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Drysdale and Casey fail post fight drug tests


Kevin Casey has failed his post fight drug test, for the steroid drostanolone, following his UFC 175 win over Bubba Bush. Joining him is Robert Drysdale, with his second failed test, for eleveated...


Art Davie tells the whole story about Jimmerson

What else did Art Jimmerson do before UFC 1 that made him wearing one glove at the fight even more bizarre? Plus, Davie's thoughts on how fast the sport evolved and whether or not that was a problem!

Riggs return bout off after accidental shooting


Joe Riggs won't be making his Octagon return just yet, as he's been removed from the upcoming Brasilia Fight Night card after suffering a self inflicted gunshot wound, after one of his guns...

Newell claims illegal knees behind Gaethje loss


Nick Newell's recent WSOF title bout didn't go the way he'd planned, and now he's claiming that a pair of questionably thrown knees early in the fight were the reason behind his TKO loss.

Spong: Israel is ‘wiping out Palestine’


GLORY kickboxing competitor Tyrone Spong took to Instagram to divulge his feelings regarding the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

Aldo fires back at Mendes: 'Who's the real p***y'


Jose Aldo is taking umbrage at Chad Mendes' inference that Aldo may be "too fragile" to be the champion, and is lobbing some PED allegations back at the title challenger. Meanwhile other rumors are...

GSP says letter for drug king 'my mistake'


The ex-UFC champ has released a letter to fans clarifying that his letter in support of convicted drug dealer Jimmy Cournoyer was "a mistake, my mistake."

GSP writes letter of support for drug kingpin


Former UFC champion, Georges St. Pierre publicly supports Canadian drug kingpin with letter of support.

Alexander Emelianenko facing 4-6 years for rape


Russian MMA heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko is facing a possible 4-6 year sentence for the rape of a 27-year-old woman several months ago.

Gaudinot suspended 6 months for failed drug test


Louis Gaudinot failed a post fight drug test for diuretics, and as such is on the receiving end of a UFC imposed 6 month suspension. His last win over Phil Harris has also been flipped to a no...

Condit's ink nixed from EA UFC game over lawsuit


Carlos Condit won't be appearing in the UFC game, at least not in the way you're used to seeing him. In his place will be a doppelganger, sans tattoo.

Sonnen: I took ‘perfectly legal substances’


Chael Sonnen went on FOX Sports 1’s America’s Pregame show on Tuesday afternoon to discuss his failed drug test.

Pearson camp claims no drug tests for Jackson camp


Dean Amasinger, one of Ross Pearson's cornermen, is claiming that Jackson MMA fighters were not among any of the randomly administered drug tests at Fight Night Albuquerque.

Ali Bagautinov denies drug test failure


Following reports that Ali Bagautinov had been stripped of his titles and medals, and recieved a two year suspension from the international Sambo federation FIAS, Bagautinov has issued a full...

Wandy skips medicals, Belfort now fighting Sonnen


As he predicted all along, Chael Sonnen will not be fighting Wanderlei Silva on July 5th. Reports are out the Wanderlei has been removed following a failure to comply with pre-fight medicals. Vitor...

Gracie breaks silence on NYC brawl


Renzo Gracie went on The MMA Hour to explain the "misunderstanding" that took place outside a nightclub in New York.

Ali Bagautinov banned from Sambo federation


Ali Bagautinov has recieved a two year ban from the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) from a failed 2012 drug test for the stimulant methylhexaneamine. The drub is also on World Anti-Doping...

Doorman talks on Renzo: 'carefully planned attack'


The reports from the other side of the fight are in, and to hear the nightclub bouncer tell the story, there was no misunderstanding between Renzo and him, it was just plain retribution.

My Sunday at Fight Church


A few notes on the SIFF screening of the documentary Fight Church and my conversations with the directors and one of it's principal subjects.

Benavidez cool with gay UFC fighter, Jones unsure


UFC fighter Joseph Benavidez has no issues with the idea of having a gay male fighter in the UFC…Jon Jones, not so much.

White to Diaz bros: 'The world moves on'


Dana White is continuing the public dialogue about Nate Diaz's contract, but the message is consistent. The UFC will move on without Nick and Nate Diaz.

Rebney voices union support in battle of MMA in NY


Bjorn Rebney has added his voice to the list of MMA figures talking about legalizing their sport in New York. But, unlike most, he's squarely on the side of union efforts.

Belfort to 'be tested like any other fighter'


The medical director of the Brazilian Athletic Commission says that the next time Vitor Belfort fights in Brazil, it will be without any extra oversight or additional testing.

Sarah Kaufman in car accident


UFC women’s bantamweight Sarah Kaufman took part in a car accident on Saturday night, which almost destroyed her car but left her just a little bit sore.

Hackleman to Jones: 'Don’t be a douchebag'


Following Jones' posting of a somewhat distraught looking Chuck Liddell photo on Instagram, John Hackleman has a few words of advice for the champ.

Ortiz given probation & fines for DUI in January


Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has been sentenced following a DUI charge back in January.

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