UFC: 5 questions with Gegard Mousasi

Boris Streubel

UFC middleweight contender, Gegard Mousasi talks about life after fighting, diet, what he misses about JMMA and Fedor.

Yesterday afternoon, MMA fans were treated to an amazing festival of fast and furious violence via the hands of UFC Middleweight contender, Gegard Mousasi when he finished Mark Munoz in the first round of their bout. It was his way of erasing the memory of Lyoto Machida's win over him back in February, and he did that in amazing and brutal fashion.

Last week, Bloody Elbow interviewed Gegard about a variety of topics. The first half of the interview was posted yesterday and can be found here. This conclusion is a 5 question shorty about diet, life after fighting and more. Here's part 2:

Bloody Elbow: What do you miss the most about Asian/Japanese MMA?

Gegard Mousasi: Upkicks are what I miss most about Asian MMA because it's so easy when you're on the ground to pull your leg back and kick somebody right in there face [laughs]. It's frustrating that it's not allowed in the unified rules. I've done it three times now, and it's not deliberate; it's an instinct, a reaction. That would be nice if I could upkick someone.

With MMA getting more mainstream, I don't think soccer kicks are something that should happen because they are very representative of big violence and the public most likely won't take to that type of thing. You have to be thinking of those big audiences and how they're going to see the sport.

Bloody Elbow: Do you ever talk to Fedor anymore?

Gegard Mousasi: No, no, not anymore. He's off doing his own thing, and I'm doing my thing. We don't have the same management anymore, so we lost contact with each other. He's a really good guy and is doing a lot for the sport in Russia.

Bloody Elbow: What's your diet like when you're training for a fight?

Gegard Mousasi: When I have a fight coming up, I don't drink anything with sugar, so it's only water. Nothing that's sweet, and less on carbs, heavier on proteins and vegetables with some fruits mixed in here and there. I don't do those strict diets that some fighters are on. I don't believe in that.

We're not that much different from animals. Animals don't eat small, perfect portion meals every two hours or whatever. That's very hard to maintain. You just have to eat sensibly. Make sure you have a variety of the foods; chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, some nuts and a little grains. I don't go eating 500 grams of chicken and brown rice every day because somebody said to do that.

Bloody Elbow: You told me the last time I spoke to you that you were very careful with your money. What are your plans to make money after your fight career?

Gegard Mousasi: I am in the real estate business. I never spend my fight money. I invest it in real estate and rent out apartments and houses and buildings. I use the income from that to live on and my fight money goes directly back into getting more real estate. Right now I have 11 different properties. I don't want to work after I retire from fighting, and I already will be able to live a very comfortable lifestyle when that time comes.

Bloody Elbow: If you could have dinner with any historical figure, past or present, who would you choose?

Gegard Mousasi: I've always been interested in World War II, so maybe it would be Hitler, so I could find out what was going through his crazy brain and maybe to punch him the face a few times [laughs]. Why would someone ever do those things he did? He was a monster and I would like to know what made him like that.

You can follow Gegard via his Twitter account, @mousasi_mma

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