UFC champ Jose Aldo not impressed with Conor McGregor, says ‘he only fought once and thinks he’s the king’

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo stated that he is not overly impressed with Conor McGregor’s antics and considers him to be nothing more than a “talker” at this stage of his UFC run.

Jose Aldo is not impressed with Conor McGregor's antics.

The long-time UFC featherweight champion is used to having a bullseye on his back, but does not understand why McGregor, who is 2-0 in his UFC run, and without a win against Top 15 competition in the organization, is calling him out for a fight.

McGregor had been sidelined since last August with an ACL injury, but UFC officially announced that the former Cage Warriors lightweight and featherweight champion will be headlining the UFC's return to Ireland against fellow featherweight Cole Miller.

When McGregor appeared on UFC Tonight to provide an update on his knee, he made it clear that after he dispatched Miller, he would be coming after Chad Mendes and featherweight division kingpin Jose Aldo.

"I'm coming to get him. And not just him - forget him - I've listened to everyone calling me out. Now I'm back and I'm going to rip through them. I'll smash Chad Mendes, I'll annihilate Jose Aldo. I'm coming to take over the division. It's my division."

Aldo is not one to get emotional over a call out, and explained that he considers McGregor's behaviour "normal" and understands the need to promote oneself, but also said that he is nothing but a "talker" now and still needs to prove himself.

"That's normal," Aldo told MMAFighting.com. "Some fighters like to promote themselves by talking, and he's just another one. I'm open to new challenges and I really hope he gets where he's saying he will, so we can fight and see for sure everything he says. For now, he's only a talker."

Aldo has never seen McGregor fight in the UFC, and while McGregor is currently 2-0 in the octagon, Aldo believes it is far too soon for the Irishman to consider himself "king" of the division.

"I never watched this guy fight, man," he said. "He only fought once and thinks he's the king. I'm waiting to see him fight again."

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