MMA History


Art Davie on why Rickson Gracie was never in UFC

UFC creator Art Davie discusses the origins of the UFC, why Rickson Gracie never fought in the UFC and why the Gracies ended their relationship with the company after UFC 5


Liddell on open-weight division & old school MMA

In this final part of the lost interviews, Chuck Liddell gives his thoughts on Women's MMA, if he has interest in being a pro-wrestler, and how he would fare against the old school UFC fighters and...


Chuck Liddell talks Couture trilogy

In this lost interview from 2011, Liddell talks fighting teammates, his trilogy with Randy Couture, and MMA in NYC!


Chuck Liddell on who hit him hardest in a fight

Just what exactly did Chuck Liddell do for Zuffa when he retired and took a desk job with them? Find out in this lost interview from 2011, as well as his thoughts on Overeem and who Chuck wanted to...


Chuck talks his fallout with Tito

In part two of this video series from 2011, Chuck discusses the Strikeforce & UFC merger, his favorite opponents to beat up, and if movies are in his future!


Dana White and Sakuraba talk about Pride

Dana White recently sat down with MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba to talk about his experiences fighting under the Pride banner.

The immeasurable BJ Penn grows old


Just how great was he really? Looking back at MMA's Peter Pan

BJ Penn: A Brief History on his Legacy Part 3


In this final installment of the 'objective retrospective', we'll look at B.J. Penn's dominance at Lightweight in the UFC, and what to make of his legacy.

BJ Penn: A Brief History Part 2


In part two of the objective retrospective, we reflect on BJ Penn's journey to Japan, and his bout the members of the Gracie family. Was this where Penn lost the allure, or strengthened it?

BJ Penn: A Brief History Part 1


B.J. Penn's career is as unusual as it is distinguished. Today is the first of a three part journey into Penn's erratic but prodigal introduction into the sport of mixed martial arts.

Davies recalls: 'Rickson wanted a million dollars'


Art Davies recalls trying to bring Rickson Gracie into the UFC 1 tournament field, and the massive salary request that closed negotiations quickly.


OSMMA Review: UFC 11 - Epic Tournament Fail

In the second part of the OSMMA Review of UFC 11, we look at the huge brawl between Tank Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo, and how a pay-per-view kills 70 minutes of dead air time with filler until we get...


OSMMA Review: UFC 11 - Part 1

Mark Coleman is back in the tournament after destroying everyone at UFC 10, and Tank Abbott returns to the show after beating up Art Davie in Puerto Rico - Welcome to UFC 11!

Solving Styles: Archie Moore, pt 2


In this new series, BE's striking analyst Connor Ruebusch delves into history and more to explore some of boxing's most recognizable fighting systems. Part 2 of the first installment breaks down...

Solving Styles: Archie Moore, part 1


In this new series, BE's striking analyst Connor Ruebusch delves into history and more to explore some of boxing's most recognizable fighting systems. Archie Moore's famous cross-armed guard is...


OSMMA Review: UFC 10 - Mark Coleman destroys stuff

"The Hammer" comes down hard, as Mark Coleman makes his MMA debut, along with the return of Don Frye and Gary Goodridge. Plus, "Tank" Abbott gets tickled by Jeff Blatnick, and Dan Severn attempts...

Not for the Ages: 10 Worst Zuffa-Era UFC Signings


Another installment of 'Not for the Ages' where obscure history, bizarre bouts, and the just plain inexplicable meet to explain broader themes in the sport of mixed martial arts. This time, the top...

Cyborg Santos retires from MMA


He'll never make the Hall of Fame, he never fought in the UFC, but Cyborg Santos made his mark in mixed martial arts.

Remembering the Melendez-Thomson Trilogy


A look back by the participants at one of the greatest trilogies in Strikeforce and mixed martial art's history - Gilbert Melendez versus Josh Thomson.

Lost Arts: The European Longsword


The new Lost Arts series kicks off with a look at a diverse and multifaceted fighting style that spanned all of Europe for approximately 200 years, European Longsword fighting.

Introducing a New Series: Lost Arts


T.P. Grant, together with Patrick Wyman, start a series taking in depth looks at historical styles of fighting that have died out.

MMA Origins: Extreme Fighting Blazes Trail


Many of the basic rules that form the bedrock of the sport of MMA were pioneered by a short lived promoted in the mid-90's. Despite only holding four events Extreme Fighting had a huge impact on...

MMA Origins: World Combat Championships


While MMA Origins has focused heavily on the growth of the UFC, there were other American promotions that held "No Holds Barred" events. T.P. Grant takes a look at the World Combat Championships, a...

A look at all the fights from the 2nd Pancrase


Not even 30 days later, and Pancrase puts on its second event with many of the same fighters from Pancrase 1. Come watch every single fight from this Pancrase card from 1993

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