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Bantamweight Scouting Report: #1 - Rony Jason


Over the course of the last four months, results poured in on fighters who placed in our early drafts, and some failed to maintain their spot. From the first draft to the final edit, Team...

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #2-Aljamain Sterling


Chiming in at #2 on the 2012 World MMA Bantamweight Scouting Report, Ring of Combat bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling (5-0) claims his spot on our countdown. The 22-year-old two-time NCAA...

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #3- Chris Holdsworth


One would be hard pressed to find a résumé as extensive and impressive as Cobra Kai's Chris Holdsworth (3-0). The 24-year-old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, who is also an instructor at Marc...

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #4 - Josh Hill


Hailing from Stoney Creek, Ontario, 25-year-old bantamweight prospect Josh Hill (7-0) could be the next prospect in Canada's regional scene to get a phone call from UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #5-Fabiano Fernandes


Fighting out of the Niteroi region of Rio de Janeiro, Fabiano Fernandes (3-0) is one of the young, emerging benefactors of a rapid explosion in interest for Brazilian MMA.

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #6 - Claudio Ledesma


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Claudio Ledesma (5-2) calls the region home, and he's taken full advantage of the resources available to become one of the top bantamweight prospects in the world....

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #7 - Sirwan Kakai


One of the emerging prospects that the UFC may want to target is Sweden's Sirwan Kakai (6-1). The 22-year-old bantamweight is likely on the UFC's radar already after he participated in a casting...

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #8 - Kyoji Horiguchi


Japan is the last place more informed readers of the report would expect to find a prospect, but Japanese knockout artist Kjoyi Horiguchi (6-0) is an impressive exception to the downward trend....

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #9 - Leandro Higo


Brazil's Leandro Higo (7-1) fits that profile perfectly. At the time when an American teenager would make a visit to the DMV to get his or her driver's license, Leandro was beginning his MMA...

Bantamweight Scouting Report: #10 - Pedro Munhoz


For Brazilian fighters, it's not just a part of their identity, it's a gateway to the rest of the world and a promise of prosperity. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors with national credentials are...

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