UFC Fight Night: Brown vs. Silva - Neil Magny vs. Tim Means preview and prognostication

Not a place Magny would like to be this weekend in Cincinatti - Photo by Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Welterweight-turned-Lightweight-Now-Welterweight again, Tim Means looks to redeem himself in the division now owned by Johny Hendricks against TUF alumni, Neil Magny. It's a low key fight that should be heavy on action. Can the two steal the show?

Neil Magny vs. Tim Means Welterweight

Why are we previewing a facebook prelim? I thought they stopped doing those?

They did.


Now apologize to Neil Magny and Tim Means.

Sorry Neil...and Tim.


Now, granted, I'm not here to lie to the fine folks of BE, and say that this is a brilliant bit of matchmaking fitting for a spot on the main card of a UFC event.

But ultimately we come here for MMA, and Tim and Neil reflect that.

I feel like the UFC is an NFL owner trying to convince me that the CFL is just as watchable with a talent gap not so wide.


So get on with it.

Neil got his time in the spotlight with an appearance on the TUF season that pitted Shane Carwin against Roy Nelson. It was an especially awful season that at least had the courtesy to create an amusing meme.

His season ended with a brutal elbow KO at the hands (well...elbows) of Mike Ricci. He's coming off a win over Gasan Umalatov at UFC 169, making him 2-2 overall in the UFC with losses to Sergio Moraes and Seth Baczynski. At 26 years of age, he's got some room for improvement.

Means, in association with Power MMA, is a WW product who decided to try his hand at LW in the UFC instead of fighting at his natural weight. To be fair, he had some tough matchups at LW. His first UFC loss came at the hands, knees, and feet of Jorge Masvidal, and his second to Danny Castillo in a tepid affair. Missing weight was ostensibly the impetus for getting him booted from his UFC contract (he took the fight on short notice, in his defense).

Magny is a +220. Not bad eh?

Not bad at all.

Magny didn't look all that good early on. Despite his length and reach, he just wasn't the kind of fighter to utilize those talents.

But when you look at his fights on TUF and before, and then watch his bout with Gasan Umalatov, it's practically night and day.

Magny was never much of a volume puncher. He's not naturally powerful, so it's important for him if he wants to be successful as a striker to opt for volume. Against Umalatov, he was able to do exactly that. He kept his jab active, moved his feet, and chambers some crisp inside leg kicks. He still throws his punchers with very little torque. His right hand is his best punch, and yet you can tell he he's throwing with mostly arm.

So do you agree with Taco Libre that Means can match Magny's volume?

No, actually. I'm sure that violates part of the contract, disagreeing with my fellow bloggers, but yes...I must respectfully disagree with Zane.

Means is a one strike at a time striker. He goes to the body and has his straight left from his southpaw stance ready to go at all times. If Means wins, he'll win because he was able to land the better strikes. To that end, I agree with him. Means is a plodder, but he's pretty good at getting punches through.

I don't know that the Castillo fight was indicative of what to expect against Magny, who won't settle for takedowns and something that barely approximates top control.

Hurry and link to something short, stupid, and what will end up being a brief waste of time. I'm short on attention span, so link wisely you warthog faced buffoon.

Ok Mr. Humperdinck; behold, a Stephen King inspired plot about demonic golf carts come to life at the only place that needs them - Cowboy Stadium.


You're welcome.

You were saying?

Basically, I feel like Means has this fight. It's a good matchup with all the stylistic nuances we generally like about MMA. Neither guy is polished, but both are competent in all areas so expect a fairly fast paced bout with lots of activity.

I'd add that I feel like Means has the edge on the ground as well. In addition, he can scrap in the clinch, which is where Magny seems to get abused. Yes, Ricci...a guy not known for his dynamic power on many facets of the game obliterated him in the clinch, but if you watch his older fights, the same thing happens. He's just wide open for inside elbows for some reason.

Tim Means by Decision.

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