BECW9 FINALS: Bendo's glorious mane and PFP's glorious reign - PLUS BECWX NEWS

Well, fuck, I'm gonna look like a douchetaint if I lose now...

Hey, fuckos! Welcome to the live thread for the most epic fucking fantasy sports league to ever be this fucking epic, The motherfuckin' BECW, now finishing its ninth season of clusterfuckery and officially announcing plans for the tenth season, which brings us to...



This event (Bendo vs Khabilov) is the BECW9 Finale.

To give us more time to get ready the next two MMA PG events (three actual UFC events) will not be part of the BECW. The first event of the 10th season will be UFC 175/TUF 19 Finale.

Moving forward, events which are on Fight Pass only or are International TUF Finales will not be part of the BECW.. To keep everyone happy though, we are going to set up an individual tournament which will include every UFC event. So if you want to pick every event you can and if you don't want to you dont have to. Good compromise? Yes? No? Fuck you! It's what we're doing.

There are also a few decisions to make for the format of next season and we need your opinion (and yes, we will listening to the majority and making the changes accordingly).

Firstly the Keeper System. It's been fun, but a lot of people (captains especially) don't like it. At the end of last season we pretty much all wanted to scrap it but because it was too close to the start of the new season we decided against. So, would you like to keep it as it is - Captains can pick up to 5 players to keep for next season. Would you like to change it - Captains can keep up to 3 players. Scrap it - Only the winning team stays together, everyone else goes into the draft. Or scrap it entirely - Every team is scrapped at the end of each season and new teams are drafted.

Secondly, H2H, its been fun, but a lot of people don't like. So do you want to keep it - captains choose one player each event. The two players that are chosen go against each other and whoever scores more points get a 25 point bonus for their team. Do you want to alter it - Maybe the winning player earns 10 points instead? Or scrap it entirely - There is no H2H, no extra points.

Okay so what do I need to do??

If you want to take any part of the Civil War Season 10 you need to send an email to ourbovinepublic17 @ google mail . com (without the spaces obviously). Please use THIS EXACT FORMAT:

Subject: BECW10 (MMA PG Screen Name)


BE Screen Name:

Do you want to be included in the individual tournament to allow you to make picks for every event: Yes/No

Keeper system: Keep it/change it/scrap it/scrap it entirely

H2H: Keep it/change it (make suggestions)/ scrap it


Main card (FOX Sports 1 at 10 p.m. ET)
Benson Henderson (155.5) vs. Rustam Khabilov (156)
Diego Sanchez (155) vs. Ross Pearson (155.5)
John Moraga (126) vs. John Dodson (125)
Rafael dos Anjos (156) vs. Jason High (154.5)
Yves Edwards (155) vs. Piotr Hallmann (154)
Erik Perez (136) vs. Bryan Caraway (135)

Undercard (FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET)

Yaotzin Meza (136) vs. Sergio Pettis (135)
Lance Benoist (169) vs. Bobby Voelker (170.5)
Scott Jorgensen (125.5) vs. Danny Martinez (124.5)
Jon Tuck (154.5) vs. Jake Lindsey (153.5)

Undercard (UFC Fight Pass at 7:30 p.m. ET)

Patrick Cummins (204) vs. Roger Narvaez (204)

Not much to say here. Awesome main card, undercard looks downright sad. I honestly had no idea Jon Tuck was in the UFC still.

Let's all take a second to pour one out for the chins of Yves Edwards and Diego Sanchez, which I'm afraid may be passing from this mortal coil tonight.


#8 Post Madonnas (4-5) vs #3 50 Shades of Go Fuck Yourself Harder (7-2)

How the fuck did this happen? My 2-5 team is in the finals (OF FUCKING COURSE THERE'S A #8 SEED IN THE FINALS AGAIN) and even better, it's against the defending champs! This shit is fantastic. I love the BECW for stuff like this.


Post Madonnas:

  • PFP actually doesn't like Madonna.
  • Katie is adorable and you should be rooting for her because Katie is amazing and the best thing about BE.
  • Duck is actually a Duck in real life.
  • Spoiler alert: YOU are Darth Revan. Yes, you.
50 Shades of Go Fuck Yourself Harder
  • Manch1ld probably stole that name from his daughter's favorite book. OH, YOU SHOULD APPLY SOME WATER TO THAT BURN
  • Shawn91111 is actually a shortened nickname we gave him. His real username is Shawn111111111111111111111111111111111111 THAT'S NINE 1111'S, BITCH. I COUNTED THAT SHIT.
  • Mr. Brutality is still banned from BE. Hell, even I managed to get unbanned.
  • Soilworker is known for having sexual relations with suggestively shaped piles of mulch. Oh, yes. He worked that soil.

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