2014 Mundials Finals Live Play by Play

Ben Thapa does a live play by play of the 2014 Mundials finals for the men and women grappling at the Walter Pyramid in sunny California. Refresh now and then for updates.

The women's finals have already been determined, while the men's side have to work their way through quarter finals and semi-finals. You can view the live stream for less than $10 at ibjjftv.com, which is run by the BudoVideos crew.

The Men's matches yet to come:


Bruno Malfacine vs J. Brandon Mullins

Bruno jumps guard to start and keeps it open. Bruno goes into spider guard and flips Mullins straight over. Bruno now in mount and staying tight. Bruno gets a triangle locked on, but Mullins angles out and eventually rips free. Bruno content to go into butterfly and spider again.

After a while, Bruno grabs a keylock and then flips Mullins over, who turtles up. Bruno spins behind for a back take and gets one hook in. They settle in for a grinding battle of attrition and Bruno gets the hook, going for a bow and arrow choke. After a few tries, Bruno gets the choke and Mullins taps.

Jorge Santistevan vs Luiz de Andrade

Guard pull by both and neither comes up in time. They book penalties for both competitors. Andrade pulls guard and Santistevan enters into the spider guard. Andrade manages to offbalance Santistevan enough to come up to top and start working a pressure pass to the right. They stalemate and Andrade spins around to a double guard situation. Santistevan not quite on top yet, so I'm not sure what he's doing. Andrade goes for RDLR and Santistevan looks very passive, but defending.

Andrade pulls a nice footlock out of a kneebar spin, with the leg angled out - and it's a DQ for an illegal leg position. Kind of a bummer, as Santistevan wasn't really in the match before that.

João Miyao vs Koji Shibamoto

Joao pulls guard and then sweeps to the top, Koji goes to x-guard and sweeps back after about 10 seconds. They go spinning and spinning in a scramble and Joao looking to get the back as Koji defends and shifts around for his own back attack. Koji works free and comes up to top and Joao attacks by RDLR to a leg drag pass, knocking Koji over. Joao staying on top and tight for the leg drag.

Joao still staying tight in on the leg drag and trying to smash Koji into giving up the pass. Does it after a long while and chills in side control. Then Koji pops him up and they go to guard, Joao passes to the left, after being on the right the last time. Miyao gets shunted back to the half guard, as he flattens Koji's upper body out. Kicks free of the half guard and smashes his way to side control, looking to get a fast mount. Koji angles over onto his side and prevents the easy mount. Miyao now going for a gi brabo choke. Koji not able to do much other than hang on and push Miyao's hips out as far as possible.

Joao gets tired and lets go of the choke and settles into north/south. Koji working to get the guard back and Joao works around to side control eventually after flirting with a back take done by scooping up Koji's pants. Joao tries an armbar, fails, goes to guard, then gets a back take as Koji attacks for a submission. Joao now trying to choke out Koji by RNC.

Miyao wins 25 to 4. Easy match for him, although it took the full time.

Ivaniel de Oliveira vs Leandro Escobar

Ivaniel pulls guard and gets a hook sweep to top after a minute or two. Leandro goes to deep half, swings out and has to turtle up as Ivaniel attacks his back.

Ivaniel gets the gi choke win.

Malfacine moves on due to Santistevan forefeiting.


Carlos Holanda vs Laercio Fernandes

Holanda pulls guard. Laercio taking his time getting grips and setting up a standing pass. Holanda digs in deep for grips and sweeps! Laercio takes his time composing and uses the spider guard to sweep Holanda right back. Holanda now in single leg x guard and being crunched into a ball. They stay like that for a long time and Holanda's left leg isn't stuck, but it's certainly not in a comfortable position.

Holanda switches to an x-guard variant and nearly off-balances Laercio with a seized leg, they recompose with Laercio on top, then Holanda actually gets him this time with the sweep. Holanda is now up by 2 points. Holanda meets the aggression of Laercio by redirecting the guard into a side control jump - but doesn't stay long enough for points. Laercio gets a sweep, but is still down by an advantage due to the side control jump. Holanda goes DLR and Laercio furiously trying to break grips and spin under or slice through. Holanda appears to have some screwy grip and the ref steps into settle something. Both competitors are mad and the referee assigns penalty to both. Last few seconds elapse and Holanda wins barely.

Ichiro Kaneko vs Guilherme Mendes

Kaneko pulls guard and Gui goes for double unders pass, switches to the over under and has Kaneko doubled up. Gui eventually flips Ichiro over and has the top of turtle. Gui now setting up a back take by flipping Ichiro over. Little scramble, but Gui appears to be content with moving to a legdrag pass finishing position.

Gui moves over to a body triangle back take. Appears to be resting or waiting for Ichiro to do something. Ichiro is doing very little. Gui slowly, sloooowly works a double collar choke. It's so slow, yet solid that Ichiro spends a minute inside it before basically being boa constrictored into tapping out (just before going unconscious).

Thomas Lisboa vs Gabriel Moraes

Lisboa takes top of half guard and spins over to get a back take, ends up in another version of half guard that's more advantageous to him. He's flattened out Moraes and is working to pull his leg free or flip over to the other side. Decides to attack a kimura, gives up position and Moraes gets real tight, gets out of half guard top and slides over to side control. Lisboa trying to spin back under Moraes to recover guard. Ends up getting the guard and half guard now. Moraes kicks up and over for a tight pass, but Losboa scoots back enough to keep half butterfly guard alive.

Moraes gets free and tries for a back take. Lisboa uses that to get on top and a crunch underhook in the half guard. Lisboa trying to get something done, but Moraes is up 11-2 and is content to stay in bottom half guard. Moraes stalls out the remaining time.

Dai Yoshioka vs Paulo Miyao

Double guard pull and Paulo goes for an Estima footlock right away. Dai gets free and Paolo spiins under RDLR into a back take attack. Dai has his back to the mat and is looking to come up top, which plays into Paolo's back attack. They spin out and Paolo trying for a weak footlock. They go out of bounds in a scramble and Paolo takes a penalty. They double guard pull and Paolo gets under fast for a back take attack. Has one hook in, trying to worm his way up. Abandons it and goes for a footlock. Dai is just sitting there basically. Miyao is up one advantage (2-1) with 2 penalties to both.

Paolo going for footlock after footlock in slow fashion, not getting any, but building up advantages. Dai basically stares at him the entire time and defends. Not much action and time elapses. Paolo wins.

Gui Mendes vs. Holanda

Holanda pulls guard and Gui comes up to top, but Holanda knocks him back. Gui comes up top again and crunching Holanda into the mat now. Holanda hanging on, but Gui inexorably moves to leg drag position after a minute. Holanda trying to pop his second knee up and does. Gui now shunted back to open guard. Referee steps in to fix a grip or something and Gui pops over the guard on a very crappy restart. Holanda protesting and Gui tries to pop up to side control. Holanda puts him back into guard now. Gui up 5-2, I think.

Gui working a double unders, pops his head to the side and moves over the side. Holanda trying to prevent the side control seizure, but has to give up the guard pass points. Holanda successfully reguards and then Gui drives forwards once more. Holanda is crunched up in a ball, but the guard is still technically intact. Gui stands up, starts trying to x-pass. Comes back down, smashing forwards, Holanda trying to create space with both legs, but can't do any of that at all.

