How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Rory Mac beefs with everyone, Renzo Gracie's son gets in a fight

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"Got to love those 'random' security checks at the airport. I'm so lucky I get 'randomly' selected every time. "  -Dan Hardy, it must be the mohawk. Maybe try covering it with a turban, see if it helps.

" Congrats on the win bro and thanks to u n ur wife for being nice enough to console the Asian girl seated next to you.luv her"  -Mark Eddiva

"The biggest trilogy in the history of MMA is upon us!!!July 5th, BurkmanvsFitch! Okay, maybe not... But it will be a good one. #WSOF11 #MMA"  -Josh Burkman, at least he's honest.

"Boss...@danawhite me and TJ had a very close fight in which I won and he thought he did...pls let's make this rematch for my shot at title?!"  -Raphael Assuncao

"@EdSoares saw your recent interview. I would, in the most respectful way,love to welcome @SpiderAnderson back to the octagon,when he's ready"  -Michael Bisping, I'd rather see Silva vs. Nick Diaz

"Germany's canvas got sent to Brazil. #someonefuckedupBIG"  -Dana White, when asked why the mat didn't have ads.



"What contract? "@TheLareBear: @JonnyBones hey bones, you sign that contract yet?""  -Jon Jones



"@WarMachine170 so u say you do alpha male shit, since when do alpha males cry in another mans arms inside a cage after a fight. smh"  -Rory MacDonald

"@rory_macdonald whenever the fuck they want to; that's when."  -War Machine

" intresting concept"  -Rory MacDonald

" how's it interesting that an Alpha Male does whatever the fuck he wants?"  -War Machine

" the crying in another mans arms seems contradictory to the term is why"  -Rory MacDonald



"Only been hit 6 times in my last 4 fights comined. Hard to get competition when you are the best in the world!"  -Ben Askren, shortly after winning his ONE FC debut

"Clearly got hit enough to forget how to spell combined you clown."  -Mike Ricci, decides to act as the spelling police, on twitter of all places.

" You are a bum and can't fight worth a damn. Id play with you like a rag doll."  -Ben Askren

" behave yourself. If I ever decide to fight the most boring man in MMA I'll give you a call"  -Mike Ricci

" Id beat you and your BF Rory back to back no problem. Stop wasting my time you bum."  -Ben Askren

" I'll make sure to watch your next fight if I need help falling asleep. Calling me a bum? make 55 watch the beating I put on you"  -Mike Ricci

"@MikeyRicci no creativity, you suck at fighting and will only fight me at 155. You such a bum, can't believe I'm wasting time responding."  -Ben Askren, careful ben, he might call the grammar police this time.

" I'll scrap it out with you at 70.. Either way this fight won't happen so I'm done wasting my time as well."  -Mike Ricci

" watched one of bens fights 2day, was very impressed with his technical ability its a shame he has no respect"  -Rory MacDonald



"I know.... Again... John Legend... He deserves that name... Struggle was a must for such a Star to exist. We salute U"  -Renzo Gracie, tweeting during a concert, unaware that his son is in a fight at the same moment.

"Genetics is the shit.. ;-) how many of your friends jump in it?? One.. I reply.. So you know you have only one friend"  -Renzo Gracie

"He says. Yes.. I know.. I look at him and say.. Fuck John Legend I wish I was here with U.. Son.. U would see a fight.. One hell of a fight"  -Renzo Gracie

"He laughs... Dad wouldn't be fair.. Let me learn to walk... Before I can run..."  -Renzo Gracie

"My love only grows... Go son.. go have ur fun Go learn how 2 walk One day we will sprint next to each other And we will have a family moment"  -Renzo Gracie







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