Cage Warriors to implement 60% fines for fighters missing weight.

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship can today confirm an increase in the percentage by which fighters will be fined in the event of their failure to make weight.

Beginning with the organisation’s next event - Cage Warriors 69: Super Saturday in London on June 7 - fighters who do not weigh in under their contracted limit will lose 60 per cent of their purse.

All fighters who fail to make weight will be subject to this fine, irrespective of how much they miss weight by. Until now, weighing over the limit by 2.2lbs or less resulted in a 25 per cent fine, with a 40 per cent fine implemented for anything above 2.2lbs. All fines were surrendered to the fighter’s opponent.

The change in approach from CWFC comes following last weekend’s Cage Warriors 68 event in Liverpool, which saw seven professional fighters miss weight, although all bouts went ahead nevertheless.

Under the new policy, in the event of a fighter missing weight, 40 per cent of his/her purse will be forfeited to their opponent, with the remaining 20 per cent to be donated to the opponent’s nominated charity.

CWFC fighters will continue to be given a further two hours to make weight if they fail to do so at their first attempt.

"We’re dealing with professional athletes here, but due to the lack of professionalism displayed by some, we’ve been forced to make these changes," said Cage Warriors Fighting Championship CEO Graham Boylan(pictured).

"Making weight is an obligation, not an option, and this will be the first step towards ensuring that we never have a situation again like we did last week. If this doesn’t deter fighters from missing weight, we’ll go to the next level. We’ll continue to make the necessary changes until this is resolved, because what happened last weekend was unacceptable.

"It’s imperative that fighters cut weight intelligently and do not push themselves beyond their bodies’ limits, so the onus is on them to ensure that they’re competing in the correct division, because making weight - and doing so in a safe manner - is absolutely compulsory.

"This is not about money, because the fines don’t go back into the company’s pocket. We’re making this change for the good of the sport and the promotion, so it’s now up to fighters to respect themselves, their opponents and the promotion, by making weight as they commit to in their contracts.

"SIxty per cent might seem like quite a significant figure, but the simple fact is that if you make weight like you’re supposed to, you won’t lose a penny."

personally, i think this is WAY, WAY too much. i dont know what guys in CWFC make, but i've gotta think its less than the 8/8 guys opening a UFC card are getting. taking over half of that money leaves people with not much to live and train on until there next fight. what are everyone elses thoughts on this?

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