Joao Miyao vs. Ivaniel Oliveira

Miyao pulls guard. Goes DLR in response to Ivaniel's double unders attempt. Goes for berimbolo, Ivaniel's pants come undone, so they pause to retie it. Miyao spins even further under and Ivaniel weaves his legs back out, then comes up top to try for a pass. Joao is fully inverted and looking to spin under, rather than move back to a more conventional guard.

Miyao baits Ivaniel with a footlock opportunity and uses that to spin under for a back take attempt. It doesn't work. The score is tied 2-2, with Joao up one advantage. Joao trying to crab ride his way up Ivaniel's back, without immediate success. Ivaniel fends off the crab rides, but Miyao is up 3 advantages and his guard looks basically unpassable for Ivaniel. Joao still working on crab riding up, but it's not quite succeeding. Miyao wins.

Gabriel Moraes vs. Paolo Miyao

Double guard pull. Moraes and Paolo are both trying for the back takes. Paolo looks like he's gotten the upper hand in this struggle and is taking the back + collar choke position. Loses it! Moraes comes to top of open guard.

Moraes swivels around to a double guard situation and Paolo goes a-spinning. Moraes defending and looking to come up top in a half guard, but Paolo gets the right grips first. Paolo works his half guard pass for a while and then Moraes ends up with his back taken off a regular half guard scramble. Paolo very, very dominant here.


Rafael Mendes vs Gianni Grippo

Double guard pull, Gianni tries to come up top for the score, but Rafa spins under for a back take. Has one hook in and a collar grip. Gianni trying to free the hand grips and spin over. Rafa pushing up for the second hook placement. Rafa moving to the seatbelt control. Rafa switches to the body triangle. Gianni now trying to dig free the grips. No luck. Rafa now moves to a very tight double collar choke. Gianni does some last ditch attempts to escape, but the grips are too tight. Rafa taps Gianni for the win.

Mario Reis vs Denilson Pimenta

Reis pulls guard on Pimenta. Reis looking to attack to his right, but Pimenta is constantly stuffing him back down to the ground. This is looking like it's going to be a very low action match, as Reis just can't do anything right now with Pimenta playing pure defense.

Denilson stalling for a last minute push to get an advantage. Finally goes for in the last 30 seconds and fails. Reis moves on with a referee's decision in a terrible match.

Rubens Charles vs Ítalo Silva

Italo pulls guard. Cobrinha now in top of open guard. Cobrinha backsteps around to try for something there, attacking the leg positioning and perhaps a keylock. Cobrinha shifts around and then works the grips in for the keylock. Italo trying to swivel out the backdoor, but Cobrinha shifting to an armbar position. Italo diving backwards to try to get his shoulders to the mats. Cobrinha rips the arm free and gets a beautiful armbar finish very quickly.

Leonardo Saggioro vs Isaque Paiva.

Double guard pull. Paiva almost comes up in time, but nope. Back to the feet. Paiva trying to pull guard. Gets it after a couple tries and goes immediately to the RDLR game. Saggioro staying based and starts to flatten downwards to free his leg. Gets it free, but it's a switchover to DLR for Paiva. Back to the closed guard after some grip fighting and switching around. Paiva trying the waiter sweep briefly before Saggioro drops back to the ground.

Paiva trying for high guard and maybe a triangle, having some success, but not enough to prevent Saggioro fromstopping the attacks. This is almost a copy of Reis/Pimenta, but with way more attacks from both opponents.

Mario Reis vs. Rafael Mendes

Rafa jumps guard, Reis falls back as well. Reis trying to come up. Rafa trying for berimbolo right away. Reis falls on his back to defend, seizes a leg in a curious way. Rafa trying to pull himself up Reis's back, but the curious leg grip is preventing that movement. Reis now on his knees trying to kick over to prevent a back take. Rafa comes up top for the sweep points. Mario re-grips slightly and kicks Rafa over to get his own sweep points as well. Rafa and Reis are tied up in a very strange position that's letting Rafa move around any way but the way he wants to go. Rafa kicks them both over to get sweep points. There's a possible opportunity for Rafa to go for a flashy/showy move, but Reis has sufficient leg control that the window of opportunity slams shut once more.

Rafa starts working his leg free and keeps going and going for the berimbolo. Shakes free of Reis's grips! Gets the body triangle back control! What a sequence for Rafael Mendes. Reis now defending the collar choke. Rafa cinching it tighter and tighter. The choke looks like it's on tight. After a few seconds, Reis taps out.

Isaque Paiva vs. Rubens Charles

Paiva pulls guard on Cobrinha. Open guard with an eye towards DLR. Cobrinha standing. After a bit of maneuvering, Cobrinha shucks a leg past him and cinches side control tightly. Paiva trying to turn away or spin under to a more protected position, but Cobrinha is very tight. The refs drag them back to center of mats. Paiva pushes a leg back to quarter guard and Cobrinha pops it free a few seconds later. Tight side control now. Back and forth between quarter guard and side control for a while.

Cobrinha finally mounts and starts immediately working collar grips. Paiva trying to buck/upa out, but Cobrinha is barely budging from the mats. Starting to push Paiva to a side/get an arm underneath him. Paiva bucks out and they stand. Paiva then takes Cobrinha down. Score is 16-2, Cobrinha. A sweep to Cobrinha now. Paiva trying to desperately get a sub, gives up a pass to side control again. I flipped over to Otavio/Vitor for the end game. Score is now 21-2 as I come back.


Michael Langhi vs Philipe Della Monica

Langhi pulls guard and goes straight to spider. Della Monica trying to come around behind Langhi, but the inversion stops that strategy. Langhi seizes upon an omoplata. Della Monica looks to somersault under, but Langhi gets position enough to prevent it. Really attacking the omoplata. Della Monica's gone to his back and side to relieve the pressure. Langhi tries to get mount, while keeping the arm, but Della Monica rolls him over back to guard top. Langhi flips to a triangle fast and gets the tap. Wow.

Lucas Lepri vs Rodrigo de Freitas

Freitas sits. Lepri comes into the half guard. I flipped over to watch Langhi and Lepri appears to not have passed, but Freitas looks like he can't launch offense at all. It's a bit of a grinding match that's clearly Lepri's so, I'm flipping elsewhere. Lepri wins.

Jonathan Torres vs Juan Kamezawa

Kamezawa pulls guard, JT starts hopping over legs to try and get the pass. Kamezawa maneuvering enough to keep the guard alive, but gives up the double unders position. JT uses to to flip Kamezawa over and can't quite get it 100% to get the turtle. Kamezawa flops back to the guard, but JT is already moving for a pass. Re-guard once more and JT now flattening Kamezawa out by spreading the legs. Going for the double unders again. Interesting match.

Kamezawa is flexible enough and smart/skilled enough to keep the guard alive, but JT is chaining together pass attempts again and again. The match is probably going to be decided by advantages or referee's decision and the way it's going, JT is the only one with the capacity to score advantages or positive impressions. More of this double unders/guard retention battle. Time running out. JT staying active and chaining attempts. Time runs out and JT wins the referee's decision.

Celso Venicius vs Roberto Satoshi

Satoshi pulls guard fast on Celso, who dives into the half guard with a strong underhook on the top leg. Satoshi inverting and looking to prevent a pass. Goes full invert, comes to belly down, scrambles to full guard and then now working half guard. Full guard after a bit and it looks like Celso Vinicius or Satoshi is bleeding from an accidental bump on the head. It's Satoshi's nose. Medics taking care of it.

