BECW: UFC 174 Individual Rankings, New Player and Captain Sign Ups

Hey guys and gals.The first event of the individual tournament is over us and I bet most people are glad this wasn't part of the BECW as the scores were not good. The average score was 39 but that includes a few 0s from players who said they wanted to sign up for the individual tournament and then didn't make picks.

Here are the rankings for the first event. If anyone that signed up for the BECW that wants to be included or excluded please let me know in the comments or by email.

PG Name BE Name Event 1
TitanFan2K TitanFan2K 67
huggybear huggy bear 63
duck duck 62
PatTzu Pat Tzu 62
Yan117 Yan117 61
brkrny Gator rolled 60
The-Smoking-Bong Joe Rogan's Smoking Bong 59
DrOctagon Dr. Octagon 58
ViolentNewt Violent Newt 58
Montefisto Dave Strummer 57
FraserCoffeen Fraser Coffeen 56
Discoandherpes Discoandherpes 55
RonSwanson Christian Diaz 54
Careful-Icarus Careful Icarus 53
Sday420 Sday420 51
SlimDigg KMcCaig 50
detroitdrew detroitdrew1980 49
euthanatos euthanatos 49
fightinghistorian Patrick Wyman 49
jason18 jason18 49
clay_davis Clay Davis 48
Ebinch Ebinch 48
Niftu_Cal Niftu Cal 48
Some_Guy -Neil- 48
OurBovinePublic Our Bovine Public 47
Horselover_Fat Horselover Fat 46
Andy_Davis Andy Davis 45
MMAStation MMAStation 45
Negadelphia It's Always Raining In Negadelphia 44
Pookie Pooki 44
Marcus27 Marcu$ 41
Tats Tats16 40
DreamingOfFighting DreamingOfFighting 39
FlashyG FlashyG 39
MrBrutality MrBrutality 39
dutchbaby dutchbaby 38
MostDiabolicalHater Earl Montclair 38
TheBoss Matt Bishop 38
TheTrapezoidConspiracy TheTrapezoidConspiracy 38
forkboy forkboy 36
sunyue sun yue 36
alxn alxn 34
StevenGiles StevenGiles 34
Fedorable Fedorable 33
MAAVIN Maavin 33
phenyl_engine_rods phenylenginerods 33
Snax Snax 33
Snatchl_BE Snatchl 32
chairmaker chairmaker 31
DarthRevan DarthRevan 31
Morior23 Colonel Duke Lacross 31
tokitok Lucas Bourdon 31
lanky6 lanky6 30
brutalbobbyt brutalbobbyt 28
mlzybaby mlzybaby 28
benten20 benten20 27
Gefop Gefop 27
johnnynumber5 Johnnynumber5 27
Jeffigatame Jeffigatame 16
aaronb aaronb 0
Call_Me_Shark Call Me Shark 0
clayguidashair clayguidashair 0
Nuclearsun NuclearSun 0
Sexytime Sexytime 0
Unabomberman Unabomberman 0
zakkree Zachary Kater 0

Congrats to BECW vet TitanFan who topped the table with a solid 67. Just like to point out I would have beat that score had Schaub taken the decision like he should. Fucking judges. Jeffogatame set the bar pretty low with an unimpressive 16 points.

New players are now welcome to sign up. Send an email to ourbovinepublic 17 @ gmail . com (minus the spaces) using this exact format:

Subject: BECW (Your MMAPG screen name)

Body: BE Screen name.

Thats it. Thats all you have to do.

If anyone is interested in being a captain please reply in the comments below. So far we have




Joe Rogans smoking bong


and I know me, Marcus, Ron Swanson and Rob Young are stepping aside so we do need some new blood to step up. Only requirement is that you have played at least one full season of BECW. Only extra work you have to do is be available for the draft, draft some players and make sure they all make picks by sending out an email once a week.

Thinking the draft is gonna be the weekend of the 28th June. Maybe between the two events that are happening that weekend if there is a gap between them.

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