News and ongoing reports of criminal cases and related scandal in the world of combat sports.

Mack walking again, War Machine extradited to NV


A picture of Christy Mack posted on twitter revealed the recent domestic violence victim walking the streets of Las Vegas, which prompted War Machine loyalists to go on the offensive regarding the...

UFC stars on WarMachine & Grispi's effect on MMA


Michael Bisping, Tyron Woodley, and other UFC stars discuss War Machine and Josh Grispi, and whether the sport is getting a bad reputation from the two domestic violence cases.


Video: 'MMA gas station guy' earns 18-second KO

Following the viral video that showed the ‘MMA gas station guy’ pummelling assailants who were attempting an armed robbery, Mayura Dissanayake stepped back inside the ring and earned a quick...

Shamrock after War Machine for daughter incident


Former UFC fighter Ken Shamrock revealed his own reasons for hating War Machine, which had nothing to do with his recent domestic abuse case.

WM's attorney speaks: 'My client is not a monster'


Following his arrest in California for charges stemming from his alleged assault of Christy Mack and Corey Thomas, Jon Koppenhaver has waived his right to fight extradition back to Nevada.

Dog/Leland use tactical tweets to lure War Machine


"Dog" the Bounty Hunter and son, Leland Chapman try to lure War Machine out with tweets meant to play up to his insecurities and jealousy.

Second victim identified in War Machine assault


Update on the alleged assault by War Machine Jon Koppenhaver on Christy Mack, as the second victim has now been identified.

Christy Mack's colleagues set up fundraiser


Christy Mack's colleagues set up online fundraiser to help with medical expenses and the time she'll spend recuperating, unable to work.

Dog the Bounty Hunter close to finding War Machine


Duane "Dog" Chapman has joined the manhunt for fugitive from justice, War Machine.

Cerrone found not guilty for ‘boat rage’


UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone was found not guilty of third degree assault from a ‘boating rage’ incident in 2013.

Russian kickboxer arrested after 70 kg drug bust


European kickboxer Alexander Bolshakov was charged with the attempted transportation of over 70 kilograms of narcotics into Russia, including cocaine and hashish.

Gracie breaks silence on NYC brawl


Renzo Gracie went on The MMA Hour to explain the "misunderstanding" that took place outside a nightclub in New York.

Doorman talks on Renzo: 'carefully planned attack'


The reports from the other side of the fight are in, and to hear the nightclub bouncer tell the story, there was no misunderstanding between Renzo and him, it was just plain retribution.


UPDATED: Renzo Gracie jailed following NYC brawl

Renzo and Igor Gracie were arrested following a brawl at a New York City nightclub that sent a bouncer to the hospital.

My Sunday at Fight Church


A few notes on the SIFF screening of the documentary Fight Church and my conversations with the directors and one of it's principal subjects.

Shogun Rua car-jacked in Brazil


After a dinner out with friends, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was held up at gunpoint by four armed men and robbed of the automobile he was driving, along with his money, and even his shirt and shoes.

Bodyguard Ken Shamrock not impressed with Jay Z's


The UFC Hall of Famer and bodyguard for superstar 50 Cent has a pretty harsh critique of the work of Jay Z's man who let sis-in-law Solange get after him on an elevator.

Ortiz given probation & fines for DUI in January


Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has been sentenced following a DUI charge back in January.

Russians put Alex Emelianenko on wanted list


The former Pride star and younger brother of Hall of Famer Fedor Emelianenko is being sought by Russian authorities for "suspicion of housekeeper abuse and passport theft."

Forrest Griffin: 'Friends don't let friends plead guilty'


Presented (mostly) without comment, but what in the hell just happened?

Anderson Silva presses charges for 'Rotten' insult


Anderson Silva is taking a woman to court over posts on Twitter where she called him a "sh**ty idol" and "rotten."

TUF vet Uscola found guilty of domestic violence


On Friday, the former TUFer was found guilty of multiple domestic violence charges resulting in life-threatening injury to the mother of his child. Next month he'll be sentenced with a potential...

Pictures of Tito Ortiz's wrecked Porsche


MMA legend Tito Ortiz made the news recently after wrecking his car in the early hours of the morning. He was arrested for a suspected DUI at the scene. Now pictures of his damaged car have surfaced.

Tito wrecks Porsche, arrested for suspected DUI


The Calfornia Highway Patrol had to take Tito away after he drove his 2012 Porsche Panamera into the median on I-405.

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