Reset in the closed guard. Satoshi trying for an x-guard sweep and Celsinho drops down to keep base. Satoshi has the leg, far side grip on ankle and a hook, but Celsinho pulling a leg of Satoshi's free and is keeping his base. Satoshi pulls Celsinho over, goes for a back take, but it's back to the guard for Satoshi in the scramble. Celsinho now launching a pass attempt again.

Satoshi works around to a back take attempt and has one hook in, now two! Celsinho looks like he's out of energy. Can't quite get the second hook in. Celso slides out to the side and eventually they get back to standing. Satoshi shoots in, flips over the guard, Celso trying to flatten himself out to free the hooked leg. Time elapses and Satoshi wins 2-0.

Langhi vs. Torres

JT goes for the double unders fast and nearly gets a pass, but Langhi slides out of danger even faster. Langhi now in the spider guard and JT trying to scoop under/flip Langhi. One advantage to Torres. Langhi works grips, grips, then shoots for a triangle - which makes JT sit way back to avoid. Back to spider guard.

Slow battle for position between the two. Ends up in the 50/50 for some time, then Langhi opens things up. JT takes advantage of some crazy scrambling to get Langhi to turtle up with less than 30 seconds left! Huge positional battle goes JT's way and Langhi loses by advantages.

Roberto Satoshi vs. Lucas Lepri

Satoshi pulls guard and goes to DLR. Lepri pushing down the hooking leg and pulling the top leg past him. Lepri working slowly and then knee cuts to a possible side control seizure. Satoshi shrimps out to get the quarter guard back, but then Lepri passes firmly. Satoshi kicks out and rolls to turtle, then tries to come back in for guard. Lepri prevents that and settles into side control. Lepri should be up on points majorly by now. Satoshi trying to do something, but Lepri staying on top in the half guard and trying to get past once more. Lucas once more knee cuts past the guard and into knee on belly. Satoshi bucks free and then back to open guard. Lepri drops down with a lapel underhook in the half guard and then backsteps his way to side control once more. They keep going like this for a while.

Lucas Lepri wins 20-0 and meets JT Torres in the finals.


Otavio Sousa vs. Vitor Henrique

Otavio pulls guard early and is looking for his favored armbar/shoulder lock. Pulling Vitor down, but it's not working very well. Otavio, after a long stalling period by Vitor, goes for an omoplata. Vitor stands to defend and comes back down in the standing. Oavio trying to hook sweep with a DLR grip. Vitor standing up. Otavio now gets the hook sweep after making sure Vitor's far leg stays out there. Vitor goes straight to the half guard, then tries to stand. Otavio was defending a takedown and then sat down, so he gives up 2 points. Tie game. Vitor gets hit with point penalties. Otavio now up 4-2, as Vitor is given a third stalling point (Otavio has 2) and both have one advantage each. Otavio trying to gi choke Vitor from the guard now, but Vitor has the strength to power out of it.

Otavio bursts up to get an omoplata, which makes Vitor defend. Vitor rips free and starts trying to pass the guard - nearly has it, but there's a lot of scrambling going on as time elapses. Otavio wins on points.

Alan do Nascimento vs Jaime Canuto

Canuto pulls guard on Finfou, who comes up on one knee. Immediate move to DLR for Canuto, Finfou stuffs the hooking leg and starts trying to come around. Canuto scrambles around and sweeps Finfou as a result. DLR for Finfou now. A break for a medic team to retape/readjust something on Canuto's foot.

Finfou going for double unders in the reset. Then gets swept. Going for DLR on Canuto, topples him down, but no sweep or advantage. Canuto stands once more. A scramble happens and apparently Finfou hurt something in his elbow or forearm badly as they went out of bounds. Medical team surrounds Finfou for a long time.

Somehow, the match resumes with Finfou in closed guard. After a bit, Finfou opesn it up and goes for the DLR sit-up sweep. Canuto pushes him back down, but has to contort to defend it. Finfou gets the sweep! 4-4, but Canuto is up on advantages! Canuto now has half guard. Finfou spins for a footlock and drops back for it. An advantage is given, but Canuto keeps his 3 advantage lead by nearly coming up top. Finfou may have gotten a takedown, but nope, it's an advantage only.

A double guard pull results and Finfou pops up top for one more advantage. Later on a reset happens and Finfou drives forwards just as Canuto pulls the guard. 2 points for Finfou and Canuto now frantically trying to score as time is running out. Advantages accumulating to Canuto for near takedowns, but no result. Finfou flattens out Canuto in side control as time runs out.

Leandro Lo vs Victor Santos

Lo pulls guard and goes into a spider guard variant. I flipped over to watch Finfou/Canuto so missed most of the action here. Coming back here, I see no points or advantages scored and Lo in a 50/50 or DLR hybrid. Weird position. They stay there or in slightly different variants for the entire match. No points scored still. Lo wins a ref's decision, I think.

Victor Estima vs Claudio Calasans

Calasans pulls guard. They edge out of bounds and the referees reset them in the same position in the middle. Calasans appears to be working a 50/50 toehold. Loses it. Victor working to get a set of grips he likes. Calasans underhooking a leg and trying to kneebar Victor again and again.  Victor standing, Calasans now in 5/50, while Victor looking to break the leg grips. Calasans grabs the far side leg and pulls it in. Victor has to drop to his knees keep his balance. They stalemate in the 50/50.

Victor comes up, Calasans trying for a straight armlock, but it's not working. Victor pulls the arm free. Calasans has 2 advantages for his work. Victor works two footlocks for advantages and a ref's decision results. Victor wins that and Calasans is looking very angry.

Otavio vs. Finfou

It looks like Finfou hit his head wrong somehow and the match has ended. Finfou has been down for a very long time and medics are seeing to him. There may be an ambulance coming in for him.

A rewind shows that Otavio's movement from an omoplata to a fast armbar probably broke Finfou's arm, which may have led to shock or something else happening. The medics have stabilized his head and he's been stretchered out.

Leandro vs. Victor

Leandro pulls guard. Victor reluctant to engage, but they're slowly getting in there. Leandro sweeps! Victor playing spider guard. Victor playing galaxy guard and nearly maneuvers into an omoplata. Leandro falls to his back after getting out and Victor now stands. Victor chases a footlock and gets it very close to a tap. Leandro spins and escapes after some time, so Victor gets one advantage, then gets swept. Leandro is now on top, posting out and balancing. Trying to ride out the next three minutes. Victor chases yet another footlock. Leandro gets out and then immediately goes for a pass, very hard and fast. Gets it! Chills in side control as time expires.


Rômulo Barral vs Abmar Barbosa

Abmar pulls half guard after a brief stand-up feeling out process. Abmar looking to sit-up sweep, but Romulo basing out and trying to break grips. The grips get broken and Romulo starts knee cutting and driving Abmar's upper body back down to the mats. Abmar spins out and nearly gets a sit-up sweep , but Barral stays alert during the scramble and they reset to Abmar's half guard. Barral puts on a mean crossface and pops his trapped leg free. Abmar now trying to push Romulo off. Romulo bringing strong side control pressure and keeping Abmar's hips pinned. Abmar gets to his side, but Romulo has shifted position so a kimura is threatening. Abmar can't escape and Romulo quickly gets the tap.

