Mayweather vs Maidana controversy UPDATE: Mayweather will fight

Ethan Miller

Tonight is Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana in a boxing mega-fight. Or is it? Team Mayweather says the fight may be cancelled if Maidana does not change his gloves. Get the details here.

We are less than 24 hours away from the latest fight from boxing's pound for pound king and top draw Floyd Mayweather, but in the past hours, that fight has hit a snag. Mayweather is scheduled to face Marcos Maidana tonight, Saturday May 3 live on Showtime PPV, but if the Mayweather camp is to be believed, that fight may be in jeopardy.

Our own Connor Ruebusch breaks down the fighting style of Marcos Maidana:

The issue at play here is the gloves Maidana wants to wear into the ring. Maidana wants to wear a pair of custom Everlast gloves into the ring Saturday night. Mayweather and his camp have argued that those gloves are not properly padded, giving Maidana an unfair advantage in the fight. Maidana's camp proposed an alternative glove, but those too were denied by Mayweather's team. As the fight takes place in Las Vegas, it is under the domain of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. That commission has inspected the 2nd pair of gloves and ruled that they are allowed, but despite the commission approval, Team Mayweather is demanding a change. Yesterday was full of meetings between the camps, commission, and Showtime executives.

As of now, no final verdict has been reached, but Mayweather's manager Leonard Ellerbe has definitively stated that is the gloves are not changed, "We're not fighting."

If Mayweather were to pull out, the entire PPV would be cancelled.

To be clear, the chances of this fight actually being cancelled are miniscule. The repercussions to Mayweather would be huge. When you factor in the venue, the PPV, Showtime, the live audience, the closed circuit, the commission... there are just too many constituencies at play here for Mayweather to anger. And this would indeed come down entirely on Mayweather - the gloves are commission approved, so there is no reason to not allow Maidana to fight in them.

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Guessing at what will happen here - I wager that in the end, the Maidana camp loses this game of chicken. They want to fight Floyd, and as the A star, Mayweather, wrong though it may be, is in position to call the shots. He shouldn't be, but it's how it is. Either way, I think we see the fight tonight.

So what has this accomplished? It's drawn more interest to the fight, while forcing Maidana and his team to deal with this issue and be taken out of the mental game. Just another way that boxing's greatest stacks the deck in his favor.

Assuming it happens, join us tonight at Bloody Elbow for Mayweather vs. Maidana live streaming results and full fight coverage right here.

UPDATE: It appears that, after the night's back and forth, Team Mayweather has approved the 2nd pair of gloves proposed by Maidana, and the fight is back on.

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