Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BE Open Mat: Where are all the Sweeps?

The Bloody Elbow Open Mat poses a question to both BE Staff and readers concerning MMA technique for consideration. For this installment, why are sweeps not seen more often in MMA?

Civil suit in TLI rape case

Nicholas Schultz and Matthew Maldonado are now to be the defendants in a civil suit filed by the alleged survivor of the rape case that rocked Team Lloyd Irvin last year.

Miss USA 2012 Begins Journey To Get BJJ Black Belt

Whitney Miller, the winner of Miss USA 2012, embarks on a journey to get her black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Judo Chop: Kesa Gatame and Giving up the Back

T.P. Grant takes a look at a piece of Ronda's game that is a judo specialty, how she uses it, and how it can lead to her giving up her back.

Judo Chop: Weidman and Silva Leglock Battle

In their first meeting at UFC 162, Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva had a high level grappling exchange in the first round that warrants a further look heading into the UFC Middleweight title rematch at UFC 168.

Rape, assault, coercion: Stories from Team Irvin

A new article in the Miami New Times provides new details on life in the Lloyd Irvin inner circle.

DQ for Throwing Kick at BJJ No Gi Worlds (Video)

An odd occurrence caught on video resulted in a disqualification, and a closer look shows the offender has a history of DQ's and changing belts at IBJJF events.

Maldonado/Schultz not guilty on some charges

The jury returned multiple not guilty verdicts in the rape trials of Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz, but second degree sex abuse charges remain for both men.

Deliberation continues in NYE rape case

The jury will start their third day of deliberations in the rape case of Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz at 9:30 am Friday.

ADCC 2013 Results and GIFs

Select bits of action at ADCC 2013 in Beijing, China were GIFed up by our resident wizard, ZombieProphet. Fifteen GIFs of some of the finest submission grappling and the medal results are within.

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