Gustavo Campos vs Renato Cardoso

Cardoso pulls guard. So does Guto Campos. Guto comes put top first for the advantage. Renato trying for a 50/50 sweep. Guto drops to his back to defend and nobody's going anywhere for a while. Tied up on advantages. Guto comes up top once more, but no advantages awarded. Renato trying to work a foot grip into a kneebar or a sweep. Ends up back in the 50/50, Guto shoving the legs down, Renato spinning under. Guto drops down and frees himself from the legs. Now in mount. Guto trying to take the back as Renato goes for an escape. Renato gets out and Guto keeps ahold of him, goes for a sweep. No luck. Renato comes back into the guard and is down 4-0. Guto gets a sweep and side control now. Guto up 9-0.

Braulio Estima vs Thiago Silva

Braulio shoots in with a bad takedown, pulls guard, now in half guard. Climbing up Thiago's arm, going for DLR. He's down 2 points due to the terrible takedown. Trying to get under Thiago, but it's not working either. After staying with it for a minute plus, Braulio finally levers Thiago over for the sweep points. Braulio now trying to scoop Thiago up and get to top turtle. Does it, Thiago trying to get away, but Braulio gets the back and the very fast choke.

Diego Nogueira vs Murilo Santana

Murilo pulls guard, Diego nearly passes it, but Murilo spins under and tangles their legs. Murilo uses some very strong leg grips to pull himself upright, dump Diego down and go for a back take. Diego shifts around so Murilo is now in top of deep half guard. 2 points to Murilo for the sweep. Murilo lets Diego re-angle the half guard and then turns that into a back take attempt with collar choke grips in. Wow. Diego trying to ball up and pull his butt back inside, but Murilo seems like he's figured out how to keep the position. Murilo eventually gets the back take, while digging deeper the collar grips. Diego starts trying to slide up and over. Gets squirmy enough to escape and Murilo is briefly back to guard, then half guard. Flattening Diego's upper body out and swiveling the legs over. Murilo up by 13 points when he gets an armbar finish.

Romulo vs. Guto

Guto pulls half guard. Romulo trying to smash knee cut across. Guto makes space, starts pulling on a leg in a 50/50 guard and manages to stretch out Romulo. Possible footlock for Guo, but Romulo falls to his back to defend. Guto comes up to top and gets the sweep points.

Romulo immediately gets between the legs, into a spider guard and sweeps. Guto plays a very active 50/50 guard and goes after Romulo's right foot. Romulo trying to stay balanced. The feet end up in a position where Guto has been DQ'ed for illegal leg positioning. Hate the rule, but it's led to a conclusion.

Braulio vs. Murilo

Braulio pulls guard and so does Murilo. Santana goes to top and gets the advantage. Braulio gets a deep collar grip and appears to be trying to pull Murilo's same side leg for a triangle. Murilo shifts over to the other side for his passing work. Murilo on his side, then after a long time, gets flipped over by Braulio. Estima driving into Murilo to flatten him out. No real action for a long time.

Then Murilo gets a fast sweep. Braulio comes back up to the top, so it's 4-2 Braulio. Murilo turtles up and Braulio tries for a triangle. Murilo goes to his side, in the half guard. Braulio slides over and gets Murilo's back! Murilo flattened out and trying to get loose without giving up a choke. Braulio moves to the body triangle after he's gotten the points and then begins placing his hands. Murilo is fending off the choke grips, but can't get loose of the legs. Murilo eventually gets out and Braulio goes for an armbar.

Time runs out. Braulio wins on points.


Andre Galvão vs Luiz Panza

Galvao goes for a berimbolo fast. He doesn't get the back take, but he does get to top position and is now in quarter guard. Panza turns over after nearly being mounted and Galvao takes the back. Goes for a choke very quickly and gets it.

Jackson Sousa vs Rafael Lovato Jr.

Lovato tries for a triangle as he pulls guard. Doesn't get it, goes after the DLR attacks and then starts hooking Jackson's legs to try for a sweep. Jackson trying to work around on either side, on his toes attacking with pressure. Lovato looks comfortable though. After a long while of Lovato fending off the pass attempts, Jackson nearly gets a back take going, but Lovato reverses out, turtles up, scrambles and comes up on top of Jackson's turtle. Reset on the feet. Lovato is down on advantages, 1-3 and Jackson has 2 stalling points. After a bunch of stalling, Jackson gets hit with a third stalling call and Lovato is up 2-0 on points with 3 seconds left.

Lovato wins as a result of that call.

Felipe Pena vs Nivaldo Oliveira

Pena with a very bad guard pull. Reset to standing. Pena pulls guard better this time. 50/50 guard. Somehow Pena magics out of it and gets an armbar finish.

Dimitrius Souza vs Lucas Leite

Lucas pulls half guard on Dimi. Lucas trying for sit-up sweeps, but Dimi is stuffing him back down each time. Now shifting for the deep half, but Dimi is freeing his trapped leg. Now trying to come around, but Leite goes to his belly and recovers to open guard. Dimi comes forwards and tries to get quarter guard, but Leite's grips are too strong to let him drive the knee down. More half guard battles going on. Medical break.

Galvao vs. Lovato

After some stand-up tussling, Galvao pulls closed guard. Lovato stands, then Galvao breaks, then Lovato drops. Lovato tries to toss Galvao's legs aside, but it doesn't work and Andre stands. Andre trying for a throw pretty hard. Andre drops to guard. Lovato stands, bending over and grabbing knee grips. Andre shoots a triangle, then switches to an omoplata. Lovato steps over and Andre uses that to roll Lovato over to come up top. Andre now looking to stabilize and rest before really beginning his passing work. Andre going leg weave on Lovato's active guard. It's working to a degree, but they slow the action down in a pre-cursor to the leg drag pass position.

Galvao re-grips and sets up a very solid pass, but Lovato sits up out of it after a very tough try by Galvao. Andre then launches into another pass and secures side control this time. Lovato turns into him and spins over, Andre tries to get a back take in the scramble, but it doesn't work. They stand and retie their belts. Standing grip battle.

Lovato pulls guard, then goes for a serious kimura. Andre postures up and pulls out, which makes Lovato go for a kneebar. Andre staying low and tight now, preventing Lovato's legs from coming in. Lovato knows he's down 5 points, so he's scrambling for positions that can lead to submissions, but Andre's passing is too tight and too much pressure for him to score any points. Time elapses as they struggle.

Felipe Pena vs. Dimitrius Soares

Pena pulls guard and spins under. Dimi fending off the berimbolo. After a while, Pena gets on the back. Now working the double collar choke. Switches to a bow and arrow and keeps it tight, tight after much maneuvering. Gets the tap.


Leonardo Nogueira vs Paulo Jardim

Leo pulls half guard and appears to be shifting straight to Bernardo Faria's favorite lapel sweep game. Gets the sweep. Lands in double unders. They stand and Leo pulls guard once more. 2-0 to Leo. Leo now playing deep half. Stalling call on both, so penalty point is assigned to both. Deep half. Medical break.

Rodolfo Vieira vs James Puopolo

I had to step out for a transportation emergency and saw Rodolfo take James's back and choke him out very quickly.

Yuri Simões vs Gustavo Pires

Missed this.

Bernardo Faria vs Igor Silva

Missed this.

