Jon Jones fans who take up for his eyepokes: Shut up.

I see so many comments taking up for Jon Jones saying "It's just a Muay Thai technique, what the hell is your problem? Hater!"

I swear to god, is everyone brain dead?

I understand some people who just hate Jon Jones, so anything he does is irrelevant to them and they hate him. I get it. But when people complain because Jones has CONSISTENTLY poked people in the eyes, is that hate?

I don't give a shit if you're the biggest Jones fan or hater, at least be rational for 10 seconds. Jones has a style that he uses to gauge distance. He outstretches his arm, and he also outstretches his fingers. Why does he outstretch his fingers? To maximize the distance between him and his opponent. The only problem with this is; IT CAUSES EYEPOKES.

I'm so sorry Jones hardcore fans that it hurts so bad that people complain about an ILLEGAL move he CONSISTENTLY does. I'm so sorry you have to listen to the "haters" complain he uses an illegal move.

It doesn't matter if its "intentional" or not. If he engages in a behavior (or "technique"), that has a BIG risk for eyepokes and then, wa-la, a eyepoke happens, TAKE A POINT. It was his choice to use the risky technique and now that the worst outcome happened, take action. If I held a knife at someone and started acting like I was stabbing them, then I accidentally stabbed them.. could I tell the judge, "I mean, I was just doing a technique to hold a knife.. and I kept acting like I was going to stab him, then it actually happened". No, I couldn't. The same concept is here: If I engaged in that risky behavior, knowing what could happen, and the worst happened, thats MY fault. And it's not okay, because I CHOSE to engage in that behavior. See the logic?

I guarantee if Gus comes out next fight and eyepokes Jones.. there will be a huge uproar. Why? Because it's ILLEGAL. YOU CAN'T DO IT. BOTTOM LINE. END GAME.

Taking up for an illegal action that CONSISTENTLY happens in Jones's fights is the most irrational thing I have ever seen in MMA. Dana White is an idiot if he really thinks everyone with huge reach pokes people in the eyes like Jones does.

It doesn't matter if it's a "technique". You know why thats a Muay Thai technique? Because they have closed finger gloves. It doesn't matter if they are using outstretched fingers, cause their fingers are concealed. I guess if a fighter consistently kicks people in the balls due to his high inside leg kicks used in Muay Thai, it'll be okay because I mean it's a technique after all.

Jones also instills fear in his opponent when he has his fingers pointed directly as their face. It prevents them from engaging aggressively due to fear of an eyepoke, that's a shitty thing to do on Jones part. It's smart, but not honorable. It's the same principal as feinting a kick to the nuts, to make them guard that area and then striking them. That's not illegal at all, but it's a bad look considering you're making them defend against an attack that you can't even use.

Point being, Jones can equally gauge distance with closed fingers. But he chooses not to. The reason he chooses not to is pretty dirty, and cheap. If you seriously take up for that kind of behavior and say that it's okay because they're minor (it's still illegal, it doesn't have to end fights to be illegal), or it's a technique (any technique that results in an illegal move should be discouraged in competition), you're the problem with the MMA community.

Don't get me wrong, Jones is still the greatest LHW without the eyepoking incidents, and he still would of wrecked everyone he fought without it most likely. If the Glover fight was the first time or two, he had eyepoked someone then it'd be fine and we could say it's an accident. But it wasn't. Eyepokes have happened by Jones many many times before, and you start to question.. what's his intention with the outstretched fingers? But calling him out on an illegal move that happens frequently in his fights is not "hating", it's common sense.

Jon Jones exploits the rules better than anyone else, so it's hard to not call him a dirty fighter in some aspects. But using a technique that instills fear for an opponent for an illegal move is a dick thing to do. And after many eyepokes, it's not irrational to call him a dirty fighter.

Bottom line: Don't take up for something that is an illegal move. You seriously look stupid.

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