Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie set for ADCC 2015


Former UFC champion Matt Hughes and Renzo Gracie will compete once again - this time it is in a grappling match at ADCC 2015.


Video: Why Sonnen will still compete at Metamoris4

Ralek Gracie discussed the controversial situation of Chael Sonnen, and explains why he will still allow him to compete at Metamoris.

BE Review: Aesopian's Mastering the Crucifix


T.P. Grant takes a look at the new e-book "Mastering the Crucifix" by Matt Kirtley, aka Aesopian, and Marshal D. Carper, which features a new format for technique e-books.


Beginner's Guide to the Open Guard

Spider Guard, De La Riva Guard, Butterfly Guard, 50/50 Guard, Spider Riva, Worm Guard... man the open guard can be confusing. Black Belt Adem Redzovic breaks down the open guard into 6 basic...


Advanced Class: Judo Olympians Armbar Escape

Two American Judo Olympians, Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro, so how to defend the Judo favored rolling arm attack.

Rafael Lovato Jr to MMA


The best American-born BJJ fighter, Rafael Lovato Jr, announced on the Save Jiu Jitsu podcast his intent to fight MMA later this year.

Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Dead?


A new member of the BE grappling team tells you how he really feels about the state of sport BJJ.


Advanced Class: Opening up the Mounted Triangle

Today in the Advanced Class, a finishing sequence from mount taught by Relson Gracie black belt Robin Gieseler.

2014 Mundials Finals Live Play by Play


Want to know what's going on with the 2014 Mundials? Follow the live play by play here at Bloody Elbow with Ben Thapa.

Judo Chop: Backstrom's Too Cool for Hooks Choke


Niklas Backtrom showed off some grappling savvy after he hurt Tom Niinimaki with a knee. T.P. Grant breaks down his slick submission finish.

IBJJF Worlds - Day 1 Discussion Thread


Jiu Jitsu's best are descending on Long Beach today and the black belts hit the mats to day to see who will advance to the finals on Sunday.

2014 Worlds Casual Fan Preview


Interested in watching the IBJJF Worlds this weekend, but not sure what is going on the grappling world? This preview gives you a quick rundown of what to look for at the toughest BJJ competition...

Kron Gracie signs with Real Fight for MMA debut

BJJ champ Kron Gracie has signed with Real Fight and is set to make his MMA debut later this year.


BE Advanced Class: Nicolini's Shin-on-Shin Guard

The Shin-on-Shin sweep has become more and more common, but few people are teaching it right now. The BJJ Scout breaks down the cutting edge of sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Advanced Class: Jimmy Pedro Standing Grip Fighting


Grip fighting tips from a Judo world champion

UFC 172 Mini-Judo Chop: Jones' Shoulder Lock


Jon Jones busted out a very old school grappling technique on Glover Teixeira in the first round of their Championship fight and T.P. Grant takes a look at it.

Oliveira confesses to child rape charges


More details have emerged on the child rape charges facing Gracie Barra Yakima head instructor Cristiano Oliveira.

Gracie Barra instructor arrested for child rape


Cristiano Oliveira is being held in jail on charges that the Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu instructor raped a child.

BJJ World Pro Championship Results and Video


The BJJ World Pro event went down this weekend, and while the stream was a bit iffy, the action was amazing. Bloody Elbow brings you full results and many match videos to catch up on what happened...


World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championships Stream

Some of jiu jitsu's best are headed to Abu Dhabi for one of the bigger cash prize tournaments in competitive gi grappling, and you can find the live stream right here.

BJJ instructor charged with killing 1 year old


Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier, a Gracie Barra competitor and jiu-jitsu instructor, is facing charges in Brazil of abusing, killing, and possibly raping his 1 year old stepson.


Advanced Class: Knee Sliding out of 1/4 Guard

David Jacobs, black belt instructor of our own Patrick Tenney, shows the knee slide out pass against the quarter guard.

DVD Review: Rafael Lovato Jr's Guard Mastery


T.P. Grant takes a look at Rafael Lovato Jr's new guard DVD set

Bravo 'Royler threatened to sue over gi pants'


Eddie Bravo discussed the verbal altercation with Royce, the odd demands made about the gi pants that went so far as to involve legal counsel, where he thinks he'll compete next and whether he...


Advanced Class: Kurt Osiander's Lockdown Counter

Because let's be honest, we are going to need it for the next few weeks.

Royce on Bravo: 'Royler dominated him so much'


Royce Gracie confirms that he got into an argument with Eddie Bravo following Bravo's bout with Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3.

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