MMA on Instagram: Vacations, Selfies and Jones vs. Gustafsson

Anton Tabuena

Welcome to another week in MMA on Instagram! MMA stalker Katie Winter has collected the best pics that UFC and other MMA fighters and personalities were sharing this week, and they're all right here for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome to another week of MMA on Instagram! There are sleepy kids, travel pics, bow hunting, the Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson fight announcement, and lots of Jackson's fighters all fired up for Fight Night in Albuquerque. Follow me on Instagram and enjoy the fights this weekend!

Trolly McTrollerson (in a good way): "#Champion2014 #AndStill #businessbeforepleasure"

Daniel Cormier appreciated the Jones vs. Gustafsson 2 fight announcement: "Just got word Jones is fighting Gustafson again in September. So I will enjoy this brownie, spend some time with my family and get my knee fixed. It'll all work out. We will be the champion. Maybe take my two beautiful babies to Disneyland or something. Thanks for all the support guys. I love you all. #dcchamp2015 #kingofthegrind"

Alexander Gustafsson on vacation in Greece: "Greece!"

Still on vacation in Greece: "On vacation! No phones we said lol @manomanagement"

Ali Bagautinov hits mitts in Albuquerque: "#ufc #ufc174 #ali #alibagautinov #bagautinov #puncher #puncherking #king #krepost #sambo #sambo70 #combatsambo #mma #fightnights #bupas #bupascoach #mitts 31.05.2014 в зале для кросс фита "элевэйт", работа на лапах после хорошего кросс фита вместе с с тренером @bupascoach подготовка к UFC 174 продолжается )"

Ali Bagautinov with Andrei Arlovski: "#ufc #ufc174 #ali #alibagautinov #bagautinov #puncher #puncherking #king #krepost #sambo #sambo70 #combatsambo #mma #fightnights #pitbul #andreiarlovski 2.06.2014 зал @jacksonsmma со своим Спаринг партнером @andreiarlovski )"

Alistair Overeem and Leonard Garcia at Jackson's MMA: "Good having @thereem at the gym @jacksonsmma"

Andrei Arlovski selfie: "After morning sparing"

Beneil Dariush models his custom t-shirts: "I still have tanks available in teal and grey email me at if you would like to make a purchase."

Brendan Schaub with Michael Bisping: "1 1/2 Brits..great sparring today with my partner in crime @MikeBisping"

Brian Rogers tried on a new sport coat. I like it.: "If you dont have fashion sense then ignore this IG...Ok so I'm in the air on this linen Sear Sucker sport coat. The linen sear sucker is dope for #summer , I like button stitching on coats but they are rainbows I realized . CAN I PULL THIS OFF OR NAH ? Too much yes or no ? #menswear #fashion #summer @kingkoopa_pham27 @tonythetigercbus @thegentlemanbentley"

Carlos Condit practiced bow hunting: "Out having some fun with my @mathewsbowsinc bow #keephammering #BowHunting #NewMexico #Sunshine"

Chad Mendes gets hit in the stomach: "#tummysticks @jbmma155"

Chad Mendes out on the boat: "In between practices with @chadmendes gettin this boat ready for @tjdillashaw's party this weekend at @sir_studboy's house"

Cole Miller with Robbie Lawler in the office: "Learning from the Ruthless one. Send him fan mail to 4631 gimmick street. @americantopteam"

Court McGee's wrist is improving: "Downsized my cast doc says everything is looking great next we remove hardware after this cast is off #onthemend #ufc #fightweek"

Cris Cyborg got a new tattoo: "Thank you @danniebaisa I loved my new tattoo! #criscyborg #tattoo #fresh #great #danniebaisa #chulavista #sandiego"

Cub Swanson gets ready to work out: "Some coffee & some loud music. I'm ready to work! photo by @_desertsun"

Dan Hardy showing off his yoga moves: "Yoga. Back bends are important for all fighters. Keeping your chin tucked will cause forward head posture over time. #CamelTime #SpineTherapy"

Danny Castillo got promoted: "Big day for me! Coach @duanebangcom promoted me to purple belt and I haven't had a drop of alcohol in 2 years."