Faria vs. Simoes

Faria pulls half guard, looks to get the sit-up single leg. Bugles a spin under after a bit and Simoes drops even farther down to seize side control just long enough to get points for it. Back to the half guard. Faria frees the lapel, then scoops Simoes over into over/under pass. Simoes uses that momentum to re-roll Faria, so no points are achieved. Simoes building up advantages for shoving Faria back down. Faria stands, then pulls guard once more. Faria tries for high guard, which makes Simoes stand up, which gives Faria a leg to underhook. Lapel grip going now. Flips Yuri back over for points this time. 3-2 to Simoes right now. Faria now trying double unders. Simoes fends it off, swivels sideways and engineers a sweep-back. Faria sweeps again with his deep half work. 5-4 for Simoes. Faria now trying to pass by shunting Simoes's legs off to the side. Gets it! Bernardo going straight for the back take. Gets it! Bernardo got no points for the pass/side control, so he is up 8-5 now. Faria working the choke grips slowly. Simoes fending them off, but losing the battle for time and position at the same time.

Rodolfo vs. Leo Nogueira

Leo dives in on a leg and Rodolfo sprawls. Leo eventually shifts to deep half. Rodolfo slides over after a bit and very quickly sets up a head and arm triangle, which Leo taps to.


Ricardo Evangelista vs Mario Barbosa

Missed this.

Helton Lima vs Marcus Almeida

Missed this.

Thiago Oliveira vs Rodrigo Cavaca

Cavaca loses a referee's decision. Controversial for sure.

Abraham Marte vs Alexander Trans

Trans pulls half guard. Marte tries to compress him into a ball and make it uncomfortable enough to force a repositioning. Trans manages to swivel around to closed again and then goes back to the deep half guard, threatening a back take. Marte trying to get his leg loose, but Trans has the grips perfectly lined up. Marte still pushing for the better position, but Trans holds him where he is. Some moving around, slow paced match. Trans looking to use footlocks to win. Trans uses 50/50 to come up top.

Marcus Almeida vs. Evangelista

Buchecha completely whiffs on an over the back grip, but turns it into a successful double leg. Wonderful. Stands up in Evangelista's closed guard. Evangelista angles Buchecha off enough to get a sweep when he opens up the guard. Buchecha in the half guard, then knee bumps Evangelista forwards, then comes up top in the scramble. Half guard for Evangelista, who tries his own bump sweep from shin on shin guard to armbar. Doesn't work. Turtles up. Buchecha in top of turtle. Almeida turns Evangelista and gets a back take, then goes for a collar choke. Gets the leg positioning just right and pulls! Gets the tap!

Trans vs. Thiago

Trans takes the bow-out win.

Women's finals are listed below:

Roosterweight: Marcela Lawton vs. Shiho Yaginuma

Yaginuma in the blue and Lawton in the white. They go for standing grips for a while, then Lawton pulls guard. Moves to shin to shin after a while, trying to come up with a single leg, then falls back for a knee bump. Shiho keeps her balance and Lawton stands up. Shiho gets a solid set of grips and they break, then re-clinch. Marcela pulls guard again. Going DLR this time, then pops over to closed guard, then finally to half guard. Shiho looking to stuff the top leg down fully, but Lawton keeps the distance just right. Back to closed guard. Shiho not really able to do much here. Lawton going after an arm with a two on one grip. Shiho having her arm extended. Lawton uses that to go for a sloooow scissors sweep - which is better than it sounds. Shiho finally regains her balance and shifts around to half guard. Lawton now bumping Shiho around and nearly gets a sweep working. Shiho backs out just in time and then comes into the guard once more. Marcela playing a high guard now, trying to pull a leg over for an omoplata or cause a posturing up that can be taken advantage of. Shiho opts for the posture up and it's done well enough that Marcela can't take advantage. Back to the high guard. Lawton manages a last minute spurt of action, but it looks like Shiho has gotten an advantage somewhere, so she wins.

Shiho Yaginuma is the first women's roosterweight champion. The commentary team says it's also the first gold medal for any Japanese competitor in the BJJ world championships.

Light-featherweight: Ariadne Oliveira vs. Gezary Matuda

Ariadne in blue and Gezary in white.

Double guard pull and Ariadne trying to set up a leg lasso. The 20 seconds run out and both are stood up again. Ariadne gets in on a nice double leg and dumps Gezary to the ground. Gezary goes straight for a spider guard set-up. Ariadne sits down and Gezary trying to DLR/berimbolo now. Ariadne keeps the legs just right and goes to a bit of shin to shin before standing up to try for a pass around the guard. Gezary nearly snaps on an omoplata, but Ariadne drops down out of it and comes back up. Gezar still attacking omoplatas. Ariadne trying to work over or around the guard. Gezary to DLR and turns over, Ariadne in danger of an omoplata and can't scooch out of it like the last few. Gezary swivels behind and works on it some more, but Ariadne clears the legs from the arm with her free hand. Now Gezary is on her back with Ariadne having a body triangle the wrong way around - odd looking position. Ariadne opens up and the scramble takes them out of bounds.

Double guard pull in the reset and Gezary comes up top. Three advantages to her. Gezary has nearly passed, but Ariadne grabs an omoplata - which Gezary counters by sort of passing. So Ariadne has an omoplata, but has Gezary crossfacing her on the other side. Ariadne wants to come underneath and swivel out to get the omoplata, but the crossface is preventing that and Gezary is trying to pull the arm free the entire time. Matuda does get the arm free and has the pass and side control points, so she's up 5-2.

Ariadne sets up some spider guard and nearly kicks over Gezary for a sweep. Matuda goes up another two points. Ariadne goes for a belt grip DLR after a retie of the belts and starts spinning under. Quite a bit of repositioning from both athletes and it's a fast-paced battle. Gezary uses her agility to hop out and then immediately goes for a flying triangle as time expires. Gezary should get some credit for not stalling out her points lead and Ariadne utilized shin to shin guard and a few different entries to DLR in a creative way.

Gezary Matuda wins 7-2 and wins the light featherweight championship.

Featherweight: Tammi Musumeci vs. Michelle Nicolini

Double guard pull. Tammi immediately goes to the berimbolo and gets it deep before Nicolini starts countering. Tammi  now losing position a bit as Michelle wakes up and works her counters. Michelle now turning into Tammi and going for a toehold. Tammi has to back off the berimbolo to make sure the toehold isn't effective, but accidentally gives up a kneebar. Nicolini chooses not to lock down the 50/50 and Tammi goes back to the berimbolo. Nicolini gives up top position/sweep instead of the back. Tammi goes for the back anyways after getting to the top. Slicing past Nicolini's guard now. Michelle has a knee up, preventing mount, but has her back flattened. Michelle kicks up enough to fully off-balance Tammi and comes up, but Tammi spins under for another berimbolo. Wow. Michelle's position isn't great, so she's going for the toehold and 50/50 guard once more. Tammi perseveres with the berimbolo and Michelle abandons the toehold to defend. The score is still 2-2, but Tammi has 2 advantages to Michelle's 4.

