Cotto vs Martinez boxing preview, live streaming results, discussion, live fight online coverage June 7 PPV

Miguel Cotto vs Delvin Rodriguez, 2013 - Mike Ehrmann

Get a preview, results, and full fight coverage here for Sergio Martinez vs. Miguel Cotto. HBO Boxing Cotto vs. Martinez is live on HBO PPV this Saturday, June 7. Bloody Elbow has full fight coverage right here.

Saturday June 7, Bloody Elbow presents live fight coverage of Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez. The HBO Boxing Cotto vs. Martinez PPV airs live on HBO PPV this Saturday, June 7. The show has a fight time of 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT. Bloody Elbow will have live fight coverage, including results and discussion, right here.

As this weekend's PPV draws closer, the excitement level for this fight is rising. Cotto vs. Martinez is a fantastic fight with so much on the line for both men. For Miguel Cotto, it's a chance to win once again in his unofficial home arena of Madison Square Garden. It will also make him the first Puerto Rican fighter ever to win world titles in four weight classes, and will arguably be the greatest win of his career. For Martinez, it's a chance to show that there is still fight left in this 39 year old world champion, and that he deserves to still be a major player in boxing. It's also a very close fight, where Martinez is the favorite, but where a Cotto win is a very real possibility. This is going to be a great fight.

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While this is a fantastic fight in the main event slot, HBO has still not begun presenting stacked PPV cards like their rivals at Showtime. These are not bad undercard fights, but if you only tuned in to the main event, I would not blame you.

Join us here at Bloody Elbow for Cotto vs. Martinez results, discussion, and live fight coverage this Saturday, June 7.


Miguel Cotto (38-4; 31 KOs) vs. Sergio Martinez (51-2-2; 28 KOs) - Middleweight (160 lbs.)

Wilfredo Vasquez (23-3-1; 19 KOs) vs. Marvin Sonsona (18-1-1; 15 KOs) - Featherweight (126 lbs.)

Jorge Melendez (28-3-1; 26 KOs) vs. Javier Maciel (28-3; 20 KOs) - Light Middleweight (154 lbs.)

Andy Lee (32-2; 22 KOs) vs. John Jackson (18-1; 15 KOs) - Light Middleweight (154 lbs.)

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