How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Sexual Assault vs Self Defense, Failed Drug Tests, and Retirement Perks

The week's most entertaining bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"Thank u god the @ufc has decided to pay for my brothers funeral what a blessing this is definitely my biggest moment of my career #ufcthanku"  -Bobby Green

"This is my version of a decent weekend. #Guns #BBQ #helicopter #friends thanks @Onnit for playing."  -Tim Kennedy

"Every round so at least 5 times"  -Daniel Cormier, responding to a fan asking if he can take Jones down at least 3 times.

"All I have to do to make 135 is walk around 160. And I will do it... September sounds good. @ufc lets do it"  -Manny Gamburyan

"Hey @josealdojunior I don't know anything about that post but I do know on Aug 2nd I AM going to BEAT YOUR ASS. #paybacksabitch @danawhite"  -Chad Mendes



"I hate @Benaskren 's ugly goofy ass so much...I wish I could fight him @ONEFCMMA let me @BellatorMMA ? I'll win or gouge his eyes out for DQ"  -War Machine



"Well Chael Sonnen does rhyme with Fail Sonnen ..."  -Derek Brunson

"I have never used any performance enhancing drug of any kind in my entire life. I welcome a random drug test at any day, any time."  -Tim Kennedy

"Chael, Vitor and Wanderlei clearly all using, put them in a three way last man standing match. Seems fair to me."  -Ben Askren

"Wahhh, wahhh! All the pro athletes keep getting caught juicing, big whoop! Priests get caught raping, that's a bigger problem."  -War Machine



"While the #YesAllWomen people are busy crying about "victimization", I was at the gym honing my whoop-ass skillz. #HighFive @KimberlyRoot"  -Shayna Baszler

". @QoSBaszler @KimberlyRoot That's fine because you WANT to but you shouldn't HAVE TO"  -Dr. Ann Maria, Ronda's mom weighs in on this sensitive issue that started with Miss USA's comments on self defense and sexual assault.

"@DrAnnMaria @KimberlyRoot i also shouldnt HAVE 2 prevent my acct from fraud, or HAVE 2 lock my doors at night"  -Shayna Baszler

"@QoSBaszler @KimberlyRoot No, you should not. Which is why we arrest people who commit fraud & not say you had it coming"  -Dr. Ann Maria

"@DrAnnMaria i agree w/that. Just not all the hate @MissUSA is getting"  -Shayna Baszler

"You do realize the thing originated from a guy shooting women at a distance? I'm pretty bad ass but I don't see how that helps"  -Dr. Ann Maria



"Why come to Hilo to vacation, when u can fight 4 ur life with Hilos best.Gr8 training wit the prodigy @bjpenndotcom #work #UFC"  -Dominick Cruz, bantamweight champ and former welterweight champ looking close to the same size.



"That is criminal. Literally, the worst decision I've ever seen. Clear 30-27 Mma judging is a joke. @RossTheRealDeal, u were robbed"  -T.J. Grant

"That was a terrible, terrible decision... I'd love to fight Sanchez. ;-)"  -Dan Hardy

"Just watched the fight I controlled the pace made him miss countered his attacks done more damage stuck to my game plan I WON that fight!"  -Ross Pearson

"@RossTheRealDeal if @ufc wants us to do it again I'm down any time any place make it a 5 rounder. #Iwonthefight"  -Diego Sanchez, please don't. Please just fight a grappler next time.



"Taking advantage of the beautiful beach and sun" -Georges St-Pierre, what's with the towel?



"#DropOut #MaryKay" -Logan Stanton

"I woke up like dissss #bronzy thank you for the spray tan @ggduval96 !! I'm ready for the @maximMag #hot100 party tonight! #keepithealthyandsexy #tanlines #uvFree" -Arianny Celeste

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