UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov - Ryan Jimmo vs. Ovince St. Preux Preview and Prognostication

Photo by Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Light Heavyweights Ryan Jimmo and Ovince St. Preux take center stage to open the main card of UFC 174 in Canada. Will OSP be able to impress Vancouver, or will Jimmo be the one with his hand raised in victory?

Ryan Jimmo vs. Ovince St. Preux Light Heavywweight

Damn B. I'm still saddened by Chael Sonnen's retirement.

A discussion about his legacy can be found here. Now speak no more of this. After all, we get to talk about Ryan Jimmo today!


Yea I know. This is a lackluster bout that is only interesting because St. Preux might do something exciting again, like choke someone out with his shoulder.

That was pretty cool. Not sure what Krylov was thinking.

He probably spent more time reading about Al Capone than he has taken grappling classes. Which isn't the backhanded insult it looks like: Krylov is really fascinated by Al Capone.

Are you being sarcastic?

Not really. Krylov is 22. His game is raw as hell, and fighting a guy like St. Preux was never gonna end well with his limited experience.

Jimmo is 10 years older than Krylov, which means he'll fare much better. He's a +140 in some places. Worth betting?

Ryan Jimmo's career was easy to predict. He's a massive LHW who could always rely on his raw strength to take care of business. In the smaller shows, he would shine (insofar as victory was inevitable). On the bigger stage, he would falter without being completely embarrassed and I think that's exactly what we're seeing with Jimmo in the UFC.

He's a good fighter with not a whole lot of weapons in his Canadian arsenal who will lose some, and win some. There is not a better cliche summarizing Jimmo's existence than that.

As for St. Preux, I don't know that we have this guy figured out. He's obviously a talent. OSP works hard to advance position on the ground, and on the feet, his activity borders on melodramatic. He throws everything, including the kitchen sink and the box of ice trays in the freezer.

For all of his skills, I don't know that he's a perennial top 10 LHW. I feel like, especially given his age at 31, that he's a blue collar fighter with blue chip talent.

So Jimmo's a good bet then?

Not really. Jimmo reminds me a lot of Gian Villante; two big guys content to work in top control, but without the skill to regulate the fight with top control on a consistent basis. So maybe there's something to the comparison, and knowing Villante wasn't completely outclassed.

OSP has to be wary of Jimmo's power. While his striking is often too inert, he doesn't need very many chances to rattle your equilibrium. For a guy with a wide open striking style, OSP better not underestimate his foe. Still, I think Jimi Manuwa's is a potentially accurate indicator of how OSP wins. Because Jimmo is often so flat footed, throwing leg kicks until he's had enough or get injured seems like a bizarrely distinct possibility.

Jimmo is just not a fighter with real staying power in a division like LHW. As is, St. Preux is one of the better fighters in the division. I'm interested in seeing what he can do from here on out. After all, his performance against Gegard Mousasi wasn't terrible. Even though it was all a bit erratic, and loose, it was easily his toughest fight until that point and he acquitted himself just fine.

Ovince's straight punches should be able to land from afar, and the more uncomfortable Jimmo gets, the more likely he is to make a mistake.

So Jimmo has no chance?

Joseph Benavidez has a chance. Everyone always has a chance. It's just that this is an awful stylistic matchup for Jimmo. He's the kind of fighter who will encounter a few of these because he's fairly limited. This fight is as predictable as they come.

Ovince St. Preux by RNC, round 2.

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