Myles Jury offers his take on UFC pay and ‘being an entrepreneur’


UFC Lightweight Myles Jury took to Facebook to offer his opinion on fighter pay in the UFC, as well as how a competitor should go about “being an entrepreneur.”

After having his request to fight Nate Diaz indirectly shot down by the Stockton native, Myles Jury is back on social media, this time to offer fighters his advice on to handles issues with fighter pay and "entrepreneurship."

The surging lightweight competitor took to Facebook to offer a detailed explanation on how he believes fighters should handle their pay woes. Much of his argument is reminiscent of UFC President Dana White's numerous rants about fighter pay.

Read the entire post below:

My take on UFC fighter pay, being an entrepreneur and fighters complaining about money (NATE DIAZ).......
Nate Diaz and I both came from TUF. When you come from Ultimate Fighter, you learn a lot more to have a better and longer career. Once in the UFC, you prove yourself, win fights, make the fans happy, be a good person and everything follows ($).

Ultimate Fighter puts you on a three year contract with the numbers not being as good as one might think, but if you show your worth and do good, you'll get the numbers you want. Behind the scenes money never gets released to the public but they do take care of those doing good (Nate Diaz shows publicly 1.2 million and that's not even all the bonuses).

All he needs to do is fight and he will make 6 figure FOR SURE. I am probably looked at as his easiest fight. If he beats me, it's an easy pay day and he will probably cut in line for title (more money).
You don't fight, everyone WILL forget about you and your career will be over. This sport moves too fast. If anyone thinks the sport hinges on one person, you're crazy, someone just takes your spot. Too many hungry people looking to earn their way to the top like myself.

You have a problem about the way you're treated or the money you're making? SIMPLE- Call the source and explain. Then fight, win and earn what you want. It's the same concept as any job. It's more of a sales job, because you show good results, you get a lot of incentives.

When you make little money like me or a lot of money like Nate, what you do with your money is all on you. If you don't have much, it's nobodies fault but your own.

At the same time, this is the greatest sport in the world because anything can happen. Because anything can happen, you need to be smart with your money and focus a lot of your free time on investing and having a backup plan.

I've never had much money until I got in the UFC, so I know what that feels like and do everything in my power to not go back to that. I cherish every dollar I get and try to grow it, not stop it. Also, I figured out what I am good at and my passions, mixed those to start businesses to increase my income, which again, I invest it all so the money is making money. That is my entrepreneur side, which continues a lot further, but you get the point.

Long story short, I'll end with a couple points.....
#1- You want something, do a good job and EARN IT.
#2- Don't piss in the hand that feeds you.
#3- You signed the contract, you honor it. Your job is to fight, so you FIGHT!
#4- Bully tactics never work. It just sets you up for bad karma.
#5- You were offered the fight a week ago. Accept or Deny it by July 6th or I am moving on far away from your negativity.

Everything above was meant with nothing but respect, based on business truth. I just needed to get it out there, which I feel should make sense to anyone with a job they committed to.

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