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Jones will kick injured LCL to not 'disappoint' DC


Daniel Cormier says he would be 'very disappointed' if Jon Jones doesn't target his injured knee. The UFC champion has responded, saying he will 'try' to give him his wish.


Full Event Video: Shooto Gig - Tokyo Vol. 17

Watch every single fight from this month's Shooto Gig - Tokyo Vol. 17 event.


Watch UFC 175 & TUF19 from a different perspective

Watch footage from both UFC 175 and TUF 19 Finale main card bouts, all shot from hand held cameras which gave a different cinematic look.

Tweets: McCarthy defends low blow call on Brown


Referee 'Big' John McCarthy addressed the two discussion points during the last UFC event, the 'fake' low blow on Brown, and Lawler's kick while his opponent was down.


Video: Why Sonnen will still compete at Metamoris4

Ralek Gracie discussed the controversial situation of Chael Sonnen, and explains why he will still allow him to compete at Metamoris.

Tweet of the Day: Lawler's celebratory meal


Robbie Lawler celebrated his win by pigging out on boxes of In-n-Out burgers and cupcakes.


Update: Manhoef gets no mercy in recent loss

Melvin Manhoef was back in the ring last week for a kickboxing bout in Spain and things did not go well for the power striker.

Dana on Gina Carano negotiations: It's complicated


Dana White gave an update on the negotiations to get Gina Carano back in the cage, saying "it's complicated"

Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes 2 in Brazil


The Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes rematch will be re-booked for later this year in Brazil.

PXC champ vs. Road FC champ booked for UFC: Japan


Asian champs and top bantamweight prospects Michinori Tanaka and Kyung Ho Kang are set to face off at UFC: Japan


Watch Road FC 16: Fukuda wins, Jo takes fly title

Watch Korea's Road FC 16 live on BloodyElbow starting at 7 a.m. ET.

Nick Diaz signs three fight UFC deal


It looks like Nick Diaz is back in the UFC and he may be fighting Anderson Silva once Silva returns from injury. Either way, he's got a new three fight deal with the Zuffa promotion.

Sadollah to return against Musoke at UFC: Sweden


Amir Sadollah makes a return against Nico Musoke and it will be in his opponent's home country of Sweden.

Report: Joe Riggs returns to the UFC


Mike Rhodes is injured, and according to a report, the UFC has brought back long time MMA vet Joe Riggs to step in.


Watch the latest episode of The Reem

The latest episode of The Reem is out, and it shows Alistair Overeem moving to Greg Jackson's, along with behind the scenes footage from his last fight against Frank Mir.

Tweets: Jones and Cormier let daughters talk smack


Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are set to face off for the title, and they let their own daughters start the smack talk for them.

Dillashaw finally added to EA UFC game


EA Sports have rectified the snub, and has now added T.J. Dillashaw and two others to the roster of their UFC video game.

HTMTT? Cat Fights, ESPYs, Sensei Seagal Sexuality


The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

Rousey calls Cyborg 'an it' not 'a girl'


The New Yorker recently published a big spread on one of the UFC's biggest stars, and stuffed away in it were some less than flattering remarks about one of her biggest rivals.

Lim vs Sato among 3 bouts added to UFC: Japan


UFC Fight Night 52 has added 3 bouts, including a welterweight match up between Korean star Hyun Gyu Lim and Takenori Sato.

UFC signs top JMMA prospect Yuta Sasaki, for Macau


The UFC has signed one of the best young stars coming out of Japan in Yuta 'Ulka' Sasaki, he is set to make his debut in Macau this August.

Nate Diaz says Cowboy sucks too much #UFCdick


Nate Diaz took a shot at a certain cowboy for 'sucking too much UFC d***'.

Tweets: Renzo Gracie 'The world is in good hands'


Read a heart warming story told by MMA legend in Renzo Gracie in a series of tweets as he was at the airport.


Watch countdown to Metamoris 4: Sonnen vs. Galvao

Check out Metamoris' Countdown video highlighting their upcoming card's feature match between Chael Sonnen and Andre Galvao.

Tweets: Mendes to Aldo 'Supplement deez nuts!'


Chad Mendes has responded to Jose Aldo's PED accusations, telling him to 'supplement deez nuts'.


Learn Dana's full name, 1st street fight he set up

Dana White appeared on 'Cabbie Presents', and the UFC president shared a few details that he hasn't said anywhere else... like his middle name, or the first street fight he ever organized.

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