Dana White: "Jon Jones doesn't want to fight Alexander Gustafsson"

Here's the link for the official story.

Well that's it. People have been saying Jones was negotiating his contract, but that simply isn't the case. He has 5 fights left on the contract, and he is asking to fight Daniel Cormier instead.

I am firm on the stance that even if you are champion, you shouldn't get to do whatever the fuck you want. Jones has earned the right to decline a fight with someone who isn't a number one contender, but unfortunately Gus IS the number one contender.

The UFC is telling him to do it, the fans are telling him to do it, and most importantly.. the RANKINGS are telling him to do it.


To me, the Gus fight is easier than the DC fight for Jones. But that is my opinion. So I don't see why he would want to fight DC instead, unless Gus really is in his head.

I want to see this fight. I am not ignorant to the fact Jones could go out there and finish it very early. But I am also not ignorant to the fact that Gus could outstrike him and rock Jones and "maul him" for the TKO finish. (Pun intended).

There is literally no excuse to not take this fight. None. A lot of people take up for Jones about this, but they have all been proven wrong. As a UFC fighter you should be willing to fight anyone at anytime. And if people question you after a fight, you should want to prove the haters wrong. I do not see the logic in being able to pick and choose fights just because you are champion. Being a champion means you should have to prove you deserve to be there by fighting all the top contenders and fighting anyone who the boss's put in front of you. Although I am not the biggest Jones fan, I do respect his very impressive fight history, his dominance, and his work ethic. But if what Dana White said is true, these are such actions I cannot respect.

Let me know what you guys think. Let the Jones fanboys and the Jones haters war officially begin!

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