Weekly Regional Roundup: June 5-11

A look at the regional scene of MMA highlighting the bouts of well-known veterans and rising prospects fighting in promotions not named UFC, Bellator, or WSOF.

This week featured notable wins by Kevin Casey and James Moontasri that led to signings by the UFC. One of the biggest fights of the week included a matchup between top 10 female Flyweight fighters Rosi Sexton and Joanna Jedrezejczyk from the stacked (by regional standards) Cage Warriors 69 event.

June 5

Joshua Aveles (16-10-1, LW#85) def Joe Condon (11-7, LW#409) by UD5 @ KOTC-Slugfest - Highland, CA

Henry Corrales (10-0, FW#115) def Alejandro Garcia (14-8-0-1, FW#262) by R2 TKO(Dr stop) @ KOTC-Slugfest

Diego Arturo Huerto Jaregui (12-3-2, FW#156) def Denilson Silva (8-9) by R1 SUB @ Fusion FC8 - Lima, Peru

June 6

Jiri Prochazka (10-2, LHW#128) def Tomas Penz (11-9) by R1 KO @ GCF28 - Moravia, Czech Rep

Kevin Casey (8-3, MW#92) def Andrew Sanchez (5-1, MW#303) by R1 KO(punches) @ RFA 15 - Culver City, CA


Alan Jouban (9-2, WW#144) def Ricky Legere Jr (18-5, WW#209) by SD3 @ RFA 15

James Moontasri (7-1, WW#289) def Jordan Rinaldi (6-3, WW#482) by R2 KO(punch) @ RFA 15

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Chinzo Machida (3-2) def Dmitry Gerasimov (3-2) by UD3 @ RFA 15

Tony Lopez (34-14, HW#84) def Tim Chemelli (10-5, HW#213) by TKO(punches) @ KOTC Canada-Mach 1 - Cold Lake, Alberta, CAN

June 7

Steven Ray (15-5, LW#110) def Curt Warburton (13-5, LW#121) by SD5 @ CWFC 69 - London, England

Jack Marshman (15-5, MW#186) def Bola Omoyele (7-3) by R1 SUB(armbar) @ CWFC 69

Mohsen Bahari (8-1, WW#158) def Ben Alloway (13-6, WW#188) by SD3 @ CWFC 69

Jake Bostwick (15-8-0-1, WW#116) def Simeon Thoresen (17-5, WW#394) by Maj.D3 @ CWFC 69

Jack Mason (28-13, WW#148) def Bruno Carvalho (15-9, WW#266) by SD3 @ CWFC 69

Damir Hadzovic (9-2, LW#116) def Martin Delaney (8-1, LW#338) by UD3 @ CWFC 69

Jack Hermansson (8-2, MW#76) def Norman Paraisy (14-4-2-1, MW#117) by R4 SUB(RNC) @ CWFC 69

Joanna Jedrezejczyk (6-0, FLY#3) def Rosi Sexton (13-5, FLY#7) by R2 KO(punch) @ CWFC 69

Dwayne Lewis (15-9, LHW#55) def David Loiseau (23-11, LHW#80) by UD3 @ WSOF Canada 2 - Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Josh Hill (10-0, BW#58) def Mike Adams (7-3) by R1 KO(punch) @ WSOF Canada 2

Tim Hague (17-9, HW#140) def Matt Baker (10-7) by R1 TKO(punches) @ WSOF Canada 2

Scott Askham (12-0, MW#50) def Max Nunes (13-2, MW#143) by R3 TKO(punches) @ BAMMA Fight Night - Southhampton, England

Guan Wang (14-1-1, FW#252) def Aliyar Sarkerov (7-4) by R2 TKO(punches) @ RUFF Fu - Shanghai, China

Michal Fijalka (11-4-1, LHW#105) def Nikolai Boyarczuk (1-3) by R1 TKO(punches) @ Berserkers Arena 6 - Poland

Junior Assuncao (15-5, FW#57) def Alejandro Solano Rodriquez (19-10, FW#329) by UD3 @ XFCI 5 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Alejandro Villalobos (17-3, FW#107) def Felipe Douglas (9-2, FW#289) by R3 SUB(RNC) @ XFCI 5

John Gunderson (35-16-2, WW#267) def Jeff Fletcher (10-9) by R2 TKO(punches) @ RITC 172 - Phoenix, AZ

Viviane Pereira (5-0, FLY#11) def Poliana Botelho (2-1) by UD3 @ Bitetti Combat 20 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alan Gomes de Castro (4-0, FLY#85) def Thiago Grilo (8-3) by R3 SUB(RNC) @ Bitetti Combat 20

Michal Pasternak (10-0, LHW#96) def Hracho Darpinyan (10-6-1) by UD3 @ PLMMA35 - Pinczow, Poland

June 8

Dileno Lopes (15-1, FLY#48) def Antonio de Almeida (4-6-1) by R1 KO(punch) @ Rei da Selva Combat 3 - Manaus, Brazil

June 11

Anderson Berlingeri dos Santos (11-1, BW#137) def Michel de Oliveira (0-3) by R1 SUB(RNC) @ Circuito de Lutas - Sao Paulo, Brazil

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