of Oslo, Norway. Among his protégés is 27-year-old knockout artist Mohsen Bahari (4-0). Bahari remains undefeated with four wins in a...

Welterweight Scouting Report: #10–Stephen Thompson


Luckily, 28-year-old Stephen Thompson (5-0) is well-versed on the ground, earning a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt from his brother-in-law, none other than legendary grappler Carlos Machado.

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