ClumsyPoll: Fedor's Most Impressive Win.

Welcome to a realm of pure EPIC. We look at Fedor Emelianenko - widely (and rightly) considered the greatest mma fighter of all time. Often the smaller fighter, he found a way versus many greats, and retired 34-4-1. Consider it 34-3-2 as one loss was a weird-style accidental cut rule w/ no NC allowed even for an illegal move).

If we fully delved into 'the streak' , by the time you got to the poll, you'd be elderly and too frail to even ponder the fights of this all-time-great without risking a coronary. Rather than launch into a winding Faulknerian rant I'm just going to touch on the skeleton of the greatness and you fill it in with youtube, or your imagination. You count the T-Rex teeth later, I'm just telling you how big the mouth was and how many things it ate. Then we can get to the most important poll in the history of mma. I'll do my best to contain myself, grab a cold/hot one, and dig in.

Heath Herring, you'll remember lost a unanimous decision in 2008 to Brock Lesnar right off the Brock loss to Mir. This was taken by some (fanboys) as proof of Brock's greatness. Six years before that, Fedor absolutely tore through then #3 in the world Herring like bad music through a WalMart. It was a one round thrashing involving highlight reel domination, and wince inducing punishment. It was really one sided, to put it mildly. Like lava is warm. After that came #1 Big Nog, who was the man.

March 2003: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was a scary beast, and looked unstoppable. He was 19-1-1 w/ 14 wins by submission. Nogueira has just avenged his only loss (dec. to Hendo) by early 3rd round armbar the fight prior. Insanely Fedor grounded and pounded and shook off to re-pound Big Nog. He basically leaped into the sharks mouth, and beat its teeth out from the inside. It's absolute madness that it happened, and not what anyone at the time expected. Let's just say everyone left that fight knowing two things they'd already known, but now with a new appreciation of the scope of it.

1) Big Nog had a chin of the ages. 2) Fedor = beast.

The myth was born.

After a 1st round armbar of (#4) Mark Coleman at Pride Total Elimination, the myth was forever cemented in June 2004 vs. Kevin Randleman. Cemented in Herculean fashion by Fedor (firstly) not dying from the Randlebomb - a steal-the-wind-from-your-highlight-reel suplex slam of the ages that would have broken most necks - and (secondly) shortly thereafter sweeping and submitting Randleman (1:34 1st round), to the utter shock and delight of the entire crowd. It was like seeing a Unicorn...and then finding out it plays a killer lead guitar and sings like Robert Plant.

The conversation turned to "was Fedor even human?"

As it turned out, he wasn't. Fedor followed up with a 1st round (:54) armbar of Olympic Silver Medalist Judoka Naoya Ogawa in Aug 2004 at Pride Final Conflict. A great sports moment with announcer Bas Rutten's voiceover "eets beautiful eeeeets beautifullllllllllllll" in admiration.

After a NC (acc. headbutt) They got the Big Nog rematch going and Fedor laid a repeat beating on Big Nog (#2) who had won 5 straight since their last bout. Could anyone beat him?

If anyone could, it was Mirko Filipovic. Fedor was booked to fight Crocop (#3) who was 16-2-2 in mma and was kicking heads clean off. This was going to be a battle of the most extreme excellence plausible at the time. The resulting contest in August of 2005 featured some of the most exciting standup that's ever been captured on film. In a ring with mma gloves, Fedor essentially out kick boxed the incredibly feared Crocop, which is messed up. He threw in some gnp, but there's no verbiage to adequately explain how mental it was that Fedor again jumped into the dragon's nest, and dropped a nuke on it.

To sum up the rest (in the interest of time), He then felled a giant in Zuluzinho. (:26 1st rd), re-armbarred Mark Coleman (1:17 2nd rd) showcasing a lovely prop-n-pound style, Kimura'd Mark Hunt (8:18 1st rd) after almost being subbed, armbarred Matt Lindland (2:58 1st rd), armbarred the Korean giant Choi Hong-man (1:54 1st rd), RNC subbed Tim Sylvia in a lightning speed after a barage of opening punches (:36 1st rd), knocked Andrei Arlovski clean out, like eyes open "dang I hope he isn't dead" (3:14 1st rd), then KO'd Brett Rogers with a georgous overhand right (2:48 2nd rd).

After a decade of dominance (ten years, one month), Fedor finally lost via 1st round submission to BJJ ace Fabricio Werdum. His next two outings saw a loss to Antonio Silva (Doctor Stoppage 2nd round) and Dan Henderson (4:12 1st rd KO H-bomb from the knees!). Fedor was human again.

He closed out his career as kickboxing style Fedor, keeping it standing and punishing Jeff Monson (unan dec) who's leg he fractured, Satoshi Ishii (KO 2:29 1st rd), and finally Pedro Rizzo (1:24 1st rd) with a beauty of a superman punch.

A Fedor HL to remind ev1 who's boss

So that's the skeleton. Vote and be happy.

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