GLORY gets new CEO, extends Spike TV agreement


GLORY today announced that it has both installed a new CEO and extended the terms of its broadcast agreement with Spike TV, its television home in the US.

Is it time for kickboxing to ditch tournaments?


One-night tournaments used to be the basis of fight sports such as MMA and kickboxing but nowadays kickboxing is the only sport to have a premier organization which retains the format. Are...

Buakaw issues public apology for dog abuse video


Kickboxing and Muay Thai star Buakaw Banchamek issued an apology over Instagram following the backlash from a video of him abusing a puppy.

GLORY: LAST MAN STANDING to air free on Spike TV


LAST MAN STANDING was GLORY's first venture into the pay-per-view market. For those who didn't see the event live, or who are just hungry for some more kickboxing action, Spike TV has announced...

Video of K-1's Buakaw abusing a puppy surfaces


Buakaw Banchamek, currently slated to headline K-1's October event, is seen in a recent video abusing a small dog.

K-1 postpones October event by one week


K-1 Global has announced that it's planned October 4 event has been postponed for a second time. Due to "technical difficulties" it will now take place on October 11.

Report: NSAC threatens Sonnen over Metamoris bout


It looks like the NSAC is attempting to drive Sonnen not just out of the fight game, but out of anything that even looks similar to fighting. They're threatening the ex-UFC fighter with fines of...

GIF: Amazing Rolling Thunder KO from Superkombat


Get the full results from Superkombat World Grand Prix right here, including footage of a KO of the Year Rolling Thunder kick that you have to see.

Kickboxing fans: Superkombat is live this weekend


Get all the info here on Superkombat live in Romania this weekend, featuring kickboxing from the likes of Catalin Morosanu and Sebastian Ciobanu.

GLORY exec on company history, next events, Rogan


GLORY is a newcomer to the world of American sports television, having only debuted on SPIKE TV in October last year.This interview with exec Ivan Farneti provides a lot of interesting news and...


Update: Manhoef gets no mercy in recent loss

Melvin Manhoef was back in the ring last week for a kickboxing bout in Spain and things did not go well for the power striker.

Tyron Spong wants to fight in the UFC


The kickboxing champ showed up at UFC Dublin yesterday and told Dana White he wants just one fight in the Octagon.

Joe Schilling on Moscow, Levin and Lyoto Machida


Joe Schilling says no to Artem Levin's offer of a rematch in Moscow but "Aloha" to doing it in Hawaii. He also weighs in on the debate which followed Lyoto Machida's comments about wanting to test...

Spong: Israel is ‘wiping out Palestine’


GLORY kickboxing competitor Tyrone Spong took to Instagram to divulge his feelings regarding the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

Van Roosmalen: 'Rumor of GLORY/Bellator crossover'


Hard-hitting GLORY lightweight contender Robin van Roosmalen has been told he is likely the next in line for a title shot at 155lbs. He is also excited about a rumor that GLORY and Bellator might...

Fantasy Fights: UFC strikers vs GLORY kickboxers


The top UFC grapplers get to test themselves in other competitions such as ADCC and the BJJ World's, but what about the strikers? Here, Bloody Elbow and Liverkick imagine what would happen if the...


Muay Thai results: HD video of crazy violent fight

Today at the new Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, guaranteed action fighters Pornsanae Sitmonchai and Pokkeaw Fonjanchonburi waged war in a crazy and violent shootout that didn't last two rounds. Other...

Peter Aerts vs Ernesto Hoost reported for October


Reports are in that kickboxing legends Peter Aerts and Ernesto Hoost will square off for the 6th time in their Hall of Fame careers this October in Japan. Full details here.

Lion Fights Tiffany Van Soest's latest vlog


Lion Fights star, Tiffany Van Soest in her latest video blog, just ahead of her co-main event fight tonight.

Video: CroCop fought with a bad elbow infection


Mirko 'CroCop' Filipovic says his GLORY 17 LOS ANGELES training camp was plagued with injuries, mostly due to the wear and tear of his 39 years. The worst was a badly infected elbow which required...


Jamal Ben Saddik DQ'd for attacking Hesdy Gerges

Jamal Ben Saddik recently took on Hesdy Gerges in an interesting kickboxing match. The end result was unpredictable with some wild unsportsmanlike conduct leading to a rare DQ finish. See it here...

The Beginners Guide to Muay Thai: Part Three


In the third part of this series we'll take a look at the superstars of Muay Thai, as well as the purses the best Muay Thai fighters of today get in comparison to the lowest purses in the UFC....


Muay Thai: Yodsanklai wins no gloves bout by KO!

June 28th, Macau, China, and Thai Fight staged yet another show featuring Thai legends beating up mismatched opponents. No gloves, just wraps. Brutality ensues.


Muay Thai:Fight of the Year Contender in Bangkok!

Fight videos and results from Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok on the 25th June, as well as a round-up of news from the big mango. The main event is truly a must see fight!

Could 'CroCop' be next for GLORY champ Verhoeven?


Daniel Ghita's loss to Rico Verhoeven at the weekend means he is out of the heavyweight title picture until he puts another win or two together. So who will be the first to challenge Verhoeven for...

Judo Chop: Artem Levin and the Case for Boxing


BE's striking specialist Connor Ruebusch breaks down the boxing-heavy game of Artem Levin, who just may be the new best kickboxer in the world.

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