Tammi gets a berimbolo deep enough to fully get up behind Michelle, but only one hook is in. The flexibility of Nicolini lets her escape the second hook and she goes to work getting the first hook off - not fearing a choke at all. But she gives up the sweep points, so she's losing on points 4-2. Now Michelle gets out and right into an omoplata. Tammi has Michelle nearly fully extended and Michelle somehow drags her arm back out and pulls guard at a bad time. 6-4 to Tammi now, with 4 advantages to Nicolini and 3 to Musumeci. Michelle gets Tammi's left arm behind her body and bends it completely the wrong way. No tap! Nicolini muscles up to her feet and shoves Tammi back down to get sweep points! 30 seconds left! Tammi's broken arm/shoulder is obviously not working.

Nicolini seizes mount and it's 13-6. Whoa. What a last minute for Nicolini to come from behind and put 9 points on the board in that time.

Medics run on the mats to take care of Tammi and Michelle celebrates. Oh, what an end to that match.

Michelle Nicolini is the featherweight champion.

Video of the armbar through Instagram:  http://t.co/lU79jC8pmA

Lightweight: Beatriz Mesquita vs. Luiza Monteiro

Bia in white and Luiza in blue.

Double guard pull. Bia comes up just in time to prevent the reset standing and gets 2 points. Luiza trying to kick her away and over in the DLR. Luiza working different open guard set-ups and it's a boring match with Bia in top of half guard with 3:30 left. With 2 minutes to go, Luiza has one advantage and great grips for a sweep, but it seems like the action has stalled. Luiza goes for the sweep with 50 seconds left, but Bia goes over and then back up! Two advantages to Luiza for all that work and no points. 20 seconds left to go. Time expires and Bia Mesquita wins with an early score, riding out for the win.

Bia Mesquita wins the lightweight title.

Middleweight: Vanessa Oliveira vs. Janni Larsson

Vanessa in blue and Janni in white.

Double guard pull and Vanessa comes up on top. Janni controlling sleeves as first priority. Vanessa trying to drive through with lots of pressure, but it's not working. Boring match with Vanessa basically stuffing everything. Janni puts together enough of a sweep attempt to score - and does it again. It's now 2-1 in advantages for Larsson. Vanessa picks up the pace considerably and tries to pass more aggressively. They reset in the middle. Larsson works some spider guard and eventually works over to a kneebar, which shifts into 50/50 guard. Vanessa standing up, but can't stay up right. Janni goes for the kneebar and Vanessa spins around and around. Larsson ends up in an x-guard situation and Vanessa stuffs the legs down, but cannot pass or get her leg free for a solid pass attempt. Larsson is guaranteed a win.

Larsson wins her middleweight title with a very careful strategy of guard-based aggression.

Medium-heavyweight: Hannette Staack vs. Ana Laura Cordeiro

Hannette in blue and Ana in white.

Staack jumps guard on a standing Ana. Still standing and Staack trying to tip her to the ground. Guard breaks, Hannette goes down and tries for DLR. Ana angles out and Hannette switches to deep half guard and Ana is trying to smother that and switch to regular half guard. Hannette keeping the deep half, but Ana is very strongly keeping the top. Ana tries to create some more space to get out, but Hannette nearly takes her the other way before Ana recovers and goes back to the lockdown half.

A brief scramble results after Hannette flips over Ana, but they stand and Hannette goes back down to the guard, so it's an advantage for Hannette. No points scored. Ana has the 2 points. Staack is stuck in the deep half with about 2 minutes to go. Ana working to pass. 30 seconds to go and Hannette flips the switch. Gets the sweep, but she's down an advantage with 20 seconds left. Ana holding down Staack with everything she has in her. Hannette stands and the guard opens, but it's too late.

Ana Cordeiro is the champion.

Heavyweight: Andresa Correa vs. Fernanda Mazzelli

Correa in the blue and Mazelli in the white.

Correa just gets up, shucks Mazelli to the ground on her elbows and knees and seizes top turtle. Mazzelli stays turtled for a long time before going to her side and taking half guard.

Correa just can't get out of Mazzelli's half guard, despite flattening the upper body for minutes on end. Mazzelli is doing nothing. They stay there for a long, long time. With 30 seconds left to go, Correa has 2 stalling penalties. They reset standing and Mazzelli dives in on a terrible takedown, flops to her back and somehow gets a sweep. Correaa knows she's up on advantages anyways, so she holds on as time expires.

Andresa Correa wins the heavyweight championship.

Super-heavyweight: Andrea Pereira vs. Venla Luukkonen

Andrea in blue and Venla in white.

They clinch standing and Venla does a sacrifice throw. Gets side control right away, but tries for knee on belly. Nope. Back to side control. Double unders and driving into Andrea. Venla slides over to mount. Going for an americana/keylock, which nearly gets her swept. Venla retains top position and Andrea is on her side (they are in S-mount). Venla tries an armbar without budging from mount. Doesn't get it. Tries another arm attack. Gets a tap.

Venla Luukkonen is the super-heavyweight champion.

Superheavyweight Finals: Rodolfo Vieira vs. Bernardo Faria

Bernardo in white and Rodolfo in blue.

Bernardo shoots in, trying to grab a lapel. Rodolfo sprawls then turns on the afterburners trying to scramble around to Bernardo's back. It's a close thing, but Bernardo manages to get open guard back in place. Bernardo goes to his half guard game and Rodolfo gets the farside underhook and is pulling his knee up and up. Bernardo is pinching the lower leg enough to keep it there. Rodolfo gets up high on Faria and then decides to reset down lower in the half guard.

Faria trying to work his usual game, but Rodolfo gets out of the half guard and to side control. Faria strains and puts Rodolfo back in the half guard, this time with a lapel grabbed over the thigh of Rodolfo. Rodolfo scoops the farside underhook and pulls his leg out. Faria turns away from the head, onto his belly and looking towards Rodolfo's legs. Rodolfo setting up for a crucifix position/sprawl. Faria still on his belly and then drives up to his feet. Rodolfo lets him stand and Faria dives in on a leg. Rodolfo sprawls. Still sprawling on top of a turtled Faria (who has Rodolfo's leg tight). Faria digs deep, grabs the leg again and dumps a standing Rodolfo to the ground. But Vieira doesn't stay there long enough for points to be scored, so it's back to a turtle for Faria and the sprawl for Vieira. Faria can't turn the corner and angle Rodolfo over, so he's motionless. They're close enough to the boundaries that they're reset in the middle. Rodolfo tries a switch, which ends badly for him and Faria may have a sweep or back take opportunity. Rodolfo rolling around avoiding the sweep and Faria nearly gets the back take. Misses completely, falls on his back and Rodolfo jumps onto him once more, inside the half guard. Rodolfo mounts as time ends. Bernardo loses 10-0.

Rodolfo Vieira wins another world title.

Ultra-Heavyweight Final: Marcus Almeida vs. Alexander Trans

Almeida in the blue and Trans in the white.

Almeida shoots and Trans sprawls. Trans goes low for his pass and gets past Almeida's guard! Staying very low and tight, scooping up the nearside arm to prevent a stiff arm. They reset in the middle and Almeida shunts Trans back to the half guard. Almeida working a lapel grip behind the back, but Trans has a very deep crossface when he wants it. Almeida puts him back to closed guard and then begins scrambling around.

Trans can't keep up and ends up with Almeida threatening a back take and a choke. Gives up the 2 points. Almeida gets a choke grip on and now puts his hooks in as Trans deals with the hands. Almeida up 6-3 now. Trans on his side and pushing the hands down. Almeida digs a lapel grip out and briefly goes for a bow and arrow before Trans pulls his own lapel out (relieving the pressure). Almeida patiently waits and waits, adjusts a bit and then pulls the cross collar choke from behind. This time, it's a different result - fast tap from Trans.