Daron Cruickshank is shooting: "Zombie outbreak response training in action. Sponsored by @vertx and coached by @rickbirdsall , honorable mention for @malkman22 for being my gun caddy"

Derek Brunson after a workout: "That Free Feeling After An Intense Training Session #MMA #Boxing #UFC #fitness #teamnodaysoff"

Duane Ludwig at 10th Planet with T.J. Dillashaw, Eddie Bravo and Alberto Crane: "@tjdillashaw @albertocrane @eddiebravo"

Duane Ludwig, T.J. Dillashaw and Joe Rogan: "On the @joeroganexperience podcast with @tjdillashaw"

Erick Silva models some scenery: "As vezes temos que esvaziar nossa mente. Essa tarefa não é nada fácil. Temos pensamentos que não nos levam a lugar algum e que ocupam o espaço de novas idéias. Esvaziar a mente e preencher com novas idéias não significa alterar os objetivos, mas sim a forma de pensar. Descobrir como otimizar o que já se faz e tornar-se ainda melhor no o que você você se propõe a fazer. Tornar-se quem você escolheu ser."

Fabricio Camoes with Anderson Silva: "With the best fighter in the world @spiderandersonsilva .. 17 years ago I fought this guy and he became a huge inspiration for me and a great friend .. Probably I saw all his matches and I have no doubt that he is the best in the world .. Thank you for all your wisdom and friendship ... #bestofthebest #halloffame #badass #andersonspidersilva #muchrespect"

Georges St-Pierre in Monaco: "Je marchais dans la rue pour aller à la plage à Monaco avec mon mentor Christophe Midoux et les policiers nos ont arrêté pour avoir un souvenir."

GSP enjoying the beach: "Taking advantage of the beautiful beach and sun"

Here's Khabib Nurmagomedov: "С Абдиком на пробежке)"

Jamie Varner relaxed in the pool: "Same start tattoos as @v_e_s_s_e_r lol we both got them 10 years ago when they were cool lol! If they were ever cool haha ha"

Jessica Penne went paddle boarding: "Fun day in #newportbeach paddle boarding with the girls @catherinefp @patifontes #bjjgirl"

John Dodson is ready for his fight on Saturday: "Are U Ready? #fightweek #UFCFIGHTNIGHT @autoshopper @trainingmask @fearthefighter @hayabusafight @monsterproducts #trainlikeamonster"

John Howard does difficult things: "Getting ready"

Jonathan Gooden and Dan Hardy announcing the UFC Berlin event: "Our French commentator friends have us some cool UFC Fight Night glasses"

Jose Aldo for Halls: "@HallsBrasil me desafiou e eu encarei o Power Test. Foi mais um nocaute para a minha lista de vitórias. Agora é sua vez! #vaiencarar? #aldokicks #aldofaces "I'm the greatest""

Joseph Benavidez is pulling for the Spurs: "Game 1 NBA Finals tonight!!! #GoSpurs #DriveFor5 #TheAdmiral #NoPantsNation"

Josh Barnett was Overhaulin: "Working on the set of #Overhaulin today & got to see my man Richard from @Magnaflow. We line the cars that go VROOM."

Josh Thomson's backyard. The game didn't quite work out for him.: "Little pool time before the big game 7 tonight. LET'S GO #BLACKHAWKS #NHL #JonathanToews #AndrewShaw #PatrickKane"

Julianna Pena with Matt Hughes: "@matthughes9x and I are gonna be at Grand Casino in Shawnee Oklahoma tomorrow night for some live mma fights and autographed pictures! Come hang out w us!"

