UFC: Jim Miller's extended Cooking With Fighters segment

Image courtesy of Anton Tabuena

UFC lightweight contender, Jim Miller is a jack of all trades, picture proof included. He also gives some appetizing recipes for pit beef sandwiches with all the trimmings.

I started to make this piece just a standard, weekly "Cooking With Fighters" segment, but it's more than that. Jim Miller is a very rare breed of human. He's an avid grill master, but also cooks quite well from a stovetop. He bakes too...little cupcakes and things. Because that's what Top 10 mixed martial artists do. He makes cobblers, and breads and cookies and cakes. He calls himself a redneck chef, I call him awesome.

Now, you might be asking yourself what makes Jim Miller so awesome, so I'm going to make a little list, complete with photos of all the stuff he does, and with an amazing amount of proficiency, I might add. Some things you'll recognize from his first "Cooking With Fighters" segment.

  • Makes his own BBQ smoker/pit
  • Harvests meat from wild game he's hunted
  • Makes store quality sausages/brats/hotdogs
  • Makes his own beer
  • Cooks and BBQ's
  • Makes his own wine
  • Gardens his own vegetables and herbs
  • Is an accomplished carpenter
  • Is a budding blacksmith
  • Dances like a graceful Native American, calling forth the rains for the crops


Description of each picture by number:

  1. Handmade knife block
  2. Pit beef roasts (1)
  3. Pit beef roasts (2)
  4. Handmade Crib
  5. Housemade wines
  6. Blacksmithing tools
  7. Commercial grade sausage stuffing machine
  8. Chicken quarters
  9. Pit beef roasts (3)
  10. Miller's loaded serving trays
  11. Plate o'wonderful
  12. Handmade changing table/hutch
  13. Raised bed gardening
  14. Handcarved spoon

Now on to the recipe portion. This time, the meal is to celebrate a child's birthday, so there was plenty of food, on this day pit beef sandwiches with chicken quarters, homemade cheese and macaroni, baked beans and corn muffins.

Pit Beef Sandwiches

So yeah, it was my daughter's 4th birthday, so I couldn't just order pizza or something like that. I had to make a big thing of the day for her. I did some Baltimore style pit beef sandwiches. It's basically a sandwich of lean, smoked roast beef. Just about any of the roast beef cuts will work; I used a top round and an eye of round. Used a dry rub of salt, pepper, garlic and thyme and smoked that until the internal temp was 105-125 degrees. Slice that real thin and put layers of it on a Kaiser roll with raw onion and my homemade tiger sauce, which is just horseradish and mayonnaise mixed together.

White BBQ Sauce

The white BBQ sauce is an Alabama sauce. There's a guy, I think his name is Bob Gibson, it's based off his BBQ sauce. I love horseradish, so when I make sauces and marinades, it's always in there, so when I saw this recipe, I had to give it a shot. It's mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, apple juice, prepared horseradish, garlic powder, coarse black pepper, mustard powder, salt and cayenne pepper. It's not a thick sauce, it's more like a mop sauce that you dunk your meat or chicken in.

Cheese & Macaroni

My macaroni and cheese is pretty ridiculous stuff. I use 8 ounces of pasta, 8 ounces of sour cream, 8 ounces of Velveeta, ¼ cup of parmesan cheese, and 8 ounces of shredded cheddar. [Laughs] It's basically a little bit of macaroni with some cheese. It's like the olive in the martini.

Baked Bean Remix

I use canned baked beans, but I do spice ‘em up with some chili powder, brown sugar and bourbon. I wish I had hobo'd it by just popping the top and throwing the whole can on the grill.


Unfortunately, the homebrew pipeline has run dry because I've been busy with other stuff. There was a decent amount of homemade apple wine for the adults, though.

When I asked Jim what he couldn't do, he gave me a one word answer; sing. I think we may need to get a little impromptu karaoke going at some point during an interview and put him to the test. Until then, I'll just keep going to the Miller well for more recipes.

You can follow Jim via his Twitter account, @JimMiller_155

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