BECW: Hang Out Thread and Season 10 Info

Whats that? You don't want to hang out with Mania and MMAFighting members? Well come and hang out with us degenerates instead.

Dana what season are we moving on to in the BECW?


No Dana. Its not season 9. Looks like you are struggling to keep up with all these events as well.

Its season 10. 10 seasons of shit talking and draft fuck ups. If you don't know how it works by now you probably suck. So here is the plan for moving forward:

This and the double event next weekend are not part of the season to give us more time to prepare for the next season. We've had a good number of returning people sign up already which is good to see. Thank you for all your feedback as well. We are trying to listen to this feedback and make decisions based on what the majority want. Keeping in line with that he is the spreadsheet of everyones feedback:

BECW10 Players

If you don't see your name you haven't signed up so let me know by sending an email to ourbovinepublic 17 @ gmail . com (minus the spaces). Plase use this exact format:

Subject: BECW10 (MMA PG Screen Name)


BE Screen Name:

Do you want to be included in the individual tournament to allow you to make
picks for every event: Yes/No

Keeper system: Keep it/change it/scrap it/scrap it entirely

H2H: Keep it/change it (make suggestions)/ scrap it

I'll send a generic response and you'll know you are signed up. New players can use this format as well.

You can see in the spreadsheet the individual tournament. The plan was gonna be to create a separate fight camp on PG and have the individual tournament players in there. I realised this isn't gonna work though so I'm just gonna maually tally up the scores at the end of each event and keep a track that way. The individual tournament will involve all UFC events including the fight pass and tuf finales which aren't going to be included in the BECW.

Finally we are severely lacking in the Spam department which is why the spreadsheet has been on/off. We have been trying our best to get it up and running consistently and will be working with the PG Admins to try and sort this. We realise the spreadsheet is a massive part of the enjoyment of the BECW and understand the importance of getting it back up running. Please be patient with us because Spam made the spreadsheet and knows it a lot better than anyone else. Also Manch1ld has been doing a shit load of work to try and get the recaps done as quickly as possible. At the minute because of the spreadsheet issues he is pretty much the only person that knows how to do this so the quicker we can get that fixed the better. When this does happen we're going to need help doing recaps and setting up the live spreadsheet so volunteers are always welcome. These are easier than you'd think to do and can be taught in about half an hour.

Enjoy guys and lets go Italy in the WC!

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