Julie Kedzie sexy selfie: "Starting to see why selfies are addictive. Good morning! #sexmachine #phonesmashfaceseries"

Julie Kedzie, Greg Jackson and Joe Warren: "Oh snap! Look at THIS crazy ass that stopped by @jacksonsmma today! @joewarrenmma"

Khabib Nurmagomedov's village!: "My village in the mountains of Dagestan Right now you understand why I'm The Eagle?"

Kyle Kingsbury in Alaska: "Chillin in the woods on the Mosquito Cove trail Sitka, AK. Repping my #PowerMMA shirt #grounding"

Leslie Smith with her water in a jar: "Water in a mason jar - recycling, no aluminum or BPAs and best of all everyone thinks you're carrying moonshine"

Luke Barnatt in the Berlin Dungeons: "Living every man's fantasy here at Berlin Dungeons! #OffWithHerHead"

Luke Rockhold relaxed in Ibiza: "We have arrived in Ibiza. Base tan, pool side, apple juice. Perfect start in our @tavik boardies"

Lyoto Machida is smiley after training: "O treino continua, foco total! @gtnutritionusabrasil Can't stop training, focus! @gtnutritionusa #parceiros #partners #training #focus"

Lyoto Machida with his brother, Chinzo Machida: "Chinzô Machida, irmão de Lyoto, sobe novamente no octógono do Ressurrection Fight Alliance 15 (RFA) na sexta-feira, 6. A luta é pela categoria até 66 kg e será contra Dmitry Gerasimov, em Los Angeles, EUA. Vamos todos juntos nessa torcida! @chinzomachida faces Dmitry Gerasimov in RFA 15 on Friday, in Los Angeles. Let's cheer together! #PressLyoto"

Marlon Sandro with Jose Aldo: "Ae galera fiquem ligados na BEAT 98 FM , agora as 20:h com meu irmão @josealdojunioroficial não percam !!!"

Melvin Guillard at CrossFit: "Bocas cross fit baby mad strength right now. 1 mouth out for fight night!!!!"

Natasha Wicks and Kyle Kingsbury in Alaska: "Lovin our "everything happens for a reason" mugs Roth @poisesouthbay It's a joy seeing you and Sinatra boys mugs everyday #humpday"

Nick Newell's artwork: "My name is Nick & I like to do drawerings #ArtByNewell"

Pascal Krauss had a fun time in Berlin: "Had a great time in #Berlin @ufc @PeterSobotta @GeorgeStPierrre @animusofficial @christianeckerlin @franciscarmont"

Rafael dos Anjos is ready for his fight: "One more training done.I'm thirst of victory. Mais um treino pra conta, to com sede de vitória #jesusfirst #jesus #mma #ufcfightnight #ufc #gordojj #calvarychapel #kingsmma #godosanjos"

Ramsey Nijem went bow hunting: "Trying out different bows & @hoytbowhunting was my favorite. Now time 2 hunt w/ my teammates @therealjustintuck91 @tareqazim #bowhunting #archery"

Renato Sobral in Moscow:

Ronda Rousey watches WWE Raw: "Reaction video of @rondarousey watching @WWERollins turn on #theShield on #RAW"

Rustam Khabilov has this knife: "Сегодня получил посылку от брата @ozzymma это братский подарок. Спасибо брат!"

Rustam Khabilov with Greg Jackson: "FIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTT WEEK!!! #teamjacksonwink #teamdagestan @ufc @jacksonsmma @rustam_khabilov"

Sergio Pettis, Duke Roufus and Daniel Wanderley Hot Tub Party: "Hot tub after work out."

T.J. Dillashaw with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta: "Good to be the champ!!"

