Highlights from the 2014 World Pajama Fighting Championship Finals

In the finals of this year's World Pajama Fighting Championships, Lil' Sue Sawyer and Nasty Natasha met in the battle of the ages. Bloody Elbow brings you animated GIF highlights.

The 2014 Pajama Fighting World Championships finals had it all. This year's championship match saw two bitter rivals face off in a bout that went down to the wire. Bloody Elbow was there and now we bring you some of the exciting highlights of this instant classic.

For those unfamiliar with Pajama Fighting, it's a sport that consists of fighting...in one's pajamas. The rules are simple: each match follows a best of five round format, the first to fall down loses the round and whoever wins three rounds first wins the match

Now, without further ado, we present our two finals competitors

The Champion: Nasty Natasha


Hailing from parts unknown, over the last year Natasha has seemingly materialized out of nowhere to take the pajama fighting world by storm. Known for her size, strength, ferocious style and unpleasant disposition, Natasha has yet to lose a round, much less a match. For the most part she doesn't just beat opponents, she tears them limb from limb. After defeating Molly Sawyer in last year's world finals, Natasha ripped the head off her defeated opponent's favorite My Little Pony doll, and kept it as a trophy. This year Natasha returns to defend her crown with extreme prejudice.

The Challenger: Lil' Sue Sawyer


For years Sue Sawyer's sister, Molly, established herself as pajama fighting's brightest young prospect. Last year, she looked to make good on her enormous potential by winning her first world championship. Unfortunately for Molly, she had to face Natasha in the world finals, and suffered a defeat so traumatic that she could never fight again

Sue Sawyer entered this year's world championships to avenge her beloved sister. The untested rookie has shocked the field and made it all the way to the finals. Though she lacks size and strength, she more than make up for it with moxie and a never-say-die attitude.

Unbeknownst to every other fighter, Sue spent the last year training in the mountain-top retreat of the enigmatic Master Woo, pajama fighting's greatest sensei. Under Woo she learned the lost art of ki energy focus, an ability she holds in store for just the right moment.

Round 1


Round 1 goes as expected with Natasha easily winning. Onlookers wonder if Sue can provide any challenge to the champion.


In round 2 Natasha again reigns supreme. Sue's hopes of a championship, and vengeance for her sister, dangle from the flimsiest of threads.


Miraculously, when it matters most, Sue heroically musters all her strength and sends Natasha hurtling to her back. Sue wins round 3, and Natasha drops a round for the first time in her career.


Realizing that she needs to use misdirection if she wants to win another round, Sue incites great rage in Natasha. When Natasha charges in recklessly, Sue re-diverts the energy and plants Natasha right on her backside.


With the series tied at two rounds apiece, Sue plays her trump card. Tapping in to Master Woo's teachings, Sue focuses her Ki energy, and blasts golden energy beams from her eyes which flatten Natasha. Sue has won round 5, and against all odds, stands atop the pajama fighting universe as the world champion.

After Sue's stirring upset victory, it appears the newly minted champion has acquired an admirer, though accepting the praise of a bitter enemy proves difficult.


And just like that Natasha is gone, and all can return to normal.

at least for a short while...

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