Marcus Almeida wins another ultra-heavyweight title.

Roosterweight Final: Bruno Malfacine vs. Joao Miyao

Bruno in blue and Joao in white.

Double guard pull. Bruno comes to top and avoids the RDLR hook. Miyao brings the leg back over to spider guard. Malfacine kicks a leg out to get a cuff grip on it and is looking to stuff the DLR hook with a leg angle and total prevention of the free leg's movement. Does it. Miyao kinda folded up, letting Bruno have a collar grip. Joao trying once more for the DLR grips and leg positioning, but Bruno goes up and over the DLR leg and back to open guard. Bruno staying out of trouble, but can't seem to mount a truly effective guard pass attempt. Instead, he's stifling everything Joao does. Probably biding his time. Joao goes RDLR and spins under. Malfacine tips over on his own and goes for a seat of pants grip himself. Joao comes up top to get sweep points. Bruno goes back up to get his sweep points as well. Then breaks free of the Miyao grips. They stand and retie their belts. Tied on points, yet Bruno has the one advantage to his tally.

Miyao still on his butt and goes for a fast DLR pull. Bruno stifles it and goes down into the guard. Bruno ducks under a leg and is trying super hard for a leg drag pass situation, but Joao puts a mighty effort forth to get his butt down. Joao sweeps, but his position is weak so it's a 2 points lead that will likely disappear soon. Bruno goes into the 50/50 guard along with Joao and eventually gets his 2 points back. Tie on points, with one advantage to Bruno. They're spinning around with no real result happening. Joao gets another 2 points. 2 minutes left.

More 50/50 silliness. Joao works a toehold to maybe get an advantage going, but Bruno isn't tapping. Bruno is down 2 points, Joao gets his advantage!. 30 seconds! Bruno moving to try and pass. Miyao trying to entangle him and get a 50/50 sweep! No luck. Bruno nearly gets a back take! Miyao doing everything he can to avoid it as time runs out. The score is tied and one advantage is given to Bruno for the back take - and one more advantage is given to Joao! Referee's decision coming. Wooooow.

Light Featherweight Final: Gui Mendes vs. Paolo Miyao:

Gui in blue and Paolo in white.

Paolo pulls guard. Gui going for the double unders right away and ends up switching grips as Paolo pushes him away. Gui starts trying an over/under pass from farther away. Going for a footlock of some sort and Paolo kicks Gui over, but no sweep. Gui uses that to angle his lower body past Paolo's legs. Paolo manages to recompose guard after scrambling around, although he drops an advantage to Gui. Gui now going for something else and Paolo comes up in top of 50/50. Paolo drops for a 50/50 armbar! What guts! Doesn't work. Paolo trying to spin under as usual. Gui working a possible kneebar, but the knee isn't trapped. Gui comes to top of 50/50 and Paolo takes him backwards, instead of settling, so no points for Gui. They go into dueling toeholds.

Paolo puts forth a very, very painful looking toehold on Gui, while Gui has a sort of ankle lock going. 2:30 left to go. Paolo still working on the toehold and for some strange reason Gui pulls his own leg towards him for a second before kicking it back out. 2 points to Paolo for top, then Gui sits up and gets 2 points. Paolo pulls them back to the middle as Gui tries to edge them out for a reset. Still dueling footlocks, as Paolo switches to an anklelock akin to what Gui has on him. Time is running out and they're still stuck in the footlock position. Time runs out.

And somehow an advantage is given to Gui for some reason. Shady stuff.

Gui Mendes wins a fourth title with a shady call of an advantage as time elapsed.

Featherweight Final: Rafael Mendes vs. Rubens Charles

Rafael in blue and Rubens in white.

Both Charles and Rafa pulls guard. Charles comes up top first for the advantage and Cobrinha is looking to prevent full DLR. Rafa kicks Cobrinha in the mouth accidentally and it reminds Charles that he's forgotten his mouthpiece, which he goes to get. They restart with a ton of fidgeting over the exact position. 8:44 to go. Rafa uses a lapel threaded through the legs to knock Charles on his back. They're both on their backs and in the 50/50 position. Rafa now comes to top and gets 2 points for his troubles. After a bit, Cobrinha sweeps back and it's tied. After a shorter time, Rafa sweeps and gets re-swept, so it's still tied. One more repeat of this to get to 6-6 at the 4:45 mark. Cobrinha looking to stifle the re-sweep and both have opened up their 50/50 to try and break loose. Rafa gets one sweep to take an 8-6 lead. Cobrinha seems like he can't quite get to the back or pull Rafa over. 3 minutes left to go and Cobrinha now kicking Rafa's butt forwards. Rafa gets an angle he likes and they both creep out of their stalemate and Rafa explodes for a better position. They go somersaulting and Rafa nearly gets mount as they go crashing out of bounds.

Reset standing and Rafa pulls guard, up 2 points with 2 minutes left to go. Rafa pulling 50/50 once more. Rafa comes up once more for a 4 point lead. Cobrinha has 30 seconds lef to make something happen. There's very litte movement, but he does swivel around for a sweep to cut the lead to 10-8. Time elapses and Rafael Mendes wins another tight, tight match.

Rafael Mendes wins another featherweight title.

Lightweight Final: JT Torres vs. Lucas Lepri

JT in blue and Lepri in white.

They clinch up standing and get collar/elbow grips. Lots of jostling and moving around looking for a throw or a single leg. There's enough activity from both that it's not stalling, but it isn't terribly exciting to watch. A warning and another warning accumulate to both. Lepri finally grabs a leg  with a fireman's carry and pushes JT to the floor at the boundary. They reset in the middle and Lepri is up 2 points. Half guard for a long time, as Lepri pulls on the collar grips very tightly. They open up slowly and JT is working for a DLR/half guard sit-up sweep. 3:30 left.

Lepri trying to grab a back of JT's gi grip and swivel his hips into JT, but it's hard going. JT uses a collar grip and a re-shift to RDLR to try something. Lepri nearly shakes free, but gets put back into the half guard fast enough. Lepri trying to step over JT's head into a nearly past position, but JT wises up and despite the leg getting over, it's not as bad as it could have been. JT is flat on his back and Lepri has an underhook with lapel seized in that hand. It's not looking good for JT, but Lepri is stalling pretty bad right now. Lepri finally switches his hips and then yanks his leg free. Gets points. Now going knee on belly. Lepri up 7-0. Lepri gets shoved off and JT is back in guard. Lepri bulls to half guard and knee slices his way to side control and knee on belly again. 12-0 Lepri. JT puts him back in the half guard. Lepri working a baseball bat choke. Time elapses.

Lucas Lepri wins another world title.

Middleweight Final: Otavio Sousa vs. Leandro Lo

Otavio in blue and Leandro in white.