Tony Ferguson with his new car: "My new Pet #2013 #Dodge #ChallengerRT #5.7LHemi #ElCucuy #Cajones #TonyFergusonMMA #GoinDiamond Time to do work!!! @ufc #UFC #HardworkBaby! @xtfergie"

Tyrone Spong enjoyed the outdoors in Suriname: "Back to basics! Enjoying the beautiful nature of Suriname with the president. I'm a nature person and animal lover, i truly love animals and the nature more than people, cause the are pure and straight! maybe it's because I'm a "beast" myself lol. And tge jungle is where my roots are. All the luxury in the world can't compete with this, cause in the end when you really break it down, that's what it comes down to the basics! Tell me can u survive when all the luxury glitter and glamour gets taken away from you?? And basics is all you have? Think about it!! In the end that's all you have! #Survivalofthefittest #suriname #Tyrone #king #Spong #respect #love #mama #sranang #nature #champion #grandchamp #genetics"

Kenny Florian and Isaac Vallie-Flagg picked up some salsa in ABQ: "Here with @ikevf & Co. at #ElPinto in #Alburquerque & I got me some hot #ElPinto salsa!"

Mark Hunt Videos!


"The factory"

Pet Pics!

Julie Kedzie's dog, Bailey, snoozed with John Dodson: "#dailybailey the celebrity edition. @johndodsonmma is the one who introduced us! She is pulling for you this weekend, Johnny! @ufc"

Here's Bailey with Diego Sanchez: "#dailybailey2 Celebrity edition-giving good luck kisses to @DiegoSanchezUFC @ufc"

Here's Bailey with Donald Cerrone: "#dailybailey Celebrity edition-gazing adoringly at @cowboycerrone who seems to always have beef jerky treats"

Here's Bailey with Erik Perez: "#dailybailey3 Celebrity edition-MEXICAN KISSES!! @goyito_perez @UFC"

Cris Cyborg with Fedor: "Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. -Isa 40:31 Aqueles que esperam no Senhor renovam as suas forças. Subirão com asas como águias. -Isa 40:31 #goodmorning #criscyborg #godblessyourday #partiu #run #califa"

Donald Cerrone got a new puppy for his lady friend: "And @lssheffield thought i forgot about here Bday? Great Dane lil boy"

Ilir Latifi's dog:

Jason Miller's dog: "Gator, just doin his thang."

Jessica Penne's dog: "Play with me!!! I love my handsome boy #ludomonster #dontbullymybreed #pba_vf"

Jimi Manuwa's dog: "Chillin in the sun @dade_dobermann"

Jonathan Gooden's dog dances for food: "@clara__louisa here is Rupert's dinner dance. His breakfast one is insane, but you get the idea! #dog #mansbestfriend #puppylove #dachshund #sausagedog #daxie #doxie"

Kyle Noke met a new pup: "@kylenoke met a pretty lady at the lake this weekend !!"

Julie Kedzie's cat: "KITTY"

Nick Newell's cat: "Instagram was created by cats for cats"

Cory Braiterman's new cat: "Meet the newest addition to the house, Winnie. As in Cooper, not pooh."

Nik Lentz with his dog:

Nik Lentz's pet rabbit: "Sanpaa"

Sarah Kaufman's dog: "Someone has a grumbling tummy...#brusselsgriffon"

Family Pics!

Alan Belcher's son enjoying their awesome backyard: "I love my back yard! #blessed @showtimepettis @dukeroufus come visit"

Chris Weidman and his sleepy daughter: "She is out! #eyesopen"

Elias Silverio at his nephew's birthday party: "Próximo combate! Niver do meu sobrinho lindo."

Frankie Edgar and his new daughter: "I'm in love all over again."

Frankie Edgar's wife and new baby girl!: "Welcome to the world my little baby girl!! Your Mommy is one tough cookie. @reneeedgar"

Gray Maynard's daughter dances in the car: "Turn down for what"

Ian McCall's daughter with Goofy: "Trying my best to teach my daughter to never take life to serious ... Love of my life"

Jeff Curran and his son in matching shades: "Great day for double header soccer game. Jakey gonna sleep like a baby. wait, he never slept when he was a baby. lol"

Lil Duane Ludwig: "#InstaSize @lilduanebang wants me to text him. Haha he is AWESOME!"

