Marc Ratner & Dave Sholler talk Chael Sonnen drug test failure

Following the news that Chael Sonnen had failed yet another drug test, this time for HGH and EPO, UFC executives Mark Ratner and Dave Sholler gave their thoughts.

After the UFC's San Antonio Card, executives Dave Sholler and Marc Ratner were on hand to field some questions about Chael Sonnen, his failed test, and what the UFC was planning to do about it. Clear answers weren't prevalent, it sounds mostly like the UFC is just about running with a skeleton crew at the moment as they put on two events at essentially the same time and prepare for a huge PPV card next week. Sonnen, failed test or no, seemed to be something of an afterthought. However, was able to get in a few questions about the now retired title challenger and how the UFC feels about his failing a test for HGH and EPO. Most surprisingly, it appears that nobody that either men knew of with the UFC, has yet to speak with Sonnen.

Here's what Dave Sholler had to say about Sonnen:

We haven't had any direct communication with Chael from the arena tonight. So, we saw the SBNation report that came down and just regrouped, Mark and I and a couple of the execs back in Vegas and kinda figure out how we're gonna handle that situation.

He did say, however that the test was important, even though Sonnen had retired and it was something that the UFC and commissions should take seriously.

It certainly makes a difference to the commission. Yeah, it's a second failed test, so it's certainly a serious situation, yeah.

I understand what you're saying, but I think the issue here is the fact that he was trying to compete during the time in which he was tested. So, I think that's the issue and I think that's why the commission will take it seriously. And Chael could certainly un-retire if he felt like it. So, you gotta make sure that your bases are covered there.

Ratner reiterated that no one he was aware of had spoken to Chael, and that he hadn't seen Dana in over a week. He also suggested that the UFC would probably wait for the commission to make a decision regarding Sonnen before they did anything in house. He did have some interesting statements regarding the UFC's current drug testing standards, however

What concerns me is everything, all fighters. I think we're going to do more testing, we want to clean up the sport.
I think that all these kind of positive drug tests, really, it's gotta scare all these fighters. They've gotta learn to make the sport clean. And that's our goal, is to have a level playing field. That's certainly my goal.

Despite being strong in his support to "do more testing," Ratner seemed a little unsure of what exactly the current testing standards were for the UFC. First making the claim that "it's the same tests they've been running," but that he was unsure if tests for EPO and HGH were new additions. He also added that he was unsure what tests the UFC had done when they acted as their own commission.

When we self regulate, we send everything to... I think it's in there, yeah I don't know for a fact. This is the first EPO or HGH that I've heard about.

Either way, for someone singing the gospel of improved testing and "cleaning up the sport" it's not a good look for him to not know exactly what tests are already in place. UFC fighters failing drug tests while in competition is a definite black mark for the organization, even if they're taking the appropriate disciplinary actions in the wake of those failed tests. However, the pressure of an increased schedule means that there appears to be less time and manpower than ever to deal with crisis such as this when they emerge.

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