The nWo Invades Bellator - My Conspiracy Theory

The nWo Invades Bellator – My Conspiracy Theory

When the news broke a few days ago that former Strikeforce owner Scott Coker would be taking over control of Bellator, I couldn't help but think of something crazy, and that this is just the latest step in a plan by Dana White and the UFC to destroy Bellator from the inside out.

How so? Well once again I'm going to have to go back to my pro wrestling roots.

The UFC has basically just injected a dose of the nWo (New World Order to those who didn't live through the Monday Night Wars) into their biggest rival. You're welcome to think I'm just crazy, but hear me out first, I promise you it will at least sound somewhat plausible by the time I'm finished.

For those of you who are already nodding your heads, you can skip the next paragraph, everyone else needs to get ready for a short history lesson.

The nWo was a heel stable formed in WCW back in the summer of 1996. It consisted of Hulk Hogan as a leader, a big man named Kevin Nash, and a slightly smaller man named Scott Hall. Hogan had been with WCW since 1994 when he left the WWF, a company he helped build into an empire in the 1980's. Hall and Nash had also just recently left the WWF to join WCW. Hall and Nash were advertised as "The Outsiders", a pair of bad asses who were sent there from "up north, the competition" to run roughshod all over WCW. Their motto was "We're taking over, just try and stop us".

Now of course it was all bullshit, this was all just a storyline and there was no invasion, but holy hell did it make for some exciting TV at the time.

Now, there are more than a few parallels between what the nWo did back in the day and what is happening in Bellator right now. It's my theory that Zuffa is secretly trying to tear them down brick by brick, little by little, from inside the company.

Allow me to explain.

Tito Ortiz – Tito is Hulk Hogan in this scenario. He used to be one of the biggest names around, but he got old and the sport passed him by. The problem is that he refuses to admit that his star has faded and his body is so beat up that the ability to look down to tie his shoes without breaking his neck is nothing but a distant memory.

When he couldn't hack it with all the young guns anymore, he moved onto new hunting grounds where the prey is much much easier to kill. He's also spent a lot of time happily trashing his former employer for various reasons.

Tito's mission is to destroy every champion below 205lbs.

Quinton Jackson – Quinton is Kevin Nash. While he was a star in the UFC, he was never the biggest name. After having a 3 fight skid, he left the UFC while saying he wasn't being paid or respected enough, claimed that he was forced to fight while injured, and only wanted to fight people who would stand and bang with him.

He is now in a position where he gets promoted above and beyond everyone else in the company and gets easy winnable fights. And if he doesn't feel like doing something, like fighting a champion, then by gosh he won't be forced to.

Quinton's mission is to destroy everyone at 205lbs and above.

Cheick Kongo – Ole Cup Check is Scott Hall. While he would never be anything more than a gatekeeper in the UFC, in Bellator he's a title challenger. But instead of "personal demons" being his fatal flaw, it will probably be his own limitations as a fighter that will prevent him from securing a belt for himself.

Kongo's mission is to destroy the Heavyweight division along with Quinton.

And that all brings me to Scott Coker...

Coker is none other than Eric Bischoff. He's the inside man, the money man, the one pulling the strings. Like Eric, he has experience in a previous company that went under, and he'll be the mastermind to sign more UFC castoffs and bring more fighters into the group.

King Mo will be the next one to join. Just like when The Giant joined, this will be shocking to everyone considering his "feud" with Quinton. Following him will be Phil Baroni standing in for Syxx as the smaller lighter guy. Eventually guys like Joey Beltran and Levar Johnson will find their way in as well, much like how Michael Wallstreet and Big Bubba somehow did.

Scott Coker will see to it that these guys are pushed and promoted above everyone else on the roster and at their expense. And if they don't like it they have no one to complain to since their boss is in on it, and they're locked into iron clad contracts on top of it. They will be stuck between a rock and a hard place, and they'll want nothing more than for those contracts to run out so they can leave. Everyone will be miserable, ratings will drop like a stone, and no one will have any idea how to fix it.

It won't happen right away, but it will happen. Eventually Bellator will be forced to close their doors, or more likely be sold on the cheap to the UFC. Dana will have another name to add to his tombstone and several good fighters to add to his roster (if he doesn't have them at that point already), and it will all be thanks to his little New World Order.

It was all part of the plan.

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