Scoring A Sweep With Your Opponent Standing In Your Guard

Getting a sweep in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is awesome! It’s a total momentum swinger and allows you to get the upper hand in the match in the blink of an eye.

One scenario where I find sweeps to be overlooked is when your opponent is standing over you while you are in guard.

This is a situation that can provide the perfect sweep pportunity, if you know how to go about it. Luckily, today I’m breaking down two different techniques from Matt Arroyo who shares some excellent tips as to how to score the sweep.

The Easy Way Out: Shoulder Width Apart Stance

With our opponent standing right above us, the very first thing you’ll want to focus in on is their stance. If you are more of a beginner facing fellow newer grapplers such as yourself, you might get an easy out from this position.

If you notice that your opponent has their feet just shoulders width apart, then they are practically begging for you to sweep them!

The setup is very simple:

· They are standing in their guard, with an even stance.

· From here, firmly place your feet on their hips.

· Reach, and grab hold of both of their ankles.

· Pull on their ankles while your drive your feet through their hips.

· This will complete the sweep.

Like I said, this would be the ideal situation for you to be in! As you can tell, the setup and execution of it all is very easy and simple to pull off, but chances are very likely that this scenario will not always be the one you find yourself in.

There are a few minor alternations you must keep in mind when pursuing the sweep under other circumstances.

Dealing With The Staggered Stance

Let’s assume that we’re in the same scenario; our opponent was able to get us to the ground, and is now standing over us as they wait to make their next move. This time, as we look at their stance, we notice it’s staggered, and they are no longer should width apart.

In order to score the sweep, this is how we’ll go about it:

· We are on the mat, and will want to bring our leg to their closest hip.

· Reach, and grab that same side ankle with your hand.

· If you can’t reach the back leg, reach back and hook it with your foot just behind their knee.

· With your hooked foot and your hand, you will want to pull toward you, while you push away with the foot that is on the hip.

· This will throw them off balance and eliminate their base, sending them to the mat.

· Make sure to maintain your hand placement until you secure a more dominant position to work from.

With just a few minor alterations, you will be able to secure the sweep in no time flat!

To read more about other great techniques, please visit this article.

Dan Faggella

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