Gif: Holly Holm scores another left headkick KO


Holly Holm landed a left headkick and followed up with punches for the 5th round TKO. The win over Julianna Werner crowned her as Legacy FC Women's Bantamweight Champion. Click here if the gif isn't working via Zombie Prophet

Long Island MMA belt promotion


Head Coach of Long Island MMA Gregg DePasquale gives out his first blackbelt. Also Pictured UFC fighters Dennis Bermudez and Ryan LaFlare and bellator fighters Serigo Da Silva and Marcos Loro Galvo

Iceman hairstyle


Saw this little beauty today...maybe that's enough internet for a while

Pettis & Dana White in Puerto Rico

Promoters got to promote! Champions must play the game. Anthony and Sergio joins Dana White in San Juan, Puerto Rico. via Box al Dia Sorry if the information is inaccurate, mi espanol es muy mal. They have BIG-a** pictures.

The Hooks ft host Michelle Blanchard


The hooks is an upcoming MMA survival guide for those who train or are looking to get started. The show features a great lineup of guests like Eddie Bravo, Chris Leben, Tony Ferguson etc. Each episode shines the light on a gym and the fighters/coaches who teach there, with Madden-style technique breakdowns in 60 fps.

Premiering in late March - gives us a follow:

The official scorecards for Yui Chul Nam vs. Kazuki Tokudome


The official judges scores for Nam vs Tokudome from The Ultimate Fighter China Finale.

Cheick Kongo's New Movie


Courtesy of the gang at MiddleEasy, here's the new movie from notable masters of horrible film The Asylum, starring the UFC "champion". so yeah. that happened.

First sneak peek at former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre's appearance in Marvel's upcoming 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'


GSP will be taking on the role of Batroc The Leaper, and it appears his portrayal will be a more modern take on the infamous villain (in line with Marvel's other recent adaptations). Those hoping for a handle bar mustache and purple tights will have to wait. The film hits theaters April 14 of this year. More behind the scenes info available here:

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