Dana White: 'Nobody knows what the f--- they are talking about when it comes to TRT and the testing'


UFC president Dana White sounds off on Vitor Belfort's random drug test, TRT, and the status of drug testing in mixed martial arts

The UFC 175 fight between Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort hinges on the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) granting Belfort a license to fight on the July 5 card in Las Vegas. If the NSAC does not grant Belfort that license the fight will be scratched, and Sonnen will be removed from the event.

As UFC president Dana White said during a recent media scrum, "There is no plan B" if Belfort fails to obtain a license.

Some items that may arise during Belfort's hearing with the NSAC are his 2006 failed drug test in the state while fighting under the Pride banner, his past use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and the undisclosed results of a random drug test that the NSAC administered to Belfort.

That random drug test took place on February 7 of this year. Due to the fact that Belfort did not apply for a license to fight in Nevada after that test was administered, the results were never made public. With his application to fight on the July card the results from that drug test could be brought into play.

White addressed Belfort's undisclosed random test results by saying, "Here's the reality of that test, doctors disagree with the results of that test."  When pressed on what doctors those are, White replied, "Doctors that matter disagree with the results of that test."

The UFC president then went on to offer his opinion on why TRT, which was banned by the NSAC earlier this year, needed to be removed from the sport, "Here's the problem, nobody knows what the fuck they are talking about when it comes to TRT and the testing," said White.  "It's the main reason it had to go away. If you talk to three different doctors, if you talk to different commissions, everybody has a different opinion on it. Nobody knew what the hell they were talking about. When it's like that it's got to go away, it's too big of a problem."

As far as the fighters that used TRT while under contract for the UFC, White said the percentage was very small, "There were 500 guys under contract and you had Chael (Sonnen), Vitor (Belfort), (Dan) Henderson and Frank Mir," claimed White. "You had four guys taking it. Four guys were taking it out of 500 guys under contract."

White was later asked if he thought the drug testing in the sport, which is handled by individual commissions, and not the UFC is sufficient.  To that, White was quick to answer to the affirmative, "I think we have the best system in all of sports. Wanderlei Silva just got caught (and) he didn't even fight yet. They're chasing guys around. They're pre-testing. They're random testing. If you do anything in this sport, you will get caught."

Belfort's hearing with the NSAC is scheduled for June 17.

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