UFC 176: The Card that Could Have Been

We have recently heard that UFC 176 will not happen, due to an injury to José Aldo. Many people are pondering whether or not it will bolster later cards, some are saying the UFC is being punished for being a shallow card. I just want to say that even with out Aldo/Mendes, many finding comparisons with UFC 151, I think it had the potential to be a solid ppv worthy of our money.

This card could have had a substantial impact on several title pictures and many fights had great stories going into them. I have not done research on these fighters, this is just my impression on I see each fight when I look at the card. In a way this is my crappy Care don't Care (fan of the show Nate, good stuff) of the fight card that will not happen.

Alex Garcia - Matt Dwyer

Why I cared: I remember Alex Garcia, he was supposed to be a prospect to watch and I remember he made his debut with a vicious quick win over the odd quiet guy from the smashes. He has a newcomer again so we could have been in for a big ko to start the fight and perhaps a new knockout artist to break into the exciting landscape GSP left behind.

Solid chance for excitement in this fight and it will likely be on fightpass, so I can watch it from the toilet? Count me in.

Beneil Dariush - Tony Martin

Why I cared: Dariush was poised to be a possible star, hot prospect and he was poised (I used the word poise twice, thats how much I felt about this matchup) to become a star in the Abu Dhabi market. I hear they are rich but the lower working class may have issues.

A new star or a new flop? We could see either here, possibly on fight pass as well.

Tony Ferguson - Danny Castillo

Why I cared: I don't like Tony Ferguson, I saw him on TUF and he made sure that I was not a fan of his. I find Team Alpha Male charming little buggers and wanted to see if there was Bang residuals or what their striking may now become. Would Bang have cornered Castillo?

I'd hope this would have been on cable. both have UFC longevity and have exciting bouts.

Bobby Green - Abel Trujillo

Why I cared: I should not need to talk about this one, this fight will be fireworks.

This fight could create a top ten fighter, one far more dangerous and interesting than Miles Jury or Michael Johnson.

Lorenz Larkin - Derek Brunson

Why I cared: Fails to interest me, at this point I will likely make my way to the bar I could watch the ppv in. Sorry guys.

James Vick - Walmir Lazaro

Why I cared: Another Loyd Irvin post fight interview shout out? Usually my bar doesn't have the prelim's sound on, I don't think I will have to hear it at least.

Vick is an undefeated fighter and he will certainly grab eyes due to his unfortunate affiliation. I'd like to see Irvin fighters lose. I I don't know you Walmir, but I am sending my spirit energy.

Jussier Formiga - Zach Makovsky

Why I cared: This is a ppv worthy fight. A good one too. We will see a possible title contender emerge, particularly if Makovsky continues his ascent in the UFC. Makovsky provides a new challenge in Makosky and one I look forward to seeing.

Future contender? Possibly good enough to become the second Flyweight Champion? I wanted this to happen.

Bethe Correia - Shayna Baszler

Why I cared: One fighter wildly considered to be a great pioneer of WMMA, now saddled up with Ronda as part of the Four Horseman?

The other, systematically taking down these horsewomen, with her sights on Baszler, hoping to make more hand gestures of her countdown after the fight?

If Bethe wins, we have a new contender with promotional upside, making for a Ronda fight with a pro wrestling vibe. Maybe this will catch the public's attention?

Gray Maynard - Fabricio Camoes

Why I cared: I am surprised I spelled that without looking it up. I am probably missing a special character.

I just want to know want to know where Maynard is. Is he done?

Ronaldo Souza - Gegard Mousasi

Why I cared: If Belfort does not get the Weidman fight, this is a fight great for a replacement. The winner will likely earn a shot at the title and this could happen sooner rather than later. This fight also has history behind it and is another showing of the high quality Strikeforce fighters who have made the Middleweight division deeper than it has been in years.

This fight is also between two fighters most of us have a fun time watching.

I'm disappointed I wouldn't get to see Aldo - Mendes, but I still wish this card would happen sooner rather than later. Three title contenders could have emerged, for Women's Bantamweight, Flyweight and Middleweight This was still a great card, for me, and I think it was stronger than many give it credit for.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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