Lytoto Machida: A Bad Match-up for Weidman


Machida - His Karate style obviously confuses opponents. Any time he steps in the cage, he's likely to be the easy favorite in striking. This time it will be no different. His striking is on point.

Weidman - Heavy hands, but even his finest moment wasn't pretty. Watch the KO of Silva in slow motion. It's sloppy. He's just wildly throwing hands. That back fist attempt was hilarious...and desperate.


Machida - He always looked chubby as a LHW compared to his opponents. At 185, he is shredded and appears to be much, much faster. Munoz couldn't land a single strike on him. Mousasi looked like a slow amateur on route to an easy 50-45 decision loss.

Weidman - Slow. I don't know how else to describe him. Just "slow." Almost painfully slow on his feet. If Machida keeps this fight standing, it will be a long, frustrating night for Weidman, and he just gets picked apart. Did I mention he was "slow?"

Jiu Jitsu:

Machida - He has sometimes shown flashes of his BJJ during fights, but prefers to strike with his opponents. He showed his ground game against Rampage and Sokodjou (sic?), and it appeared to be tight, but what I saw during the Mousasi fight was just brilliant stuff. He's improved greatly.

Mousasi got the sweep at one point in the ground exchange, and that's where it got interesting. Mousasi could mount zero offense from the top, while Machida controlled him from the bottom and threatened with multiple submissions. Very nice.

Weidman - I haven't seen much from him. He went for an Ezekiel Choke against Silva in the second fight, but couldn't finish it. He's a brown belt under Matt Serra, I believe, so he's probably pretty good, but I still give Machida the advantage here.


Weidman - Obviously, he has the advantage here. He's got serious wrestling credentials. He may show up and turn the fight into a wrestling match, a la Clay Guida.

Machida - Unfortunately for Weidman, wrestlers have never been much trouble for Machida. His take down defense has been honed against big, strong wrestlers at 205. Even when Jon Jones finally got the fight to the mat, Machida didn't have much trouble getting back to the feet.

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