BECW 10: The Draft

Hello. Its drafting time. Here are your 12 captains:

benten20 benten20
The-Smoking-Bong Joe Rogan's Smoking Bong
RonSwanson Christian Diaz
KJ_ZametovStPierre Kevin Jennison J. Zametov-St Pierre
KMcCaig SlimDigg
murderfly murderfly
PunisherBass PunisherBass
Manch1ld Manch1ld
sMendo7 Sugel Mendoza
inadvertentgroinstrike Paulo Filho’s Psychiatrist
SonnensLifeCoach Sonnens Political Adviser

Here is the list of players that are available to be drafted:

aaronb aaronb
alxn alxn
Andy_Davis Andy Davis
Archelon Archelon
bodytriangle Body Triangle
bcpjkell bcpjkell
brkrny Gator rolled
brutalbobbyt brutalbobbyt
Call_Me_Shark Call Me Shark
Careful-Icarus Careful Icarus
chairmaker chairmaker
clay_davis Clay Davis
clayguidashair clayguidashair
Community_is_Awesome Russell Davies
DarthRevan DarthRevan
detroitdrew detroitdrew1980
dirtyml dirtyml
Discoandherpes Discoandherpes
DreamingOfFighting DreamingOfFighting
duck duck
dutchbaby dutchbaby
Ebinch Ebinch
euthanatos euthanatos
Fedorable Fedorable
fightinghistorian Patrick Wyman
FlashyG FlashyG
forkboy forkboy
FraserCoffeen Fraser Coffeen
Gefop Gefop
grizzlyatoms grizzlyatoms
Horselover_Fat Horselover Fat
huggybear huggy bear
ivanillich Jake Hopkins
jafotinatos jafotinatos
jason18 jason18
Jeffigatame Jeffigatame
Jeremy_Couturier Jeremy Couturier
Josh Hall JoshHall
KatGirl Katie Winter
Knowlege Knowlege
lanky6 lanky6
LeMieux Le_Mieux
Marcus27 Marcu$
memitim memitim
mlzybaby mlzybaby
MMAStation MMAStation
Montefisto Dave Strummer
Morior23 Colonel Duke Lacross
MostDiabolicalHater Earl Montclair
MrMazz MaZZacare
Negadelphia It's Always Raining In Negadelphia
Niftu_Cal Niftu Cal
Nuclearsun NuclearSun
OurBovinePublic Our Bovine Public
PatTzu Pat Tzu
phenyl_engine_rods phenylenginerods
polyh3dron Rob Young
Pookie Pooki
Pookie_Gnome Pookie_Gnome
ScoreCardOTN ScoreCardOTN
Sday420 Sday420
Sexytime Sexytime
Shawn91111 Shawn91111
Snatchl_BE Snatchl
Snax Snax
Some_Guy -Neil-
StevenGiles StevenGiles
sunyue sun yue
Tats Tats16
TCEngel TCEngel
The_Vortex The_Vortex
TheBoss Matt Bishop
TheTrapezoidConspiracy TheTrapezoidConspiracy
TitanFan2K TitanFan2K
tokitok Lucas Bourdon
Unabomberman Unabomberman
ViolentNewt Violent Newt
Waristotle Waristotle
WonderfulSpam WonderfulSpam
Yan117 Yan117
zakkree Zachary Kater

If you aren't there and should be and weren't part of the winning team last season leave a comment or shoot me an email. Here is the draft spreadsheet to follow along:


You should all know how it works by now. Cpatains please use this template when making picks: Captains name - official pick - players name I will update the spreadsheet and remove players from the list of players as they are added. You should also do this on your own sheet if you have one. If captains aren;t going to be able to make it I will autodraft for you using either a list you have sent me or players will be drafted for you in the order they finished last season. Thats the only way I can think that is fair. Think thats everything. War Chile and Columbia. Lets draft. Madued7_medium


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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