Muay Thai Results & Videos: Shock in Bangkok as Sam-A is knocked out by vicious neck kick

Phetavee after his huge win (with thanks to - Timo Ruge

In big news from the Muay Thai world, Phetavee Sor Kittichai pulls off the unthinkable and all the results and action from the 11th June Rajadamnern super show in Bangkok.

Two of Muay Thai's powerhouse companies fielded their strongest sides yesterday (June 11th, 2014) as Petchvisit and Wanmitchai Promotions co-promoted a super card at Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, one of the Mecca's for hard core Muay Thai fans.

Not only was this a stacked card of talent, there were huge repercussions, as a new champion was crowned in the 140lb division, a legend of the sport was confirmed, and a new chapter was written in the story of another.

Petchboonchu makes history

All eyes were on the main event, a match between two of the best pound for pound fighters in the sport, who fought to a draw only last month. Both clinch and knee monsters, Petchboonchu F.A Group and Yodwicha Por Boonsit were meeting for their third bout of 2014 to date, with Petchboonchu winning in February.

Petchboonchu again defeated the once untouchable Yodwicha Por Boonsit via decision, and as the bout was contested at 136lbs Petchboonchu also claimed the vacant Rajadamnern super lightweight title. With this win, Petchboonchu becomes the most decorated champion in Muay Thai history and one of the sports pound for pound greats. He has won stadium championships at 118lbs, 126lbs, 135lbs, and now 140lbs, as well as national titles at 105lbs, 108lbs, 115lbs, 122lbs and 130lbs.

For Yodwicha, whilst still undoubtedly one of the best in the sport after his incredible run in 2013, this reaffirms that he will never be the best clinch specialist while Petchboonchu is around despite Yodwicha going two-nil up over his rival going into 2013.

Phetavee knocks out the legend

A meeting of veterans at 126lbs on the undercard provided the biggest shock of the evening. Modern legend and defensive specialist Sam-A Kaiyanghadaogym ran into old foe Phetavee Sor Kittichai, and was clipped by a right high kick on the neck which put him down and out (knockout at 5:40)

A loss for Sam-A was not a huge surprise, as going into the fight number five ranked Phetavee was 2-1 up in their series, but the knockout was sudden and unexpected for a fighter of Sam-A's calibre.

Other results from the undercard

Lumpinee super featherweight champion Petmorakat Wor Sungprapai used his height to outwork Petpanomrung Kiatmuu 9 in the clinch and take a decision.

Superlek Wor Sangprapai, one of the best featherweights in the World, broke Palangtip Nor Sripung's jaw with a savage short elbow (3:55)

Palangpon Petchyindee Academy defeated former Lumpinee light flyweight champ' Wanchai Rambo-Esarn via decision in an absolute war.

Bloodyelbow's Muay Thai coverage will be back tomorrow with results from tonights Rajadamnern card which features a sure fire war between Lumpinee featherweight champ' Superbank Sakchaichote, moving up to 132lbs, and Seksan Or Kwanmuang, one of the sports most violent action fighters.

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