Mark Munoz with his daughter: "Somebody missed her daddy! #thisiswhatitsallabout"

Martin Kampmann's sons: "Gettin to know the Kampmann boys Xander & Thor. Crack up. #toeheads"

Max Holloway's son is crashed out: "Look who's KO lol @rxsh @coconut_bombz @yancymedeiros @tacticalstrength"

Mike Swick's daughter checks him out in UFC Magazine: "Wifey just sent me this photo. I guess baby Swick is letting everyone know that the @AKAThailand feature is now on newsstands. ;) June/July UFC - The Official Magazine @UFCMag #AKAThailand #UFC #UFCMagazine"

Rashad Evans had lunch with his son at school: "I had the best lunch today with "The Real Rashad Evans"(as he once put it when he was 3yrs old). Being able to walk in his classroom and see his face light up made me unbelievably happy! I violated a few traffic laws to be there on time but I made it! Lol #diningwithdad"

Sarah Kaufman playing guitar with her nephew: "Just jammin' at the gym with my little nephew @natalie_mb"

Food Pics!

Chad Mendes's grilled venison: "Grillin up some venison filet #booyah"

Chris Beal's chicken and waffles: "What you know about chicken & waffles @ Anacapa brewing bomb "

Cris Cyborg with an acai bowl: "#acaibowl #criscyborg #champion #ideanutrition #thankyou #support #chuteboxe #academiatherock #larissareis @larissareis007"

Darren Uyenoyama's beer choices: "I only stick to the classics! @bearsyr #shoyoroll"

Glover Teixeira's sushi: "Comendo 1 sushizinho hoje"

Jamie Varner's burger: "So I kept hearing all this commotion about #rehabburgertherapy in #scottsdale so I finally went In to try it out and this is what the waiter recommended. #peanutbutterandjellyhamburger it's was absolutely amazing! I love not dieting! #impactmmaaz #impactleader #independenceaz #independencegym"

Jason Miller's summer sustenance: "All loaded up and prepped for summer..."

Jimi Manuwa's meal: "Chicken and fish mix with sweet potato mash. @steakout"

Jon Jones's fancy cheesesteak: "#Phillycheesesteaks at #thebazaar amazing"

Jonathan Gooden's veggie meal: "Post training #refuel #vegan stylee . Loved the raw sweet potato and squash mash #whatveganseat #vegansofig #food #foodporn #wholefoods #rawfood #health #nutrition"

Another great veggie meal from Jonathan Gooden: "Power lunch of aduki beans, kale, tomatoes, quinoa #vegan #vegansofig #whatveganseat #fighterfuel #recipe #recovery #food #foodporn #lunch"

Matt Roth had a lovely salad: "Trying to prove that you can in fact win friends with salad"

Mike Dolce is sending this to B.J. Penn: "Sending 50 LBS of wild, line-caught, Alaskan salmon to @bjpenn @bjpenndotcom in Hilo, Hawaii to make sure #TheProdigy is fully fueled with #DolceDiet #DolceApproved nutrition! Might sound like a lot but half is for me!!! I head there this weekend! ;) #livinglean #livingleancookbook #ufcfit #ufcgym"

Rafael Cavalcante's sweet potatoes and coffee: "Pré treino de hoje, batata doce com café nespresso #foco #gohardorgohome #teamnogueira #traininghard #tamojunto #familia #neverquit #dieta #ufc"

Steph Daniels taunted me with cheesecake: "Cheesecake Factory #foodstagram"

Cory Braiterman's home-cooked meal: "My version of shakshuka, a Mideast dish of eggs poached in tomato sauce. Mine was chicken, onion, garlic, radishes, roasted red pepper SMS a generous amount of red pepper flakes. Served on top of red rice, quinoa and beans."

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