They circle for a bit and Leandro looks like he wants a guard pull. Gets it and Otavio starts trying to clear the legs right away. Lo going for a loose DLR and waiting out Otavio's aggressiveness. Then Lo manages to convince Otavio to lean forwards, which is then assisted by Lo's kicking backwards. Lo gets a sweep. Otavio stands immediately and then takes Lo down after grabbing a leg. Otavio has one advantage now also. Lo futzes around and then gets the exact same sweep on Otavio again. Otavio does his best to scramble forwards, but Lo still seizes ahold of him and Otavio goes to guard to prevent turtling or back taking. Otavio going for DLR now. Otavio grabs a single leg for a sit-up sweep, stands up, starts dragging Lo down. Lo tries to kick him completely backwards (without any hand grips), nearly does, but has to settle for rolling back to guard. Otavio has tied up the score points wise and has a one advantage lead. Lo nearly gets Otavio over on a sweep attempt and picks up an advantage.

They go out of bounds and reset in the middle with 5 minutes to go. Otavio grabs for a takedown and Lo chooses that moment to jump guard. 2 points to Otavio. Leandro gets one knee up, grabs Otavio's leg and has a hybrid 50/50/knee shield going. He rests for about 10 seconds and then just gets up and dumps Otavio down. Score is tied with 3:30 to go. Lo shoving Otavio's legs around, trying to pass. Lo and Otavio are spinning around and around the mats as Lo tries to pass. Otavio clamps on an omoplata on a standing Lo, who goes down to his knees and then stands to rip his arm free. Lo now trying to get pass and back-stepping around! Gets past! Secures side control! He's up 9-6 now with Otavio having a second advantage for the omoplata. 1:48 left and they reset in the middle to tie their belts. Otavio quickly moves to another omoplata, which morphs into an armbar that looks close, but Lo pulls his arm out. Advantage to Otavio again, but he's still 3 points down with 1 minute left to go. Otavio working a DLR very actively and then bails on it to go after a kneebar. It's not that close and as time runs out, he lets go to stand up.

Leandro Lo is the middleweight champion.

Medium-Heavyweight Final: Romulo Barral vs. Braulio Estima

Gracie Barra closeout here and Braulio takes this one.

Heavyweight Final: Andre Galvao vs. Felipe Pena

Andre in the blue and Preguica in the white.

They carefully look for grips and circle around each other. Pena leaves a leg out too far and Andre grabs a single leg. Pena tries to launch him overhead and they end up in a scramble. Pena lands a double out of bounds and they both get an advantage for that. Pena pulls guard after a bit and Andre starts bulling his way over the leg. No dice and a guard battle ensues. Pena takes advantage of an overeager Andre to flip him over and get 2 points. Andre going for grips and leg positions that cause some serious stretching of Pena, but can't off-balance him enough for a sweep. Pena fights his way back down to regular gravitic effecs. Andre is now in a much better position for a sweep and after a brief rest, he takes Pena over. A scramble results and Andre looks for the back, but ends up in the inverted guard of Preguica, who is trying for a kneebar/toehold from the backside. This is fascinating stuff that I can't sum up very well.

Pena manages a sweep during a scramble to the backside of Galvao, but it's not super-secure and Andre could get out of it/turn the tables on Pena once more. Andre stands up fast. Shoots in for a single leg, Felipe sprawls, but it's not effective and Andre gets the score tied up once more and has a one advantage lead. Preguical is going for a toehold, so he may be able to tie this up. Does get it tied up as he lets go. Galvao now in a reverse 50/50 and Preguica trying to come up, does come up, gets points. Andre has 20 seconds left to get the top. They're out of bounds and Andre has 14 seconds to score. Galvao has one more advantage. If he sweeps, he wins. If he doesn't, he loses. They're standing. Galvao needs a takedown. Preguica stalls them out of bounds. Stalling call on Pena. Galvao doesn't have the energy to take down Pena so he pulls for a tomoe nagi and it fails. Preguica wins.

Felipe Pena is the new world champion. Copa Podio now has two sponsored athletes that are 2014 Mundials winners.

Openweight: Michelle Nicolini vs. Beatriz Mesquita

Nicolini in blue once more and Bia in white.

Bia pulls guard and Nicolini drops to her back. They're playing footsie trying to get a good berimbolo position, but neither is letting go of sleeve grips. Nicolini drops one sleeve and takes an ankle cuff grip, before pulling it loose. Bia not going after anything right away. They continue like this for a while, then Bia flips to her knees, starts driving forwards and trying to loop around Nicolini's legs. They end up with Bia in the spider guard of Nicolini. Michelle kicks Bia forwards and shoots a triangle. No head inside, so Michelle switches to an armbar, which is gutted out. Bia can't use that to get around Michelle's guard so they reset back in the spider guard of Nicolini. A break to retie belts.

They're still in Nicolini's spider guard. Nicolini tries to boost Bia forwards, but posting keeps her out of trouble and Bia begins to sink back down onto the shin of Nicolini. A knee cuff grip for Bia is broken by Nicolini kicking out a spider guarding leg. Trying a single leg sit-up sweep, but Bia pushes her head back and sinks down to the mat on one knee. Three minutes left and both have 2 stalling penalties from earlier on. One advantage to Mesquita and 2 to Nicolini. If Michelle can sweep, she'll win. A DLR set-up nearly succeeds, but it's not far enough along to warrant an advantage. Bia trying to use pressure to get a pass going and slips out the trapped leg, starts to come around for a pass. Nicolini scrambles to guard and Bia receives an advantage. Michelle looking to RDLR/spider Bia once more. Trying to climb up Bia for an omoplata with 1:17 left to go. Bia in danger of a passivity call, but turns an overaggressive re-guard leg into a leg drag and successful pass with 10 seconds left to go. Time elapses and Bia wins 5-0.

Bia Mesquita wins a Mundials openweight championship after running into Gabi Garcia a few times.

Men's openweight finals: Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida vs. Rodolfo Vieira

Rodolfo in white and Almeida in blue.

They grip up and stand with each other. Almeida trying to go away from Rodolfo's stronger left side. They've been clinched up for a long time. Nothing serious happening, but Rodolfo is occasionally trying for a foot sweep and Buchecha drops for a double leg without anything happen. Rodolfo tries his drop seoi nage also, but no result. Referee has already given one stalling penalty to both. Rodolfo drops, scoops a knee and drives Buchecha straight out of bounds. Could pick up an advantage for that. Doesn't. They clinch up and not much action results. A stalling warning is given again and both have penalty points.

Buchecha then explodes for a single leg and Rodolfo briefly tries to kick him loose, but Buchecha sprawls enough to prevent it. Rodolfo settles in the half guard. They're on the border, so they reset. 4:45 to go. Rodolfo goes for a DLR as Buchecha stands. Rodolfo trying to kick Buchecha's far leg out to spin under and doesn't quite get there. Deep half for Rodolfo now. Buchecha pushing a farside leg down to free his own leg. Rodolfo kicks it up and resecures his grip on it, then goes for a belt grip. Buchecha sitting on his knees in Rodolfo's half guard. Buchecha tries to back out and go around Rodolfo's guard, but ends up in biceps ride/spider guard. Rodolfo back to spider guard in full. Buchecha standing, but unable to drive a leg down. Rodolfo not able to do much beyond get an RDLR hook going. Buchecha driving in and trying maybe to drive Rodolfo's inside knee to the ground, then slide over. Rodolfo gets the half guard back and gets deeper, but it's not going anywhere and he's seemingly stalled out. 1 minute left and Buchecha is basically cruising on his way to victory. Rodolfo can't get the sweep going thanks to Buchecha's agility and length. Time runs out and Buchecha celebrates.

Marcus Almeida wins another double gold at the Mundials and cements his place as a still young legend in the sport.

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